Sorry, working! (Training actually)

Hey wordpress, it’s been a while. I haven’t been on Dragon Nest for a bit. I’m level 47 already though!

The reason why I’m not grinding at RiverRuins or something, is because I’m being serious about other things. Things like…

My future.

Pfft. I know right, what would a girl who’s barely 18 know about her future?

Well, the last time I checked, being 18 isn’t young anymore. Not young in a sense that everyone is starting to chase their dreams at younger ages. I’m already lagging behind. I have to start now and fast. I have to catch up and start making some serious cash and build my foundation.

Not many people know what I’m doing right now. The only thing I’m disclosing is that I’m under training. Which I am. Training for what? I’m not about to tell you. I’ll tell you if I succeed so you can be happy for me then ;D kekeke.

Anyways, since I’m being serious about my life now, I’m going to start being serious about my health, my skin, my everything.

No more cutting. No more skipping meals.

No more gaming? Yeah right. I’m keeping that luxury, thank you.

To be honest, I’m very excited about everything. If things go well, you can expect a very long post about what I’ve been doing. It wouldn’t harm me I guess, since my family approves. Yes, they do know what I’m doing. If not, they won’t let me out of the house. ;_;

10th September is the deadline of my mystery goal. 

I should update you guys by then.

Here’s a cat gif for reading so far (:





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