Simple Joys

I’ve been eating like crazy.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m comfort eating.

Comfort drinking as well.

But it’s not as bad as you think! (Why?)

At least I do all these things with a friend right? (:

It’s been a long while since I’ve had time to go out. Been so focused on work that I haven’t had time to actually live anything up this holidays.

Thank goodness I have an awesome friend by the name of Marvyn, with an awesome taste in coffee and cafe ambiance to lead me around my work place. I never knew my workplace was so chill, I swear.

We met at around 3.30pm, after I was dismissed from my morning training in the office. Marvyn met me below my office and we walked over to this extremely chill place called, The Plain.

I don’t know about you, but the name itself already sucks me in. It’s so beautiful in all it’s simplicity.

We sat down and he ordered me a half serve of ‘Darling’s Eggs’, which is this slice of bread with ham, cheese and tomatoes (in that exact order) with a poached egg to finish everything off. And I will kill myself if I miss out telling you guys how brilliantly seasoned everything was.

He also ordered me a drink. I was itching for some caffeine then and told him to surprise me. Which he did, in the most pleasant way.


^If you look closely, there’s actually latte art! 😀

The drink was very interesting. It was a regular cappuccino but with a twist. At the very bottom, there was a little slice of orange peel that seemed to brighten everything up. At first, I wasn’t that used to it. But slowly, I started to like it even more. Note to self, find out the name of this drink and get one for yourself asap!

I am sorry to say that I’m actually a few days late in writing about this event. What I am not sorry about however, is the fact that I went back there the very next day to try other things on the menu. I had what they call ‘Dean’s Breakfast‘, which was Vegemite and cheese on a slice of crisp, toasted sour dough. Not forgetting the very well poached egg on top. That would be a must. Now, I know Vegemite is already good by itself (for acquired taste only), but I have never loved Vegemite this much in my life.


Let’s just say that if I had a craving for something with just the right about of saltiness, this is definitely where I’d go, and what I’d have. The egg could be eaten by itself (one mouthful for maximum sinful pleasure) or have it’s yolk used as a dipped sauce for the bread. I personally prefer the former. Both is good though.

Random note: I love my eggs runny.

We really ran around that day.

We sat there for barely an hour and a half before we set off to our next destination.

It was another coffee place by the name of Nylon.

I really don’t know how these coffee places and cafes do it. Everything sounds so clean cut and elegant.

He got us both 5oz (I’m actually not quite sure) cups of coffee.

There was latte art that I could actually see this time. I was so excited to get one, that I was grinning from ear to ear as I had my coffee. I guess I must have looked like an idiot because he snapped a photo and it looked a little something like this.


Well yeah, I edited it a tiny bit. But it was only because I really did look like a total dork.

We sipped our coffee and talked about how we were doing. What we’ve encountered. Dreams; ambitions. For once, I actually felt comfortable. Being able to say anything under the sun and not be judged. Maybe it’s the coffee. Maybe it’s the maturity both parties have and the level of tolerance and acceptance we set for ourselves.

Then again, maybe is Maybeline.


I just ruined it, didn’t I?

No matter. This time, we stayed for less than an hour, before we were off once again!

We visited a store that sold vintage glasses and stuff from the 80s’ and 90s’.

This guy really knows what I like. That’s all that I can say.

The moment I entered the store, I could not stop smiling.

There were phones with actual telephone chords you could play with. You know, the thing you would twirl around your finger when you were younger. I finally managed to touch an actual typewriter and set eyes on the most beautiful firetruck red FM-Boombox. I’d had bought it there and then but it wasn’t on sale. 😦

The vintage cameras were even better looking! I would have wanted to stay longer but Marvyn and I were rushing to catch the movie, Ted. So we left after about 45 minutes. An eye opening, blast to the past, 45 minutes.

The movie was as awesome as everyone said it was! Even me myself was surprised that I’d cry at the scene where the teddy bear died (or maybe not). A weed smoking, whore screwing bear. But overall, I’d say it the ending was very satisfying. It had a good balance or humor and storyline. A must watch.

After the movie, we realized we still had a little bit of time left before I had to get home. Yes, I do have a curfew. Feeling like the day was well spent, we walked back to the MRT slowly. On the way, I came across life a blown up figure of Obama and simply couldn’t resist.



Will do.

If you look at the picture, you’ll notice that I have a pair of shades hanging from my shirt. Those are actually Marvyn’s. He bought it on the day itself and I didn’t want him putting it into his bag in case it got crushed.

We look the train back and he walked me under my block since we lived close by to each other.

Yeap. It’s good to have awesome friends. But better to have friends who would be there for you when you truly need the company.

More posts to come! Just realized that I’m dreadfully behind schedule!



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