Lunch break adventures

Hello again!

I hasn’t exactly been a while since I wrote. It also means I’m more free now! (yes!)

I thought I’d show you guy around with what I’ve been doing during my lunch breaks. Of course, eating is a given. BUT WHAT IS SHE EATING? That’s the burning question.

I’ve actually been eating the same old things at the same old places because I love the food there.

One place I normally go out for lunch or dinner breaks is Swensens.

I know. What the hell right?

I go there because it’s the best place to chill. Especially the one at Plaza Singapura. No one outside the restaurant can see you pigging out on the sweet and the savory. Which is what I normally do.

The tossing utensils looked a set of really huge fork and spoon (it might have just been), but being Cherie, I was amazed and entertained none the less. I practically begged my friend to snap the photo.

If you notice, there’s also mozzarella cheese sticks on the table in front of the salad.

I hate how I’ve never tried these before. I mean.

‘Oh wow. A fried cheese stick. I wonder what it’s going to taste like? Uh. DUH. LIKE GRILLED CHEESE.’

Boy was I flippin’ wrong about that. It was one of the most awesome things I’ve ever tasted.


Herp derp. I’ve always wanted to try that with mozzarella. The ones that topped my pizzas never really cut it. I just don’t know why. But I’m happy enough that I managed to do something like this before I died. Striking it off the bucket list!

And of course, I will always have my dessert.


I love this thing. It’s the walnut rocky road from Swensens.

Sure. It’s like $15 bucks.

Sure. It tastes like diabetes.

Sure. It’s like a million calories.

But I swear, if I could eat this everyday without going broke or fat, I will.

Nothing, except waffles and cupcakes, has ever come close to making me seventh-heaven happy. Call it a sugar rush. I don’t care. I only know that it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. The sweetness is actually perfectly balanced. It gets overly sweet if you start eating the caramel sauce after eating everything, duh. But that’s what I do because I simply can’t get enough of it.

Here’s the assembly! Oh hear the sizzle! 😛

Of course, eating like this also meant we got broke faster.

And you know what people in office do when they have no money to eat good food?

We buy bread.

Plan B: Buy huge ass breads at really cheap prices.

Can you see how huge that coffee bun is compared to the plastic bag?!

There’s even chocolate in there. Fantastic find. Been running to it a lot since I go broke a lot these days. It hard surviving in the city. ):

But being Cherie, I’ve been craving sugar like nobody’s business. Wanting ice cream every hour of the day. That urge to go out for waffles and cakes. I know, I’ve been hanging out at The Plain a lot. But they don’t really major in the ‘sweet’ section so I had to find my own ways to satisfy my own cravings. That’s when I found a place called ReStore.

Wonderful. Just glorious.


I was in haven.

You will never see a more contented girl. (for now)

I do have a food picture. It’s somewhere in my instagram. So go stalk me yourself!

The waffles were dusted with cinnamon sugar, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dollop of whipped cream.

The dish I swear, was really pretty. But once again, I leave you to your own picture stalking.

Alrighty, I’ve got to run off to work.

I’ll see you guys soon!



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