Picture sorting

My phone is running low on memory. This has never happened to me before. I always though 8GB of memory was enough for me. I was wrong. Very wrong. I only noticed this when I was trying to take a video of a couple of ants fighting and my phone cut the video off telling me I had no enough memory! After that, I couldn’t download pictures from whatsapp groups or take more photos ):

I’ve been sorting my pictures out but these are the random few I can’t categorize. It’s mostly my camwhore photos and very overdue photos that never had enough quantity for me to write about. So I’m just gonna dump them all here since I need something to blog about and two, I don’t have anything to do with the pictures anyway.


This was everything I fit into my pencil box at the start of the last semester.

Drew something up while I was bored in school.

Caption: If only we could filter our feelings.

Oh gosh. I did this in my first year, first semester of poly. I never felt so fulfilled in my life. To me, wires are a man’s job, not a woman’s! Sorry for being so damn feminist, I just really hate the idea of wiring things up like this. I even have a video for this.

Here’s a very retarded clip of how easily amused I am:

Pictures taken while I was in the library studying for my mains. I was studying for long, high on chocolate and already had two cups of coffee. It would have been a miracle if I wasn’t easily distracted. Plus the lighting was good and I’m a girl so don’t blame me.

Just something I found in a Cleo magazine about a year and a half back. Also taken in year one, semester one of my poly.

This is JiaEn. She came to visit me on my second last day of my mains. Isn’t she sweet (:

Then there’s me. Playing with my hair. Always been playing with my hair. BECAUSE I APPRECIATE MY LONG HAIR OKAY? I KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO HAVE SHORT HAIR YOU CAN’T TIE OR DO SHIT WITH. Like pretend you have a mustache or something.

This is Constance, my extremely cute-one-of-the-only-little-cousins-I-can-stand-without-trying-to-strangle/kill/stab-him/her cousin. I took this photo a good two years back.

Here’s another one.


A happy dad.

^ 2nd visiting outfit

Random picture taken with a picture at work.

Retarded shades I bought a really long time a while ago which I brought to work because I was going to film Gangnam style afterwards. I didn’t manage to film it cause there were too many people hence no enough space.

Messing around. Imitating pictures.

Camwhore: Taken in Malaysia, Pengarang. 

Camwhore: Taken in some lab.

The day sisi got her SIA make up colour.

Played with lip liner for the first time in my life. It’s the hardest thing to scrub off your lips, I swear. If you don’t get everything off, you end up looking like you bit a cow and didn’t wash your mouth.

Was at Compass Point library with Momo after dinner. I’m sorry man. This is what these cut outs are for and you’re never too old to take pictures with one of these!

Hair that I tied for breakfast. Yes, I do tie my hair for breakfast. It’s no fun eating breakfast with your hair in your face you know. It’s good to keep the curls in as well.

Camwhore shots I took at East Coast Park while slacking near the bicycle rental and waiting for my boss to get there. The lighting was good. My hair was decent. So why not?

Don’t ask.

Celebrated my friend’s birthday quite a while back.

Was at Subway’s one-for-one-sub event with my office buddies for lunch (:

At Coldstone, Orchard Central. First time I wore gloss. I’m serious.

Finally! A recent photo! Taken not long ago, when I went to Bugis street on a mission to come out looking totally different! That’s Marvyn by the way!

Till this day, I’m not sure if this jacket is red or orange. I really hope it’s red. I actually have it in two colours (don’t ask why), red and purple, but I like the red one more. I think it’s more comfy.

Designed my FAM’s tee shirt.

Two photos taken on the same day. What was I thinking. Must have been in a very good mood.

Attempting to be artistic. Wanted to sketch this in black and white but had always been to lazy to do so.

I really, really like that pair of shorts. And that shirt. Love the shirt.

Was at Udders, Serangoon Garden with sisi. She had a scoop of earl grey and a green tea.

Something I found written on my table in tutorial. Cracked me up.

From the picture spam in this post, I hereby conclude that:

I obviously have a favourite shirt.

I have a lot of self shots I don’t show the world/people.

I need to upload my photos religiously and not spend 2 hours of my life doing so.

Yup that’s about it.

Okay. More photos to come. Stay tuned people!




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