Back to school

Alright, this is going to be a short one.

This is going to be an update on the first 4 weeks of school.

I sound really unenthusiastic because face it. I really have no reason to be enthusiastic in wasting my life away in a field I’ll never work in.

School’s been a bore with all the breaks in between. I have a 3 hour break on Monday and a massive 4 hour one on Tuesdays. School ends at 1pm on Wednesdays. I have 2 one-hour breaks on Thursdays and there’s COMPROG on Fridays.

I would rant about how I hate every module but I don’t think it’ll make any difference so I’ll just give up at this juncture.

The floodgates of assignments was also opened within the first two weeks of school. Quizzes are next week and I really don’t feel like studying for anything.

Besides procrastinating the success of my currently miserable life, I’ve also started working another job in F&B.

I guess I’m pretty happy with it. It’s the only thing that I look forward to after torturous week at school. Who cares if I wake up early on a Saturday? It beats waking up early any other day of the week.

Sadly, lilRIE, my Dragon Nest Sniper, is stuck at level 49. Pretty pathetic. But I’m at 60% so I’m getting there.

Whilst all the dissatisfaction in my life, I managed to finish watching the whole season 4 of the the Big Bang Theory. I also downloaded tons of albums from torrent and created a Neopets account.

In a few hours time, I’ll be heading out to have a movie and dinner with a close friend. He’s flying back to his homeland after coming to Singapore to studying. Didn’t finish his O levels. Apparently to him, the education system here is amazing. It manages to be aimless and  sought after at the same time.


There goes another person who actually thinks like me. Heads up to those coming to Singapore to studying, yeah?

And so that’s what I’ve been doing these few weeks.

This is my definition of ‘nothing much’. I literally sit around and do nothing.

Oh well.



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