Eating my life away.

A friend of mine came over to the Jewel, which happens to be another job that I’m currently working, for a coffee. He took pictures and even blogged about his day.

This makes me extremely pressured and obligated to write as well.

Stolen from my friend’s blog. Taken by his very expensive DSLR. Don’t blame me, I haven’t had my coffee for that day so I looked dead. School does things to you, you know?

Firstly, I’d like to say that I don’t really do much a work. I just clean, do the cashiering, eat their food, clear tables and clean some more. I haven’t actually touched the espresso machine. I don’t know if I want to actually. Big boss (literally) is really particular with his coffee. Trust me, I know. He also pressures the hell out of me by just standing around. It might be his size but hey, you never know. Maybe I could learn coffee in secret.

Anyways, I happen to like my work here a lot. It’s not exactly the most relaxing job on Earth. In fact, the first few days I worked, It was back breaking. I’d work two days straight and be aching arms and legs, all through the week before I worked again. I have no idea how the full-timers and my other friend does it. He practically works everyday (except Sunday. We’re closed.) and he isn’t complaining. Respect.

One of the things I love doing at Jewel is the cleaning. Strange isn’t it? I love cleaning. Just wipe and wash. Polish and shine. It helps me think and gives me a sense of satisfaction when I see everything squeaky clean. The best thing is, all that I do here in Jewel, I don’t do at home at all. I like to take advantage of the treatment I have at home. I go home to a home-cooked meal, ironed clothes and a bed with nice smelling sheets. Why the hell not?

Besides, if I tried cooking in the kitchen, I’d probably burn the house down. If I ironed, I’d burn my clothes and trust me, if there was a way to burn my bed sheets, I most probably will. :/

Enough about my weird habits in Jewel, this is supposed to be a post about food and what I’ve been doing/eating.

Yay for cafe lattes. A very random picture. I know.

Been in school a lot as well. I’m sure from my previous post, you know that school’s been burdensome to me. It’s been boring, stressful, crappy and what not. The only thing I ever do is copy tutorial answers and blindly follow in labs. I was actually bored enough to camwhore, which I have recently taken a great liking to since my complexion started improving.

And yes, those are my real glasses.

Was at Jewel eating oranges. Haven’t done this in such a long time. Doesn’t the orange make me look so happy?

While I’m suddenly on the topic of Jewel, let me throw in this picture.

People who follow me on instagram should already know about this. It’s the Spicy Kurobuta of Jewel. It’s really spicy. Probably just a step below chilli padi pasta, but it’s really, really good. If you really like spice then this is the dish for you. I did try the tomato basil pasta the next day. It was tomato based as well but minus the spice and the meat. It’s really good as well. Very refreshing and not out to choke you to death like the spicy kurobuta. Noticed that many people order this. Well, when I’m working that is.

I went out with my friend, Ian, who is also the one who visited me and photographed me, (Yes, the one with the very expensive camera.) recently as well as my neighbour. We went to a place in Orchard called Wild Honey. It’s a cozy place with comfy chairs and all day breakfast. Pancake, waffles, eggs and bacon. Enough to have my mouth watering.

I had the Belgium breakfast. It’s a dish with four waffles, blueberries, shaved coconut and grilled mango, drizzled over with maple syrup. I’m sorry, but if that doesn’t make you hungry then you probably aren’t human and should be put down. Just kidding.

I had to share it with my neighbour. It was really too much for me to handle. Too much awesomeness. It actually got us both really full. The portion was really that big.

Ian on the other hand, had the Portobello breakfast. I really have no idea what the hell is on his plate but judging by the looks of this very badly taken picture, there was toast and eggs. Runny eggs, if I remember correctly. Toast and runny eggs. Another winning combination I’d say!

Had a little cocktail to go with everything.

Honestly, I have no idea what was inside. Except the orange slice. That one’s a given. I did taste a hint of honey in it though.

Other places I’ve been checking out is a very small cafe at, you guessed it, Tanjong Pagar. If you follow me on twitter, you’d realize that all the places I check in (except school) , are at or around Tanjong Pagar. I’ve been exploring the place a whole lot recently. I didn’t discover this place myself though, it was actually through the office people who introduced me. Sure, they were a little tactless in bringing the whole ‘I can finally introduce a food place to you instead of the other way around’ conversation across but I’m thankful they introduced me anyway.

The Strawberry Japanese Cheesecake and the Sun King (which really is a very rich plain-baked cheesecake). I’m sure you guys can tell the difference.

I actually liked the place. The music was nice, the design of the shop was nice. And oh, the cookies were good as well. I got a chance to try them when I had a cup of their flat whites, which I’d really prefer with lesser foam. Maybe I’ll try the long blacks next time round. They have really nice ceasar salads as well. I special ordered mine with crab meat instead of egg mayo, I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be charged more but they didn’t. They’re that nice.

My office buddies were actually very proud of the plain-baked cheesecake here but I really do like the strawberry Japanese cheesecake better. Don’t get me wrong though, the plain-baked is really nice but I do prefer lighter cheesecakes. Creamy ones get me full too fast, too quickly. But it’s all within ones preference at the end of the day. I do hear that the ‘Very Rich Chocolate Cake’ (the name itself being self explanatory), is great as well. I have yet to try it though, I’d like to soon. I’ll update when I do.

Dessert after dessert, I’ve started to be very conscious about my health weight. That’s right, I’ve said it. I’ve come to a realization that my metabolism is probably going to slow down very soon so I better start watching my waistline. Now, don’t you go saying ‘Oh Cherie, you’re already so skinny. You could gain 5 pounds and no one will notice!’


And I’d like to keep it that way. I’m really comfortable with the way I am right now and with all the shit I’ve been going through this past few months, I could really do without anything else hurting my non-existent self esteem. Besides, people do notice. It’s when someone remarks, “Since when did you have a muffin top?’ or worst, ‘I see a double-chin coming out!’. No one’s actually said that to me, but I’ve seen it happen to other people. They don’t say they are hurt, most just laugh it off. But oh, if only you observe them afterwards.  Their rice portions are halved. Some don’t even have rice anymore. They run every other day and stay away from the canteen. \

All in all, indirectly or directly telling someone that they are fat isn’t nice. I don’t care if you try to cover up and say it might be the genes or that the person is simply big boned. You hurt the person’s feelings already! Now go sit in a corner and reflect on your actions!

I seem to have gone of track a little bit.

As I was saying, I decided to be healthy for one meal.

Fruit salad.

I have no idea what possessed me to buy this $8 fruit salad at all. It could have been the cravings. But wow, doesn’t that look gorgeous? Though yes, it’s a badly taken photograph. I’m not a photographer okay? Neither do I have an expensive camera to make up for my lack of skill. No offence to anyone though. I’m just really unlucky with my photographs. I never have proper lighting, if that’s what you call it.

Yogurt and fruits are the bomb. Like the healthiest bomb on Earth. Good for your skin, body and digestive system? You can’t go wrong with things that are fresh and unprocessed. They had everything in there. Honeydew, apples, kiwis, strawberries, pineapples, grapes and even passion fruit.

I don’t care if I can buy everything with a little more than $8! To me, that was eight bucks well spent.

Before I end off, here’s a little hint to what would be in my next post:

What are those? What are they for?

Stay tuned! (:



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