Ladder Mania

Hello again!

I’ve finally found time to play Dragon Nest and guess what?

I’m finally level 50!

I’ve changed my Heraldry as well as my outfit.

On the same day I hit level 50, I went for my first Archbishop Nest. I did film it but the lag was horrible. Even in the day, the game is really lag so I kind of gave up filming any nest runs during the weekends.

Never mind that. Now that I’m level 50, It can only mean one thing.

I can finally go back to ladder.

Yes. I’ve been so bored of having no one to play with. 1v1 rooms hate Snipers now, so I always get kicked out of every room I go to. Mission rooms are fun but you get very bored of being back stabbed all the damn time. Now that I’m level 50, I can finally go into proper 1v1. JOY.

I finally have videos to put up too!

Video titles are self explanatory.

5 rounds of consecutive wins! It’s always like this, then people will start getting the hang of their new jobs and skills. One thing is different though, my opponents are more focused on DPS now. I guess I’ll have to focus on my dodging and defense this time round.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed my guild as well. I haven’t really heard of this guild but my friend’s friend that became my friend invited me. Since TeamRebel has been dead for quite a while, I thought ‘Why not?’ and joined them. They’re really active and I even met one of my KOF mates in there!

So there the update is, I currently hail, Tranquility. 

Alright, got to jet.



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