Shake it lika Polaroid!

Hey everyone! It’s December! The end of the world is in 20 days and Christmas is in 25!

But what happened before December?

Now, I did tell you guys to stay tuned to my blog to see what was being lined up and guess what?

My birthday was just yesterday!


The day started out like any other day. In fact, it started out pretty blue for me. The air was cool, the bed was warm and inviting, yet I had to drag myself out to go for Computer Programming.

I was wished by my family in the morning and Aunty made me kueh kueh with pork floss, which ultimately resulted in me having horrible stomach aches and an explosive josh in the school toilet. Not to mention the fact that both my buses were bursting with people on a Friday morning that I had to stand the whole one hour journey.

My music player was being an emotional piece of crap, and I wasn’t feeling to bright to start with. Let’s face it, I thought my 18th birthday was going to be crap.

Computer programming wasn’t forgiving either. We got our mark back for quiz and I found that I had failed marginally, just like my other quizzes, again. I didn’t understand anything that was going on and I was bored as hell. I was wearing a pretty sky blue porcelain necklace that a close friend got me for my birthday but by some unseen force, it snapped from my neck and practically shattered on the ground. That’s right, it must have hated me so much it decided to commit suicide. I did however, keep what was left of it in my bag.

The day seemed to get stormier by the second. It was getting so dark I was so sure I was going to break down and cry. Computer programming decided to stretch half an hour over its time and my bus to town took 20 minutes to arrive, resulting in me being half an hour late in meeting my friend.

But I guess food really does make everything better.

When I got to town, I was rather surprised at how much my mood lifted. I was suddenly hungry, famished even, and pulled my friend over to Wild Honey to have lunch.

I’m still waiting for the pictures from him, but let’s say that runny eggs and toast with mushrooms and butter are going to be what my house is going to be made out of in heaven. Both of us were so happy with the food, that we alleged that going through a shit load of problems in life was totally worth it if we got to have Wild Honey for any meal of the day.

After our sinful meal, we decided to walk it off. All the way to Raffles Place.

I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but no matter what, I’m never doing it again. Not in a dress and not when my hair is down. There were a few plus points. The scenery was great and I managed to go to places I’ve never been to and should be ashamed of not going as a true-blue Singaporean. Places such as, Bayfront, Raffles Quay and Boat Quay.

The rest of the day consisted of walking from place to place, eating food and drinking coffee. My friend even bought me a book. My first book gift in 7 years actually. I haven’t received an actual book in years mainly because people didn’t know what kind of books I’d read. Most of the time they give me Kinokuniya book vouchers. Given, I like romance novels best, but I’d really read anything as long as it’s a gift. It could be literature or Sci-fi, who knows? I might start liking new genres.

We finally parted ways at 9pm, where I went back up to office to say Hi to my office mates and charge my phone a little. At 10pm, I made my way to Simei, where I met up with Marvyn and his friend to go to The Coastal Settlement.

It was a really beautiful place, antiques everywhere. Bamboos and swings. We sat down and chatted about everything and anything. Since I wasn’t really allowed to drink, I had a cider and sipped the night away. We reached at 11pm, but in a blink of an eye, it was 2am and Marvyn’s friend drove us home. It was really nice of him, I really couldn’t imagine cabbing home at such an hour all the way from Changi. I never liked the smell of cabs and never really trusted cab uncles, you see.

In the end, I got home before my extended curfew of 3am. Marvyn even walked me home, which I was really thankful for because I really didn’t like walking around alone in utter darkness. He did so even though he had to work early the next day. Honestly, I’m beyond touched. Yes, I mean molested.

Three days of celebration and the gift of happy memories.

But why the photo of Polaroid films in the last post?

Here’s why.

I wanted to give myself something for my birthday and my friends started to book me three days before my birthday. Then it hit me. I’d take Polaroids with everyone that I know in that span of three days. I’d make an album for myself.

Yes, it did cost a lot of money. But it was worth it. I have a bad habit of forgetting what I do immediately after I do them so this was the best way to remember my 18th.

Without further ado, here are all the polaroids I had so painstakingly photographed to upload.

IMG216IMG220IMG213IMG211IMG212IMG229IMG223IMG218IMG230IMG234IMG235IMG231IMG237IMG232IMG238IMG239IMG240IMG242IMG245IMG241IMG243IMG247IMG249IMG250IMG251IMG256IMG252IMG257IMG259IMG253IMG261IMG263IMG265IMG267IMG264IMG269IMG270IMG268IMG271IMG272IMG276IMG277IMG274IMG279IMG281IMG282IMG278IMG288IMG283IMG287IMG289IMG290IMG294IMG295IMG291IMG299IMG300IMG296IMG301IMG302IMG305IMG304IMG303IMG199IMG198IMG198 (2)IMG206IMG209

And to all my friends and family who took pictures with me, I just want to thank everyone who actually took time out to meet me between breaks and accompany me at my lowest. For making this 18th an important and memorable day for me. Thank you so much, I really do appreciate it.

Love you all,



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