The Singaporean that toured Singapore

Sooooo. This is going to be a very rushed and short post.

A very delayed one as well.

Can you believe it? Just this year, I visited my country’s CBD and financial district. Tourist attractions too. I have many excuses.

“I’m a local. Why would I go for tourist traps?”

“Why do I have to go there? It’s for tourists.”

I thought the above reasons were fairly reasonable, till I had to go for my CDS field trip and have an FT tell me more about my own country. I don”t even know about politics and these guys already know were all the new buildings in Singapore were going to be built, why and how.

On a more encouraging note, they did talk a little bit about sustainability, which is relevant to my course. But who cares right? Not like I’m going to be doing that in future.

Moving on.


I was actually pretty fascinated by this lake-within-a-shopping-mall thing. Given, it was 9am in the morning and none of the shops were open, but it did give me a chance to take this picture with only one guy photo bombing it.
IMG213 IMG214 IMG215

Thought I’d act like a tourist since I really felt like one. Who knew that my country’s skyline would look so nice an calming? It was a nice day out too. Not too hot and a little windy!


In event of the new year, these inflated balls have been everywhere. From outside my school’s library, to my neighbourhood shopping center and now this. Might as well right?

Decided to try and be a model. This is why I’m working service crew and not as a model.



Royally photo bombed.
IMG220This is Cheryl. Her birthday was the day before and her boyfriend gave her a guitar *_*. Lucky girl!

After everything, we went over to Lao Pa Sat to have lunch and we split from there. Went back to get decorating on my Polaroid album.

This is how it turned out.

IMG205 IMG207😀

Alright, gotta run. Going to work because it’s the holidays again! (although only for a while)






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