What I’ve been up to this term break.

After my term tests I had a very much needed two weeks break. I say much needed because I barely made it through the term. But who really bothers about that. I’m freeeee.

But within the first weekend. My phone gave way. Again. For like the seventh time this year and half year. I’ve serviced it so many times I know exactly what is wrong with it. I’ve been there so many times the people know me by name. I’ve been there so many times that their once good tasting teh tarik makes me feel sick.

I went there with my aunty intending for it to get fixed on the spot. I told them that I wanted it to be fixed on the spot. Telling them I only needed the soldering triple enforced. But NOOOOO. They take one look at in and tell me that they will have to keep it. So there, I was left with no phone again.

Of course I was pissed.  I was beyond pissed.  I was flaming furious. I glared at the guy till I swore he flinched. Got up and told aunty that we were heading to Chinatown because I was getting a new phone. And that was exactly what I did. I marched into a Samsung store and blew half of my savings. After which I went home to configure and charge it. All in a day’s work.

But that’s just one thing I’ve done this holiday. Christmas was on its way as well and I was over at momo’s helping her and her mom bake chocolate rum brownies.

They were the best things on earth. So comforting.







They don’t look too appetizing, I know. But you shouldn’t judge a food by it’s looks. Unless it smells bad.

While we’re still on the topic of Christmas, I also met my niece!


I’m an aunt! How time flies. I’m not even 20 and someone will be calling me aunty Cherie already. ):

Here’s a photo of my family’s Christmas gathering’s food.


Yup. It was a shit ton of food. Till today, I’m till eating the leftovers.

Also, my dad, who used to be retired, also found a job he enjoys. It was kind of a big thing because the whole family had pretty much gotten used to him being home all the time. Because you know, that’s what people who are retired do.

He now helps run a coffeeshop at simpang bedok market. Especially the beer garden. He really is having so much fun and it’s really good to see. Not to mention he keeps bringing my sister, brother in law and I over to show off.

This is my youngest one. Very tall right?

This is my second one. SIA stewardess. And that’s my son in law. Very filial!





Yup. That’s my dad, my sister and momo.

Presents and reactions.

I don’t really tell people what I get but this one really made my day. It’s actually from my friend in office. He’s more senior to me but he pays a lot of attention to how people are and feel around him.

He got me this activity book to fill up and do as homework everyday. Because he noticed that I’m unoccupied most of the time and tend to think up a lot of negativity. I’m only allowed to do one page a day so I have to make the most of that one activity. He even got me colour gel pens to write with because he noticed that my pencil box was left with only mechanical and wooden pencils.

See?! It’s the thought that counts and his present really had a lot of thought put into it! I’m touched man. Taken care of like a little sister. Best present of the year goes to him.

My sister found it, decided to camwhore with it and since it was mine, I had to too.




She also decided that I had to take more pictures since my phone’s camera finally had some sort of quality.



Don’t we look alike 😀

Hmm… what else did I do?

Oh right.

I ate.

And ate.

And ate and ate and ate.




Was over at wild honey again. I love that place. It’s the bomb. It costs a bomb too but once in a while it’s okay.

The place is so homely and the food is so awesome. It makes me so happy I’m the sperm that won. Like I’ll be chewing my food and thinking. So this is what they mean by “live to eat”. Hurhurhur.

After the sinful meal, we went to buy some stuff. Ian wanted to get body lotion for his sister and I needed to get masks for my face. My faceeeeeeee.

While I was in dhoby ghaut, I remembered that one of my friends was working and decided to go spy on him.


He’s the one in black. You should have seen his face when he saw/caught me. Priceless.
That’s it for the two weeks. Been very busy. Working and trying to straighten myself out.

Better be off to sleep.

Beauty sleep doesn’t sleep itself!



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