Everything must go!

It’s a new year and I’ve been spring cleaning. I looked at my little library outside my room and looked at all my books piling up. My novels were mixing with my mangas, the same mangas I don’t have time to sit around and read anymore. I don’t bring my comics to school anymore and I’ve lost my touch with old style chinese. I used to read them like bed time stories before I go to bed but these few days I’ve been too tired to do so. I scroll twitter, instagram, check FML and I’m off to bed.

But I am very proud of myself that I have kept them in very good condition. I’ve wrapped them, dusted them and never allowed anyone (not even myself) to open them fully, ask anyone. I actually scold people who do so.

These books have been a huge part of my life and it’s held so many of my memories but it’s 2013 now, and I’m ready to let these material memories go; keep them in my heart.

Without further ado, here’s the entire collection!

20130110_215422 20130110_215444 20130110_215451 20130110_215414 20130110_215407 20130110_215358 20130110_215347 20130110_215336


Only chinese mangas are on sale.

Most of my series are completed so if you were to want to buy one book from the series, I’d suggest you buy the WHOLE SERIES from me because that’s the only way I’ll be selling them to you.

Some of my series are not completed as firstly, the comic isn’t finished yet, it has been discontinued (unfortunately) or I had lost track of where I stopped buying them.

I have always been a fan of Oneshots as well. Oneshots, meaning the story only lasts for one book.

Books will be sold off depending on a few conditions: 

-Condition of book E.g if there are yellowing pages

-How new the book is on the market (probably not very new)


And lastly,

-Friendship benefits 😛

Book pricing:

Full series books are not confirmed due to above conditions.

Oneshots will be sold of according to above conditions lowest of $2 a book.


These books are very new, I can count on my fingers how many people have touched them.

If you are from another country, I am afraid I do not do overseas postage but meet ups only. Not even bank transfers sorry!

For meet ups, I am comfortable with anywhere as long as you don’t ask you to meet you at flipping Jurong east or somewhere far west. Town meet ups are preferred.


As I have already said, my Chinese fails me so when buying or inquiring, just tell me which picture the book is in, column and which book from the top down or the bottom up.


I am contactable at: 98300735

If you want to browse the collection in my house, your request will be taken into consideration. If you are a friend’s friend of mine, chance are high, if not, you can try your luck.

I look forward to meeting up with people with similar interests as I do and don’t forget, EVERYTHING MUST GO!

Cheers and happy browsing!


P.S I will try to find the Japanese titles of books and update this post to make it easier for you to buy/inquire so stay tuned!



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