Shots! (well, not really)

If there’s anything I’d ever like doing with alcohol, it’d be shots. Today, I was stuck in the middle of a rainy afternoon, in a pancake house. Don’t get me wrong. You can never go wrong with pancakes. Good for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I’d say. It’s just that sometimes, they give too much maple syrup. And I like maple syrup! I love it to every ounce of it’s sickeningly sweet goodness.

Good enough for me to drink it.

In shots.

The above video is an iPhone recorded (hence the weird size), video of the interesting event.

Goes without saying, I was high on sugar for a while after, but it was a good kind of high. Walking everywhere, laughing, jumping. I’d do these shots everyday if my body could take it!

Alrighty, I’ll leave you with my 33 seconds of retard-ness.



P.S I can still smell it. Everything smells so heavenly now.


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