[CW] Introducing, Me.

Let me let you in on my secret.

You’ll never believe me, but I can’t be anymore honest than this.

I’m a witch.

Now, now, don’t you laugh. Instead, you should be crying because now that you know what I am, I have no choice but to kill you.
Just kidding, of course.

Unlike other witches, I’m a good witch. I come from a mythical plane that’s literally out of this world! A realm filled with demons, vampires, dragons, fey, werewolves and of course, witches. Yes, we’re all real, you just don’t see us because we’re restricted to our world by our God and Goddess, Oden and Allura. The only way we can get out of our world is by dying. Even then, our chances of reincarnating on Earth are slim. We could reincarnate into anything! From an animal to a lowly mortal. I guess I also forgot to mention that in my world, everyone is immortal. There are only a few ways of killing us, methods would vary from species to species, but most of the time, beheading works like a charm.

Back to the point of reincarnation, the main reason why we immortals aren’t purposely dying all over the place is because we stand a chance of not existing at all. Yeap, poof, into thin air. Never to see the light again. No more memories. No reincarnation. Very much like restarting your favourite playstation game. You see, immortals don’t die very often like mortals. A death happens maybe once every 2-3 years because immortals don’t die easily (duh), neither do we die of old age or flesh wounds. When it happens, Oden and Allura would review the immortals entire life, no matter how long they have lived. (They’re Gods. They literally have all the time in the world! ) They do this over a round table called the ‘Preevis’ and decide if the immortal should be reincarnated or not and if so, as what. No one knows how Oden and Allura passes judgement over us immortals. Some say it depends on the pureness of one’s heart, some say it’s how many good deeds one had done in their life and some even believe that if the immortal was beautiful or handsome enough, one of the Gods could be swayed. Of course, all are only hear-say and no one dared to take a chance.

Then there’s me. Typing this entry into a laptop. On Earth.

Somebody say ‘What?’

I haven’t died. Actually, I’m not sure. But I’ll pretty confident that I haven’t been reincarnated. I still have my raven black hair, green eyes and pale skin. Since I’m part fey, my ears are a pointed and my eyes are cat-like. I also possess great eyesight that helps in my archery and excellent memory for remembering the formation of ancient rune circles, potion recipes and spells. Sadly, I’m still short and my voice seems to never break. It’s high, like a child’s, making sure I’ll be the biggest turn off in the bedroom.

Enough about myself though, I’m sure everyone is dying to find out how I managed to make it to Earth in one piece (pun intended).

About 3 years ago, I woke up on the Preevis and stared up at Oden and Allura in the flesh. Oden informed me that I had ‘died’ and that me waking up now was no accident. Allura continued on, telling me that the reason why I’m awake on the Preevis in my original form was because both Gods believed that I had not lived up to my full potential and that I still had a destiny to fulfill. I still remember sitting there gaping at them and asking them if everything was a joke. Oden had scoffed and snapped at me, asking if I’d really like to be reincarnated as a slow loris to match my reflexes but Allura had shushed him and told me that the reason why they were reincarnating me as I was, was because I had a heck load of good karma. I knew something was up, but believing I had tons of good karma was easier than believing I had a destiny and all that jazz.

I just realized that I haven’t told you my name yet. I’m Asper the Blessed. Don’t ask me why I have that extra few words at the back alright? It’s just how nobles and heroes are referred to in my world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rich or anything over there. It’s just that I happen to be the very first to be reincarnated exactly and have earned the title as ‘blessed’ by the Gods themselves.

These few years, I’ve been determined to live free and easily. Like you guys! I’ve been going to school, taking buses and trains; I’m even on the archery team! Earth is a dream come true for me and I can’t thank the Gods more!


Asper the Blessed Witch

I signed off and turned my laptop to stand by. Humming along to the latest Sleeping with Sirens song, I danced towards my toilet to wash up. Mocking birds tapped at my window and I smiled warmly at them. Being a good witch meant you’d be very close to animals and nature. I opened the window to let them in and let the warm morning breeze circulate. The mocking birds tapped the ‘play’ button on my radio and the song ‘Feel good inc’ started playing. As I danced around the room, I taped a hairbrush I had enchanted and it started following me around my room, brushing my hair. I clapped twice and my messy bed made itself, another clap and the chairs pushed themselves in.

I looked around my room. Besides the self-brushing hairbrush still brushing my waist long raven hair, everything looked pretty normal. Sure, I had magic to help me out with the cleaning but I still kept my room clean. Grabbing the hairbrush from my hair, I set it down on my dresser and squeezed into a pair of maroon straight cut jeans. I threw on a white tank top and put on my self enchanted talisman. The talisman was just in case other immortals picked up my scent. You could never be too careful!

‘Asper?’ my foster mother called from downstairs.

‘Yeah?’ I all but tumbled down the stairs.

‘You want me to drive you?’ She held up a paper bag that contained both my breakfast and lunch.

‘Mom, you ask me every morning.’ I bent down and pulled my socks on. ‘I’ll take the bus.’

‘You really are a queer child.’ Mom handed me Doc. Marts. and huffed. ‘If you let me drive you, you’d probably have time to sit down for breakfast.’

‘All in the name of sustainability, mom!’ I kissed her on the cheek and was out the door before she could say ‘What do I do with her?’


I got to school with 10 minutes to spare. I looked past the bus-stop and saw the un-moving traffic at the drop off point. Sustainability- 1  Carbon emissions- 0

I skipped up the stairs to the concourse of my collage, the song ‘Feel Good Inc’ still stuck in my head. As I reached the entrance, the speakers boomed beside me, startling me.

‘What the…’ I frowned and looked up. The hall way was jam packed. My jaw dropped. How was I going to get to class this way?

I took out my phone and scrolled through my twitter. I didn’t even have to ask what was going on. It was everywhere!



‘If I had a dollar for every time I see a hot guy… Better start a piggy bank!’

Oh. Just transfer students. Big deal. I started to push past the flailing girls with their camera phones out, shamelessly snapping pictures, not caring if I pushed a few down. Most of them already had boyfriends!

‘Now, now, we really need to get to class.’ a familiar voice caught me off guard. I turned and then I saw one of the people I hope I’d never see again. His icy blue eyes caught my green ones . His shock was evident. I heard his voice die in his mouth and was replaced with him mouthing my name.

Immediately, I broke the eye contact and dived into the crowd of fangirls, making sure to keep my head low.

Of all the people I’d meet on Earth!

The demon king’s right hand man, Cobalt Yves?!


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