[CW] How I died.

While I’m running from Cobalt, I’m guessing this is a good time to tell you how I died right? Or at least why I’m running, but it all boils down to how I died so I’ll just jump to it.

It was a dark and stormy night (I’m serious.), and I was in my hometown, Varrock, hunting for herbs to make my mother’s medicine. She was sick with a rare case of small pox. Apparently, she was violently allergic to the only medication for small pox and needed the help of magic instead. That was the problem right there. It wasn’t because I didn’t know how to heal her, it was just that working my magic meant I’d attract unwanted attention to my family. My realm isn’t like what you think it be. Dragons aren’t rare creatures, they roam abundantly. Vampires could have children and fey were like the human equivalent, except immortal. Witches and warlocks on the other hand, were extremely rare. There was no special ‘mix’ to get a witch or warlock, only destiny. We were taught through our dreams, since our parents had no knowledge of magic. According to folklore, powerful witches and warlocks could predict the future and control the weather. Many factions would try to get a witch or a warlock on their side, predicting the future and assisting in battle. Very much like Gandalf in the Lord of The Rings. My mother was a fey, while my father was a werewolf. If it wasn’t for my pointed ears, I’d have thought I was adopted.

My mother meant the world to me and the night I collected all the ingredients, I lay her down in my humble rune crafted magic circle and chanted a spell I learnt a few nights before. Being the first time I had used my powers, I was in awe as the circle began to glow and the red spots on my mother’s arms and face began to fade before my very eyes. When the light dimmed and fade, my mother’s breathing was normal again. Relief. That was all that I felt.

But only for that moment.

Because the next, my father burst into the room. He glanced at my mother, who was waking up in the middle of the magic circle.

‘What have you done?’ he was pale. I did not understand. I saved mother, didn’t I? ‘ What have you done?!’ He roared at me, leaping for my mother and cradling her in his arms.

‘I-I healed her.’ I was on the verge of tears. Father almost never raised his voice at me.

He stared at me. His stare cold as ice.

‘You’ve damned us all.’ He snarled

I flinched.

‘W-what do you mean?’ I clenched my fist. ‘I saved mother! She was dy-ing.’ I spat out.

‘Yeah, I could have found another alternative.’ He waved me off after depositing mother on my bed. Throwing open my haversack, he started tossing my clothes in.

‘What are you d-doing?’ I stood there, stunned.

‘You’re leaving.’ Father replied, matter-of-factly. ‘I won’t have you harming your mother, or our child…’

‘Child?’ I gaped. ‘You mean mother is-‘

‘Yes.’ he threw my backpack at me. I caught it with much effort. ‘I’m sure I wouldn’t be as…blessed as to have a witch as a daughter.’

With tears welling, I ran out of the room, out the house and into the woods that always welcomed me.


I had no idea how many days I’d been walking around in the woods. The trees may be my friends, but they never pointed me into the right direction. I walked past a tree with a scarf tied around it’s branch. I’d been past here again.

I sighed deeply. Was I really going to die this way?

I was thirsty. If there was anything an immortal couldn’t live without, it was water. And since I was still a very young immortal, I drank and ate just like a regular human being. I’ve been surviving on mushrooms and salt water for the past few days. My body couldn’t take much of this abuse anymore. I looked around and made sure I was alone. My senses were dulled from the lack of nutrition and I was desperate. Quickly, I chanted a spell and touched the ground. A depression started to form and clear water started to rise from it’s depths. I’m a natural at this. I gave myself a pat on the back and knelt down to have my fill of the refreshing water.

As I sat back, I felt it. A presence. A few more seconds and I realized that the presence was plural. I looked up the willow tree. It was tall and bushy. I nodded, placed my palm on it’s bark and chanted another spell. With the rustling of it’s leaves, a branch dipped down to where I was, allowing me to grab on. It then lifted me up into all it’s leafy-ness, a little like a very itchy comforter. Spying from the top, I caught a glimpse of a cluster of shadow dragons. They were mounted by demons, recognizable by the spiraling horns at the side of their heads.

‘We’ve already combed this area, sir.’ One demon reported.

‘Impossible.’ A demon with a low, husky voice churned out. ‘I felt her a few moments ago. She couldn’t have gotten far. Keep searching.’

I was being hunted? That was fast. I reached out and grabbed an apple from one of the branches, watching as the group of demons dispersed in all directions; dragons grunting. There left the lone demon with that velvety voice from before. With his men dispersed, I noticed that this shadow dragon was the purest of white, a sharp contrast to the others that dusty grey. Why wasn’t he out searching for me? Did he think his men would find me? Heh. Lazy ass. I grinned and took a bite out of my apple.

You know how karma can be such a bitch?

The crunch was deafening. So deafening, it’d wake Oden and Allura from their slumber. I stilled, just as the demon had as well. Really Asper? An apple in a willow tree. How about you grow a banana and have a flipping fruit salad! As I berated myself, I watched as he turned his nose up and sniffed. He smiled and I knew I was done for. Without warning, his entire being, dragon and all, turned. He drew a sword out so fast, it whistled. The blade didn’t even touch the bark of the willow tree, the force was enough to make a clean cut through the tree, causing it to timber. Luckily, I was cushioned by the leaves and branches of the forgiving willow. I scrambled from my hiding spot and ran. Ran like the devil was on my heels. In fact, right that moment, I’d probably say ‘pun intended’.

But who was I to outrun a dragon? I was half fey for Allura’s sake. I would have stood a chance if I had inherited a quarter of my father’s speed, but noooo. Give the girl a bow and arrow, Oden said. Let her be hunted down because she’s a witch, Allura said.

I heard the dragon roar, it’s breath reeked so bad I could have fainted on the spot. I braced myself for a few broken ribs but ended up being tackled to the ground instead. I figured that since I was already done for, holding back on my powers weren’t exactly going to do more harm. I slammed my hands into the earth and envisioned  a giant bean stalk, curling around said demon. Roots erupted from the ground, prying him off me. Realizing what was happening, he hissed at me. Yeah. Like a cat. That was when I caught sight of his fangs. What the? I thought only vampires had fangs.

Is this guy a vampire or a demon? Make up his mind already!

More roots started coiling around him. I willed them to coil tighter, hoping to somehow behead him if I was lucky. But what witch without her four leaf clover is lucky?  The dragon, obviously loyal to it’s owner, slashed at the roots, freeing him. He fell right smack onto me. His sudden weight on my body knocked the breath out of my lungs and broke my concentration. The roots fell to the ground, lifeless and as he pushed himself off me, I managed to chance a peek at his violent eyes. They were a purple so vivid and captivating. I could get lost in them. In fact, I would have, if only vemon boy over here hadn’t high-fived me in the head with his elbow.


What happened next went by in such a blur. Actually, I just hate talking about it.

Apparently, vemon boy is the prince of the storm demons. His name? Xavier Angelo Salvator. In a gist of things, he convinced me that he was my soul mate, it’s this thing immortals have going on. Equivalent to a human’s ‘one and only’. Only for me to find out that not only did storm demons not have mates, he had a flipping harem. But what did he need me for?


That pig.

He wanted to breed a whole new clan of demons. A clan that could control the weather and take over the entire realm. The thing is, I found out and was sort of ready to leave him. Run away to Allura knows where and hope he doesn’t find me. But I was, rather disgustingly, in love with him. Somehow, I was able to love him past his harem of demoness and past the fact that he openly flaunted his fiance in front of me. Knowing that allowing him a chance to even try breeding with me could cause the end of my realm as I know it, I cursed myself to feel no emotion.

Since feys could only conceive when they were truly in love, he could not proceed with his plan and threw me into the dungeon, depriving me of food and water till I lifted the hex from myself. I survived days, since I had stayed in his castle of many years and had hit full immortality not long ago. I stayed unfeeling till that faithful night when the vampires attacked after receiving intell that there was a witch in the Salvator castle.

The vampires could not find me and I guess they decided that if they couldn’t have me, neither could the demons so they blew the castle up. I’m serious.

This is where Cobalt Yves comes in. During my stay in the castle, he had been my only friend, since all the other girls refused to befriend me or were simply too scared to be my friend. He cared for me like a brother and pampered me just as much. He was probably the only one who visited me when I was in my dungeon phase, patiently trying to talk me out of the hex. The day the castle came crashing down, he hurried down to the dungeon to get me out but I flat out refused, telling him I’d rather die than go back to Xavier and risk the entire realm collapsing.

I remember him shouting at me and trying to drag me out of my cellar by force but I repelled him and with whatever energy I had left, I hexed him to never be able to speak about me in front of anyone till the day I died. I played that hex purely for fun. It was a powerful spell and I wasn’t going to die without using at least one powerful spell in my life. Of course, I wasn’t counting on living through the whole wall collapsing on me ordeal and I never knew I’d be saved by the Gods, so hey. No hard feelings. Naturally, I took his safety into account as well and teleported him away from the castle.

I guess he must be really pissed with me. Not being able to tell his best friend that the witch is still alive because, hey, she hexed you. I inwardly wondered if I even got a funeral over there, or if I was forgotten like the harem I had locked him the night of the raid. Just another spell I learnt in my endless slumbers.

I turned a corner, then another, reaching my locker. I squeeze the lock and the combination scrolled into place. Just one of the many perks of being a witch. No jammed lockers. I yanked my locker open and forced myself in. I waited and peeped through the slits of the door. I saw his blond hair wisp by and he was gone. I closed my eyes and sensed my surroundings. He had gone to the west wing of the school, making it safe enough for me to come out of hiding.

I grabbed my jacket and made my way to the entrance of the school. There was no way I was staying here any longer.


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