Never ending fight to keep my categories alive

As the title says, I’m constantly fighting to keep my categories alive and creating new ones don’t exactly help me in that but who cares man. Have that little mash up to entertain you. It wakes me up especially when I’m in school.

Yeap, I’m in school. I just finished my Computer Programming assignment, rejoice! Though I’d love to think the worst is over, I can’t. In fact, my main examinations are coming. Right after Chinese New Year too, what a downer. Well, at least I’ll be going down rich. Somewhat, at least.

I just went for a revision lecture and boy was it depressing. There’s so much to take in and study. I guess missing school the past two weeks really hit me hard somehow. I guess I really was listening in lectures (or at least the ones I bothered to go to), though it was rather halfhearted on my part.

On the plus side, Computer programming is pretty much out of the way. So is my CDS, Fundamentals of Hospitality and Management, which turned out to be a serious bore this semester. I’m done with Organizational Communications as well, what a relief, and at the end of today, I’d be pretty much done with Green Building Modeling and Simulations!

Additionally, I managed to buy my clothes for CNY because my pay came in! I literally had to fight to get to my workplace man. It was raining like ‘God was trying to drown Singapore’, as my sister had put it that day. I managed to pour my sister, her friend and aunt coffee too which I thought was flipping awesome because I could finally show my family what I was doing.

So I guess my life hasn’t been that bad these few days.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve taken up fiction once again. For now it’s named [CW], for Creative Writing, at least till I can find a suitable name for it because honestly speaking, I have no idea what I’m writing or where the story is going for the matter.

#ADHDmoment Why are my nails so dirty?

Anyway, I think I’d better try to start another chapter with whatever time I have left with my break.




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