Messing around with my phone

So the holidays are here and I’m stuck at home because I don’t exactly have a very vivid social life.

Which only leaves me to gaming,  sadly.

I was so pumped to game today, that I tried playing Dragonica all over again. It didn’t go very well. I didn’t quite like the graphics, probably because I’m too used to Dragon Nest. The jump key wasn’t even on the space key!

I lasted 7 levels and died once.

Up next, I googled games like Final Fantasy. I was looking for a game with good graphics and plot. I found it.

Blade and soul

Oh my cheese. This is like the best game yet. It’s got four races to choose from, and five classes to play. Really nice graphics too.

One problem.

It was on closes beta, for Korea only. There were rumours about a private server, but I couldn’t get into it because of my IP address. I tried proxy, but I could only do so for my browser. ;_;

So I was stuck watching game plays and trailers the entire morning. Pretty damn pathetic, I know. I managed to pull myself out of my pity parade by noon.

By then, I’d already checked all my social networks. Facebook, tumblr, youtube and mangafox. My daily few. Occasionally, I’d check the smosh pit or 9gag but I usually forget.

My eyes were already tired so I shut off my laptop and turned to my other form of social networking on my phone. I checked them all. Twitter, instagram… even FML.

I would have played my candy crush, but I’m so fed up with being stuck at that particular level.

I needed something new. Something to play from scratch. So I entered the app store and discovered Line.

It’s something like whatsapp, except it has its line of games. I started playing two of its games, Line Play and Wind Runner. The graphics is so cute and korean-ish. I couldn’t resist.

In line play, I got to dress an avatar up and decorate my room with stuff. I was like pet society all over again, just that it was on a phone. I could send invitations to my friends so that they could play with me, as well as visit people I didn’t even know. There was also this chatroom, where everyone could come together and just talk about anything under the sun.

No need to ask. I wasted my entire afternoon on that game.

The other game is Wind Runner. Once again, the graphics is really cute and the game is simple. It’s a 2D screen rolling game where you just jump and collect stars, dodging stuff on the way. Simple but really addictive.

When I ran out of energy on both games, I was felt with nothing to do once again, so it was back to the app store. This time, I had this weird itch to play dress up and customize, so I searched for dress up and avatar creation games.

Sadly, there aren’t many good ones. Trust me, I’m a vain gamer so I know.

I managed to find just one. It wasn’t all that good, but it was better than the rest.




I dont even remember the app name because I deleted it after.

I tried to make it look as nice and as close to how I look like. Sadly, I only got the hair colour right. I mean, since I don’t own a tiara, have laced up boots, a bra-top and hair as long as that.

I would have dug for more games but my phone was dying. I wouldn’t blame it, I probably worked it more than a minimum wage factory worker.

So yeah, that was my day. Unproductive as always.

Better let my phone charge in peace.




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