Coffe with sisi

This is a really late post. Pictures are really, really old. (Like yo momma) but im gonna put it up anyways.

So a really long while back, my sister and I had a date to go out. Yes, we do have to date each other now. As in, organize and book each other.

We managed to go out, finally, without any of my project meetings or her flights getting in the way. (Yay)

If I’m not wrong, we went for my doctor’s appointment and decided to go for coffee after.


Don’t we look alike 😀

We went somewhere near by, a place called “The Coffee Daily”.





The food is great. Lovely, lovely.

We had a htht over our tea and realized that we were both on the same frequency despite our warped way of thinking. Which was really comforting to know. Sisters rock.

Afterwards, she had to meet a friend so I saw her off.

I really can’t be more thankful for my sister. She’s a brilliant role model and I simply can’t ask for more. She molded me into who I am today and constantly conditions me to become stronger.

I really hope she knows how important she is to me and that I can’t be more blessed to have her.

Dear sisi, you’ll always be in my prayers.




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