Today I had no work. I woke up at 12 and lazed in bed till 1. Came down to a brunch (breakfast and lunch because you should never skip breakfast) that looked like this.


I don’t really know how to call this. Economical fried noodles with cabbage, luncheon meat, fried chicken wings and a fried egg. Oh and with honey greentea bubble tea by the side. I was still a little unsatisfied after so I had a box of sakura and matcha kit kat. My godbrother got it for me when he was in Tokyo. Sadly, no picture. I sorta gobbled it.

I spent the next few hours (or whatever was left of my day) on my laptop, looking for PSP games to play. I managed to find a few and will probably be doing an entry for it in a while. I managed to find a game, Patapon 3, and has been addicted to it since.

A little background of me and Patapon.

I actually started Patapon when I was still in secondary school, after I bought my psp. I was playing the game while everyone was playing games like Need for speed, Fifa, Ridge racer, Naruto, Bleach and Final fantasy. I was more into rhythmic games so I was playing DJMax and audition. I’d tell you more in another entry.

To sum it all up, I played Patapon when I was younger and I’m playing it now. Patapon rocks.

It took me a while to get used to everything again but I got it after a few dungeons.

Want to know the most dangerous thing about gaming?

You can’t keep track of what goes into your mouth. My housekeeper always takes the chance to feed me things while I’m engrossed with my game.

‘Cherie try this.’

‘Cherie finish that.’

It’s dangerous I tell you, especially when you live in a house full of unfinished chinese new year goodies that no one wants (or has the time to) eat.

At 6pm, we went out for dinner. The whole family did. Or at least who was at home. We went to Sakura International Buffet at Tamppines to have dinner. To be totally honest, I was saving my stomach for it. But I’d been fed like a chicken in a slaughterhouse the entire day so I was a tad bit reluctant. Think about all that calories. I’m not one to count, but after you so obviously overeat the entire (half) day, you can’t help but do so.

But as a Sim, I am very experienced at eating at buffets. You always have to eat your moneys’ worth, in my case, $31.

A few tips:

-Don’t eat carbo.
That means no rice or noodles. Nope, not even sushi.

-No gassy drinks.
Gassy drinks fill you up fast because of the amount of gas in there. You will also tend to drink more of it because it’s sweet, once again fill you up more. Go for teas, water or non carbonated drinks.

-Go for the seafood.
Seafood is expensive, most of the time. For safer options, go for prawns or salmon. Raw or cooked, you’ll never go wrong with them.

-Order food.
Some buffets cooks certain food for you. Mainly because you can’t leave the food item out in the cold for long periods of time. Order them. The food comes out fresher and most of the time, tastier. Which I find, more worth it.

-Eat slowly.
Give yourself time to digest and don’t lose momentum when you eat. Once your brain thinks it’s full, it’s game over for the next 20minutes or so, till it figures out if it’s actually full or not.

Lastly, just enjoy yourself. If you’re famished or are a plain eat-alot person, then feel free to gorge yourself. The whole point of the above tips are for people who can’t eat much but still want to make their meal worth it.

Without further ado, here’s the pictures from my dinner.


We started out with some cereal chicken, tempura and sidedishes.


Then moved on to the ordered food such as the beef satay, beef and salmon steak, which were all really good and plain glorious.


I decided to break my own rule of not having any carbs by having sushi and soba because they looked good and well presented. Taste wise, too bland. I’ve had better. But hey, look! That’s a huge chunk of salmon right there!


The beef satay was really good so we had seconds. Those are thai style prawns at the back. Ordered as well.


This isn’t a very good habit of mine but I jumped to dessert very early. Only because the ice cream they had was freaking Ben and Jerry’s and everyone knows I’m a sucker for their Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. That was just the first bowl. There were many after. Because fuck calories, that’s what.


These are Tau Sar Paus. Little paus with red bean paste in them. I don’t like chunky red bean paste, I like the dark, smooth and creamy ones and these were everything I wanted. I actually felt sorry for myself because I ate a hell load of salmon before I discovered these babies.


Did I forget to mention? I’m a huge fan of tau sar paus. If there was a place I could find the best ones, I’d go there as much as I can regardless of the distance. I’m just obsessed with them. Look at how cute and adorable they are! They were the prefect bite-sized-explodes-in-your-mouth-with-warm-creamy-goodness kind of YUMMY.

I didn’t even bother with the chocolate éclairs and cream puffs this time round. I was too busy with my ice cream and tau sar paus. But something caught my eye.


I know right? So much for eating everything that was expensive. But these were different kinds of jelly. They were the taiwan imported-expensive-oh-my-god-look-at-that-pricetag-I-will-never-buy-it-even-though-I-know-it’s-really-good kind of jelly.

I picked one of each flavour (there were only four flavours) and brought them back to my table. My gosh they were good.

And they came in those little sealed plastic containers.

You can guess what I did next. I went back there and grabbed at least a dozen of them and emptied them onto my table.

My dad looked at me as if I was crazy. My housekeeper probably had an idea of what I wanted to do while my sister simply said ‘beat you to it.’, opened her bag and revealed another dozen jellies sitting on top a Prada wallet.

Now, I know you should never bring food out of a buffet place because that would be the equivalent of stealing but hey, I’ve seen people come into buffets with Tupperware and heat insulated bags all for the sake of ta pao-ing. Can’t I take like, 24 jellies home? It’s not like I’m taking the entire stock you know.

And of course I went back for more. I wanted to bring more back to snack on as well as eat some at the table so the whole smuggling thing wouldn’t seem so darn obvious. I bumped into a guy whom I saw taking jellies the first time. This time he had more than 30 jellies on a plate while I had 6 in my hands. We stared at each other for a good ten seconds before smiling gingerly to one another. Oh yeah, I know what you’re trying to do.

And here I am, back home with around 30 jellies chilling in my fridge. I stole them and I’m proud. I have no idea how buffet lines make their money, but they do so I’ve got no regrets. In fact, I feel like a Robin Hood,  without the whole ‘giving back to the poor’ part.

Heck, I’m as poor as a peasant right now. I ought to be helping myself.

Off to bed on a full stomach!




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