Banana muffins

I work lots of Saturday shifts, be it half day shifts or full shifts. If it’s a Saturday, I work them.

The thing about Saturdays is that there are always too many bananas leftover from the week. They get all soft, mushy and nobody ever wants to buy them.

Since I take home all the croissants at the end of the day, my superior had this bright idea to have me bring home the last of the bananas as well. I really didn’t know what to say so I accepted it. Good thing there were only 6 of them. But 6 very ripe bananas aren’t exactly a good thing. The entire top deck of my bus smelt like bananas for the whole two hours I was on it.

I was thinking of making banana pancakes the next morning but realized that there was perhaps, no way I was waking up early on a Sunday morning and no way my family could finish about 20 banana pancakes without puking. So I decided on banana muffins instead.

The night was an great one. I spent my time looking at recipe after recipe, comparing the sugars and customizing my own. I did contemplate adding walnuts or chocolate chips but figured I didn’t want to ruin the sweetness of the bananas.

I had to doubke the recipe and halve my sugar. I had to play it by ear because I couldn’t trust my easy-bake oven anymore. It had served me well for the past 5 years but it was pretty obviously giving way.

I had to bake everything in batches of 6 for exactly 20 minutes each. Repeating the process 6 times, I finally came up with 34 muffins (I didnt have enough batter for the last two) and goodness, there were beautiful.


Banana muffins cooling.


Couple muffins. I named them 😀


How the muffin looks without it’s muffin liner. Hehe. Naked muffin.

I gave a dozen to my mom, 8 to my neighbour, my sister ate five of them while I had four and my housekeeper had two. For the missing two, I’m not sure where they disappeared to. Probably into the bellies of a family member lying in wait to pounce while they were cooling. 

Overall, I was really pleased with them. I made sure they were as healthy as possible. No butter added, though I did use a little oil.

Alrighty, till my next baking adventure!



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