Some people collect seashells, stamps or stickers.

I on the other hand, collect shirts. No just any shirts. Thoses I ♥ (insert country) shirts.

No, it’s not because I travel a lot. In fact, I’ve only ever been on a plane once (to New Zealand) and countless boat trips to Malaysia. Yet for all these places I have actually been to, I have never bought a shirt that said ‘I ♥ New Zealand’ or ‘I ♥ Malaysia’. Funny, huh. I don’t have ‘I ♥ Singapore’ either.






All these shirts are bought from the country itself!

You see, my sister flies and she’s always buying souvenirs back for us. Mine would be requested. A shirt that says I ♥ (country name). I’m working up quite a collection and it’s fun to ask people to read your shirt everytime they tease you about not showering. I did. It’s a different tee shirt and you just didn’t notice.

Anyways, I’m still collecting the shirts. Not quite sure how I’m going to post everything. Maybe I’ll just update this post (because I’m so lazy).

Off to read a book a got from the library!



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