Why men love beautiful women.

My theory on why men love beautiful women.

I guess it’s really simple. First, we must ask ourselves.

What makes a beautiful woman?

To me, a beautiful woman is one with good skin, figure, build and hair. 

If you notice, I have not said anything about features, eyes or hair colour. I find it rather redundant. I feel that beauty can be achieved by anyone as long as they work for it. What features you have to the colour of your eyes all depend on your parents, not yourself.

Beauty is achievable by simply taking care of yourself and your body. To me, beauty is a sign of being strong and healthy. Now, let’s look back to the early days. The prehistoric times, when human beings survived from selective breeding. A strong man would most likely choose a strong and healthy woman to have his children. By doing so, children will turn out with better physic and genes, ensuring a relatively stronger race. But how do men then find such a woman?

I’m pretty sure they didn’t go on dates, heck, I’m not even sure if anyone then could form a proper sentence, let alone romance. All that is left is on face value. By my logic, men back then chose their mates solely on face value. On the aspect of bodily figure.

I’m sure being tall has some relevance but I’m stumped for now so I’ll rule it out as a preference. But having a figure on the other hand, indicated the woman’s fitness and stamina. A woman who is well built and slim probably does lots of exercise and work. Back then, there were no such things as a gym, but there are always some small form of hunting for the women. Since there were also no guns or advanced weapons in that era, hunting meant stalking and chasing their prey on foot. Hard work. A woman capable of hunting would prove to be able to take care of young (like being able to feed and clothe them). Of course, she would not be able to hunt big prey by herself, that would be the man’s job. But at least she is able to provide a little for their young if anything was to happen.

As time advances, men also start to take note and appreciate a woman’s appearance. Such an example would be her skin; glowing effect and radiance. Glowing skin indicates good health. It shows that the woman eats well, sleeps well and has a good immune system. All these links back to the male wanting a strong mate that is able to take care of a family and produce stronger children (such as starting out with a good immune system; being a healthy baby) for a more advanced generation(a gene pool tainted with as little heritable diseases) . While we are on the topic of skin, I might as well touch on skin colour. Don’t worry, I’m not being racist.

Why is fair skin so sought after? Fair skin is an indication of status. In medieval times, only women with status had fair skin as they did not have to do laborious work such as farming, marketing, etc. With status comes money and with money comes security. The security of never needing to go hungry and always having a roof over a family’s head. Even in today’s society, fair skin is an indication of status. Ever heard of SK II? An entire beauty regime would put you back a thousand dollars and last you 5 months or less but hell, it makes you extremely fair skinned and radiant. Bird’s nest is another example. It is pricey but is said to be extremely good for the skin. Pregnant woman would binge on it during their pregnancy in hopes for a very fair skinned or fairer skinned baby and I’m pretty sure it works. What about laser treatment for pigmentation? A single zap from the machine would cost you SGD$300 at least and trust me, you will be needing much more than one.

So you see, fair skin is as indication of status. If you are able to afford any of the above, you or your parents probably already have some form of status. Somewhere, somehow, they are known by many people and that is what makes them, dare I say, better than others. Because they have network, connections and ultimately protection and security.

Onward to a woman’s crowning glory. A woman’s hair can tell much about her. If it is dry, frizzy and unkempt, people could be led to think that she doesn’t take care of herself or worst, doesn’t have the means to. It also shows the nutrient intake of the woman. A lady who takes in the proper nutrients would have softer and shinier hair. It all boils down to the health and wellness of the female. If she is very well on the inside, it will always show on the outside. Of course, hair you see on commercials or supermodels are results of not just eating right, but specialized maintenance, such as regular trips to the salon as well as health supplements for hair. Once again, there is a link to the status or finance of the woman. A woman who is able to afford such treatment probably earns good money, comes from a good home or works hard for her own expenditure. All of which are presumably seen as good traits to a male.

Arguably, my form of beauty is not the standard description of beauty in today’s times. It is just my theory of why men are attracted to women at face value. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get to know all my soldiers before sending them to war, the same way a man isn’t going to figure out how good a woman’s personality is before even going near her. If he looks fit enough for war, he goes. If she looks capable enough to raise a family as a good mother, he marries he will try.

But not all men marry for the sole purpose of a better generation. Times have changed. Now, people marry to have trophy wives/husbands. Sometimes they have kids on accident. Some marry out of love, regardless of race or looks. Some for the merger of company ties. Some men play around, woman too. It is not all for the advancement of the human race anymore.

And the fight for beauty is getting harder. Even with supermarkets with endless aisles of food, a woman’s fight for natural beauty is getting harder. We are never sure if our food is fresh or sprayed with pesticide. Food comes packed, processed and so many things have gone ‘instant’. We must force ourselves to go to the gym or exercise on our own because we are so cooped up at work, with air-conditioning drying out our faces. We may not hunt our mammoths or dodo birds every other day, but healthy living in such an era is getting more and more tedious.

But it does not change the fact that women are meant to be beautiful and to seek beauty. We have the right to be vain (though not overly vain) as it is in our nature. It has be hard wired into our systems from the early days of time and I feel that it is how it should be. However, our vanity is for ourselves only and should never be for the sake of pleasing a male. Our health, wellness and beauty is ours to cherish and uphold for us and us only. We work hard to stay beautiful and our efforts will show gradually. Remember, there is no ugly women on earth, just lazy ones.

With exception of course, to those battling famine and raising their families with endless amounts of love at the same time. You have my respect.



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