Just another day at work

Here’s another short post!

Everyone should know by now that I do coffee. I work in a cafe. It’s tiring but very fun. I get to meet people, talk to them and eventually gain a few regulars myself.

Unexpectedly, people in the cbd area are rather wacky. One night, a regular came in and ordered a latte. Going through the motion, I asked if he was having it here or to go. He said he would be having it to go but in a different way. I gave him a weird look. It got even weirder when he pulled out this.


Look at the size of that thing. If we were to fill that up, he wouldn’t be able to sleep for weeks.

But it was night time and everyone in the shop was tired and borderline bored so we did it anyway. Or at least try to.



We did four shots into the cup/mug/bowl and it only came up to that much. Up next was the milk.


Latte art was impossible, as the cup was simply too big and the foam would never cover the espresso itself.

At the end of everything, we ended up with a four shot latte. It was fun to watch and laugh at. Even funnier to watch our regular walk out of the cafe with such a large cup of coffee.

Here’s another picture of how big the cup was in comparison to our normal latte cups.


I’ll be writing again soon. See you all!



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