It’s been quiet around here lately. Why…?

Because Kali came out recently.

Did you really think I wasn’t going to play that character? I know, I know. I didn’t play the Academic class. I didn’t want to play as a flipping lolicon.  But Kali is different. I see it as a pretty strong class. I’m playing the melee branch, Spirit Dancer, so it’ll take a while to get used to.

I’ve also finally decided to turn my sniper, lilRIE, into my PvE character. This means all the hunting of monsters would be done by her and not my Kali. Kali on the other hand, will be used for PvP so you guys would see more PvP videos with her instead of my sniper. I’ll play my sniper when I miss her.

I didn’t play Kali when she was first launched because I was working. Hardcore working, six-out-of-of 7 days-work kind of working. I was a little down that I couldn’t play her and catch up with everyone else. On the plus side, I managed to avoid insane 3 day lag in Dragon Nest (3 days is normally how much time all the pro-grinders take to get ahead of the crowd) and the level 24-32 epic items are cheaper as well. Not that I had to buy anything since everything was given to me for free thanks to the Kali event that I nearly missed.

Kali event:

Kali eventHopefully the above picture is big enough for you guys. #TWSS


I really wanted the stuff (sets and title) because it would be a huge help for my damage and stuff. I started three days ago and am pretty proud to say that I’ve hit the second achievement. Yup, level 38 in three days, baby! Don’t call me a geek okay, I’m not that bad. Oh and I prefer the term ‘Gamer’ tyvm.

Here are a few pictures of how she looked like for the past three days.

DN 2013-04-15 23-53-25 Mon

^ Level 1-24 outfit

DN 2013-04-15 23-54-41 Mon^ Level 25 till the next seven days or at least till a nicer cash package comes out.

You guys don’t really need to know her name, not only because it’s stupid (literally) but because I’m changing it soon.

I’m really unhappy with her name, it doesn’t suit her class at all. Kalis are supposed to be sexy vixens and I couldn’t think of any on the spot. The only one I could think of was hotbabexxx, which is the IGN of my sister’s Elemental Lord. So guess what I named her.


Bake-fucking-RIE. That’s right, boys and girls, caps lock the ‘RIE’ so everyone will know it’s me who is playing the character! I can’t stand this name at all. Can  you? Will update when I manage to get it changed and hopefully, by then it’d be better.

On the less angsty  side, I earned enough money to buy myself a Wolf tail equip, wings and rings that goes under cash equipment. I sold the protection jellies I got from the Level-up boxes and had a little help from my guild, who loved stalking my sniper in PvP with a burning passion. I guess all the harassment was worth it.

Videos and game play footage: 

To be totally honest, I have no idea what to do till I’m level 50. I don’t know what heraldries to buy and skill pumping as proven to be quite the bitch. Stay tuned, I plan on hitting level 50 by this week or earlier.




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