[CW] Rejection

Xavier’s POV (Finally had the guts to write a guy’s POV again because I’ve been stuck with the mindset that all guys are horny pigs for months. I blame Kresley Cole’s series, but I will never regret reading her entire collection within two months. Managed to satisfy the slut in me. xx)

I power walked back to Bethany. Her eyes lit up at the sight of me and I fought the urge to pull a look of disgust. I always had a hunch that Bethany had led me on a wild goose chase in Asia just so she could get close to me. Sure, call me arrogant because I know I am and I’m pretty damn proud of it. But I am so sure she was on to me. She was always sitting too close and rubbing up all over me.

Bethany wasn’t ugly, in fact, she was rather attractive and I’d had taken her to bed in seconds. But that was years ago; 300 long years. Now, her flowery perfume irked me, as if she dumped an entire bottle all over herself  everyday and the sight of her chest rose bile in my throat. Inwardly, I grimaced at myself. Since Asper’s disappearance more than 300 years ago, I had remained celibate, not because I wanted to but because my vampric side rejected even the scent of any female. It got so bad, I couldn’t even have palace maids serving me. Not wanting to degrade my guards to take care of me for anything more than my security, I was forced to do things myself.

This led to many things. I had to learn how to wash my own clothes and bring myself my own food from the kitchen. I never knew that pumping bath water was so tiring and the many flights of stairs in the palace were more of an architectural flaw than a sight to be in awe of. While I was exhausted, I’d go to the gardens to visit Asper in her casket. Strangely, the flowers never wilted and the grass was as green as in the metaphors these mortals always said. I’d see her in my hallucinations(that was really how bad a condition I was in), sitting on the swing I had installed especially for her. She never looked my way, not that it mattered much to me. I’d stare at her till the sun would set and I’d have to get up and get my bath water.

I handed most of my kingly duties to my adviser, checking in on him occasionally when I had to time or when Asper’s ghost had almost glanced my way, putting me in a good mood. If not, this act was more of like a chore to me.

Asper’s ghost. That was exactly what my hallucinations were. I’d see her in the corridors, hopping around with a random flower in her hand. She would always be busy with something, playing some sort of assassin role play with Oden knows who or dashing right through him. Sometimes, I’d catch her in my room, looking at herself in my full length mirror. I had tried to go up to her, touch her or even talk to her. But each time I did, her figure would wisp and evaporate into thin air, yet still she never turned to face me. These actions had my adviser threatening to throw me into the royal asylum till I stopped blabbing about seeing Asper, reminding him that it wasn’t ‘Kingly’ and the people would ‘surely lose hope in a delusional king’.

It was only when I had found Cobalt’s diary and threw a bitchy fit over Asper’s casket, that I had stopped seeing Asper’s ghost altogether. At first I was satisfied with the fact that she was gone. Often I’d catch himself huffing ‘At least she knows better to disappear.’ as I dressed myself in the mornings. Yet I found myself looking for that ghost, patrolling her usual haunts, even camping at a spot for nearly an hour incase she dashed by. As the days went by, I grew more desperate. I visited her room three times a day after each of my meals but she was never there. Never there behind the curtains gazing out at the royal garden. Never in her walk-in wardrobe-a wardrobe of exquisite dresses I hand picked himself even after Asper had ‘died’-, pondering on what to wear for her day’s haunting. She had disappeared entirely and it was starting to drive me insane.

Then Bethany appeared. Like an angel sent for Oden and Allura, she presented me with the hope of seeing Asper again.

‘All we have to do is acquire the feathers of Lady Furie’s shatter lynx.’ she cooed at him as I sat at the far corner of my room, the scent of a female attacking my gut and enraging my vampric side.

‘What’s in it for you?’ I managed to spit, bile in my throat rose with each word.

‘I need to give this back to her.’ Bethany pulled out a ruby necklace. It’s chain was thick and of the finest gold. ‘She gave it to me so I wouldn’t tell anyone about her trying to leave. But since I told you, I guess it’s only fair I give it back to her.’

I stared blankly at the necklace. It was the necklace I gave her for her birthday. The year she had died. I remember trying to get back into her good books, ordering one of my men to deliver it to her cell. I thought we had it cool, since she seemed to like it’s colour and wore it immediately. At least that was what my men had said then. Now the same necklace stared back at me. Asper hadn’t even thought twice about it and threw it at some slave girl to bribe her!

I should have felt angry, furious even. But something in my gut clenched and I remember myself throwing my head over the bed and wrenching.

Shuddering at the thought, I pulled my expressionless facade on and walked up to Bethany.

‘That was them right?’ Bethany was jumping up and down now, breasts bouncing in her v-neck sundress. Was she even wearing a bra? Oh Oden I don’t want to imagine. ’27 years sure did a lot huh?’

‘Where are we staying tonight?’ I ignored her comment.

‘Xavier!’ she whined, pulling my name into higher octaves till she decided it wasn’t cute anymore. ‘Don’t I get a reward? A kiss from the Prince maybe?’ she pursed her lips and waited.

‘Just hurry up and get us out of here, servant.’ I growled, earning a squeak from her.

‘Y-yes, sir.’ she stuttered and trotted to the main road where the first taxi had dropped us off, flagging for one.

We were in one in minutes, thanks to Bethany’s looks I presume. She was huddled up in a ball furthest from me and sulking. I sighed and inched closer. She stared up at me through her lashes and waited. Hesitantly, I bent down and kissed her hair. I guess it was as much as I could give her. She did help me a whole lot throughout the entire journey and I decided this was an overdue payment. She giggled and snuggled onto me as if in triumph while I inwardly groaned, asking myself if my last move was a smart one.


Thankfully, the ride wasn’t too long. Bethany detached herself, rather unwillingly, from my now numbed arms and hopped out. I was greeted by an apartment that was three stories high, with clean white walls and a yard that seemed like it was freshly clipped.

‘How did you get this?’ I breathed. Not by money, that was for sure. We came to Earth with absolutely nothing and had had nothing for the last 3 months.

‘Well, I had a night with the owner and convinced him to migrate…’ She fluttered her lashes at me. ‘Oh, he seemed to like it very much and didn’t want to leave me but he had to understand, I already have you.’

I didn’t bother to hide my disgust at her implication as I brushed past her. I only belonged to Asper, whether she liked it or not and if I wanted her death or alive, just like she belonged to me. As her mate, my body was drawn to her like a moth to a light, not caring for it’s safety. By Oden, I left Iroria to come for her!

‘I’ll leave the unpacking to you.’ I said coldly, heading for the backyard. She really had to stop everything. I was mated, or at least I wish I was, but she knew I have a mate. Hell, she came with me knowing I was looking for my mate! I paused mid-step and I felt her aura brighten. ‘Take your time. I want to be alone.’ More like far away from you, I thought to myself.

As I walked through the house, I felt a door at the back of my hinge creak open. It was a rusty door and I flinched at every high pitched squeak it made as it opened fully to me. Then I sensed it. The aura of Cobalt, that traitor. I felt the relief in his mood and got even angrier. What the hell was he so relieved about?! It better not have anything to do with Asper. The thought of the two of them made my head hurt but I pushed the feeling back.

‘So you finally reveal yourself, huh?’ I hissed through our mind link. ‘Answer me you scum!’ 

‘Hey, what’s up?’ What’s up? What’s.Up?! I couldn’t help but frown. He’s been here for too long. He was starting to speak like a mortal!

‘Don’t you play around with me you mate stealing bastard!’ my voice laced with venom ‘You took Asper from me. I’ll kill you when I find you, rip you limb from limb and feed you to the dragons!’  The voice on the other side laughed and I bristled.

‘The only dragons you’re going to find here on Earth are komodo dragons and even then, that thing isn’t going to do shit to me, I’d say.’ Cobalt was cool and collected. At least that hasn’t changed over the years but it only made me hate him more.

‘You dare mock me?’ I exploded, shaking the walls of our link ‘You dare to lust after a Prince’s mate and sleep with her? Take her as your lover? You’ve brainwashed her, haven’t you? Convinced her to leave me. I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you.’ I was starting to ramble.

Hey slow down, buddy.’ Cobalt’s voice had lost it’s humorous tinge and I smirked in satisfaction of finally getting to him. ‘I never slept with Asper. I respected her.’

Liar!’ I spat ‘I read everything, Cobalt. Every detail. You disgust me, really. And what do you mean you respected her? Don’t I as well?!’ 

Call yourself a liar, Angelo.’ Cobalt’s voice was chilled to the bone. He’d called me by my middle name. He never did unless he was being serious, but anyone could lie if they observed their own actions long enough. ‘And yes. You never respected her. You never respected her when you slapped her. You never respected her when you threw her into the dungeons in only her evening gown. Hell, you stopping respecting her since the day you brought that bitch Eliza though your castle walls!’ 

Fuck you!’ my aura must have flared to much as I noticed the grass around me start to shrivel up and die.

Bite me.’ with that, Cobalt slammed the door in my face and everything when static. Not satisfied with the fact that he got the last say, I mentally pounded on his door, trying to break it down but it never budged. Huffing and feeling a tad bit pathetic having been beaten by someone who was supposed to have been out of practice, I gave up and held my head in my hands, trying my hardest to calm down. Dead leaves didn’t look good on my backyard.

Then another door opened. It warmed my stone cold heart like a spring breeze in the last days of winter and I felt my emotions settle. I sat up and waited she the door to open fully. My heartbeat quicken and I sucked in a breath. After a 300 year long disappearance, Asper had finally opened her mind to me. My body got hot and I felt my claws and fangs elongate. When the door was fully opened, I panted. The full effect of feeling Asper, her link strong and alive, after so many years were doing so many things to me. I was both amazed and intrigued. I felt power, much more than she ever had the last time I had spoken to her but I could also felt fear and nervousness.

Well of course she was scared. The last time she saw me, I’d slapped her and had her thrown into the dungeons! I mentally scolded myself. Waiting for her to calm down was torturous. She was so close yet so far, both literally and figuratively, and I couldn’t stand it. I wanted to hear her voice. That pretty, melodic voice of hers, that could calm me down whenever I was pissed off. And I needed calming, right. Now. I felt her pulse slow down and relief fill her senses. Not waiting any longer, I spoke.

Ma fleur?’ I prodded at her mind but there was no response. What. Was this link broken or something? Impossible. I could feel her at the other end. Was she being childish and ignoring me? Like a mortal would pretend no one was home when he didn’t want to answer the door to.. what did Beth call them again… Jehovah’s witnesses? My eye twitched with irritation. Of course she would try to ignore me, what was I thinking?

‘Ma fleur.’ I started again. The message came out desperate, with my breathing labored. Only then did I realize I was sweating through my shirt. Gods, she got me so hot with just a fucking mind prod! ‘Ma fleur!’ I panted this time through the link in desperation. More than 300 years of pent up sexual frustration really was no laughing matter.

Okay, okay! Stop it already!’ Her voice shot through my thoughts like an arrow through the wind. I growled, mentally making a blind grab in her direction. ‘Stop it! I don’t need to hear you getting off on my mind link!’ 

‘Getting off over a mind link? Now that was a thought.’ I smirked to myself.

I missed you.’ I thought I had finally calmed down but it came out as a needy whine, much to my embarrassment. ‘I want to see you.’ 

Asper was silent for a while and I panicked. Over what, I don’t know. I just didn’t want to lose her again. Not when I finally found her, not that I’d let go of her again.

Why did you come here?’ Her question stopped me dead in my tracks. Did she not want me here at all? Did she not miss me a single bit? Unacceptable.

What do you mean?’ I laughed it off, or at least try to. ‘And why did you cut your hair? It’s like you chopped it off.’

Don’t change the subject, Angelo.’ I frowned. She doesn’t call me that. She never did. Angelo was too formal for me. I only intended it to be used when I rose up to be King. After I took a wife, of course.

Like I said, I missed you that’s why I came looking. Love, I want to see you. As soon as possible.’ 

Bullshiet.’ Asper snapped at me. ‘If you’re thinking of bringing me back that God awful place, you’ll never take me alive.’ 

Well that was new.

Love, what do you mean?’ she was definitely testing my patience.

I mean I don’t want to see you. Not now, not ever, not anymore!’ I flinched. It was as if she had drove a sword right through my beating heart. She didn’t want to see me? Well I want to see her and that really is all that matters, isn’t it?

Look. We need to talk. Cobalt’s got you brainwashed and you need to know the truth.’ 

No, you listen here, mister. You are the one that is brain washed.’ I felt her toot at the other end ‘Well either that or you’re just plain stupid. 300 years can do that to people so don’t worry, I understand. But tell you something, your highness. I will not be going anywhere with you. You stay on your side of town, I’ll stay on mine and we can just be acquaintances. You’ll find a way back to Iroria, take your dumb bitch with you and never return. Am I clear?’

 That was taking it too far. I felt my anger seep through the link. As much as Asper was trying to put up a brave front, she clearly felt my anger and her pulse increased.

How long have you been on this plain, Asper?’ I snarled at her. ‘Because it’s sure gotten to your head. I am your Prince, whether you like it or not and if I say you come to me, you will. You are mine, Asper!’ 

I am no longer yours!’ I felt a vein pop from the side of my head.

What did you say?’ I hissed. Asper immediately went quiet. Was she guilty? My fury heightened at the thought of why she even would have been. ‘Answer me you damn, witch!’ 

I said, I am no long yours, sir.’ She replied stiffly. I cursed. She isn’t even denying it!

You little whore. I spend almost half my life grieving over you and you decide to simply sleep with my bestfriend? You’re the worst.’ I replied, words cold as ice. On the other side, I felt Asper gasp and her strong front wavered. I smiled at the pain she felt. She deserved it.

I never slept with Cobalt.’ Her voice sounded strangled ‘He’s like a brother to me. I’d never even think of-‘ 

Liar.’ I cut her short, not needing to hear her explanations ‘It’s just how witches are, isn’t it? They’ll die is they don’t lie every bloody second of their filthy lives!’ 

Did you come back just to insult me, Angelo?’ Her voice cracked and I wished I could take my words back. I was angry, I didn’t mean it. But I had to show her I meant business. I was to be King after all and I would have to discipline all my servants, even if I had to start with her.

Prove it.’ my voice hardened. ‘Surrender Cobalt to me and I’ll believe you.’ 

You’ll kill him.’ she whispered and my jaw clenched. She still wouldn’t let go of that bastard.

You see? You can’t do it can you?’ I let out a bitter laugh. ‘Can’t bare to see me rip the guts out of your lover, sew him back up and do it all over again?’ I started sending her images of what I had don’t to the captured vampires of the vampire raid. They never lasted long but they sure were fun to experiment with.

Stop it! Please!’ she was all out crying this time.

Then do it, Asper!’ I practically screamed at her. ‘You are my mate. Mine. And I swear to the Gods I will have you. I’ll destroy anyone in my way just to get to you. The only place you will be safe will be with me. Anywhere else and I will hunt you down like an animal. Do not try me, Asper. You know full well what I am capable of.’ 

Asper said nothing but whimpered. Her facade had shattered into a million pieces and she was reduced to an emotional heap, sobbing and tearing. I had to break her. If I didn’t, she’d never submit to me. I wasn’t going to get anywhere with her having this mindset and I wasn’t having any of it. Plain as it came.

I reject you.’ she whispered and I froze. ‘I will never be yours because I, Asper Emma Bellavista, reject you, Xavier Angelo Savlator as my mate.’ 

Immediately, I felt the thread of fate tighten around my chest, reacting to her words and suffocating me as it contracted in inanimate pain.

She actually said those words. She had set the separation creed into place and there was almost nothing I could do about it. The creed was a very strong spell that existed in every immortal that bore a soul, hence soul mate or mate. Those words were only recited when both partners decided that they simply weren’t meant to be for each other, for example, an unfortunate merman once had a human mate whom he could never meet, so he had no choice but to server his ties with her. The Gods had been generous as to give her another mate on Earth, but the merman had blood on his hands and was deem unfit for another mate. I felt the ties that bonded us together start to unravel and I panicked. I wasn’t a nice guy and losing her would leave me in total damnation. I remember meeting the merman three days after the spell was completed. He was a shell of his original self and had actually started aging.

He was a good friend of mine and I knew he loved that mortal from the very bottom of his dark soul. But the Gods didn’t understand. The Gods were cruel. Why would they give me another mate, a vemon abomination that had hundreds of vampires, woman and children alike, impaled with a wooden stake? Asper would be free to pick and choose here on Earth. Not to mention she had Cobalt as well. I couldn’t let that happen. She was mine.

Asper.’ I called, not caring how pathetic and desperate I sounded. ‘Don’t do this. Let me find you. Where are you? Please.’ 

She didn’t reply and her heartbeat was slowing down. Too slow.

Baby, answer me! Please!’ I shouted through the link, mentally shaking her.

There is… nothing left to talk abou-‘ Her words were barely above a whisper when I felt a thud in my head before the static set in.

Oh Gods what just happened? I was sweating and shaking. The only way to reverse the creed was to mate her within a month and I wasn’t about to be able to do it with her dying on me. I got up, turned and dashed for the door with unholy speed.

‘Sir! What did I tell you about using your powers?!’ Before Bethany had nagged anymore, I was out the door.

I had to find her. I wouldn’t forgive myself if she died because of me.

Not again.


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