Food for thought: Trust

This is something I thought up while I was thinking of you.

People say that trust, when broken can never be the same again. To me, trust starts as a blank piece of paper, without a tear or crease. With each fold comes a flaw or hiccup in the relationship or impression. After a while, that piece of paper will never be as good as new. But people have to realize that most of the time, we don’t meet papers fresh from the factory. We meet papers that has been passed around, paper clipped, stapled, coffee-stained or ripped. What really matters on the paper is it’s content; the story it tells. You don’t fall in love with the cover of a book, we fall in love with the story.
And that’s why trust is linked to love. To be able to love someone past their flaw, scars and bruises.
Broken trust is the stepping stone to love, not the death of it.


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