[CW] Marked

Asper POV

I know I shouldn’t be playing with fire. Even my dreams had warned me as a kid. But I was bored, energetic and Xavier was simply too entertaining to mess with when he had his guard down.

I shifted, time and time again, hoping to test his patience and have him call my bluff. Surprisingly, he had remained calm throughout all my antics and had started grumbling and mumbling to himself. As much as I loathed him, I could help but find his actions utterly adorable. Why was he trying to play an innocent virgin boy when everyone knew he wasn’t?

I flipped off the bed, knowing full well that he would catch me, before jumping on the chance of saddling him to torture him further. I heard him gulp and inwardly chuckled with glee.

‘I’ll be heading out to buy dinner. Be good.’ Cobalt’s voice cut through my thoughts.

I will.’ I replied a little too quickly.

You’re awake.’ Cobalt responded after a few tense seconds.

Yes…?’ I replied after a few calculated seconds. ‘Could you get me some taco bell? One steak and cheese with extra everything. A large coke and fries with a pint of strawberry cheese cake, pretty please with a cherry on top?’

‘Aren’t you hungry?’ Cobalt mused from the other side. ‘But can’t you have something else? Taco bell is a good one hour drive to the city, one way. It’d be cold by the time I got back.’

‘It’s a craving, Cobalt.’ I whined. He hated when I did that. ‘I’ll never be satisfied if I don’t have my tacos.’

‘Alright, alright.’ Cobalt gave in with a sigh. ‘Just don’t bite his head off, okay?’
‘I wouldn’t have to, Orion’s here.’

‘Be good.’ And the line went dead. Well i couldn’t promise that. A few minutes later, I heard the front door close and I need all my willpower to not smirk at how genius I was. Instead, I hugged Xavier closer, making sure I rotated my hips to stroke him a little. The friction was driving him crazy.

He panted and mumbled incoherent words, arms tightening around me. I’d hit a dead end. If I were to keep this up, I wouldn’t be able to seduce him while he’d end up breaking my back and killing me. I had to kick it up a notch.

‘Xavier.’ I did my best impression of that porno Amber had forced me to watch on my ’18th birthday’. He froze and I did a little victory dance in my head. Just a little more. ‘Xavier!’ I whined, squirming on his lap, using it as an excuse to rub on him somemore. His hands flew to my butt and gave them a squeeze. Mmm. Yum.

His grip on my bottom wasn’t to hold me down. Instead, he seemed to be lifting them up and down his length. Pervert! I snuck a peek at his face and saw his eyes pitch black, half shut and his mouth ajar. Gods that was hot. His arms stopped moving and I quickly shut my eyes, trying to look as natural as possible.

There were a few tense moments and I prayed my heatrate didn’t spike. He could sense those kinds of things.

‘Forgive me.’ He managed before crushing his lips against mine, slipping his tongue into my mouth without a problem. Curses. I knew that move wasn’t a smart one. But it was natural. That’s how Cobalt said I slept; that was I drooled everywhere.

His lips were soft and gentle but his tongue was skilkful, exploring every corner of my mouth. Good thing I chewed gum after I had my brownie at schook today, this guy was thorough.

He must have had lots of practise with a blow up doll those pass few years because I was still trying not to blow my cover, playing the role of the girl being ravaged in her sleep while he was doing everything and oh Allura, why was he so good at it?

‘Respond to me, ma fleur. I know you’re awake.’ He nibbled my bottom lip. I hesitated. I haven’t kissed anyone since the day I left Iroria and I wasn’t quite sure I remembered how. Maybe if I continued ignoring him, he’d think I really was sleeping.

I heard him chuckle as he captured my lips once more. I felt his hand leave my butt and slip between our heated cores. At first I though he was going to touch me. Instead, I heard a zipper go down all the way. My eyes snapped open. Mission abort. Code red. I struggled to push myself from him. The hand on my nape slid down to my back and held me in place, right smack against his chest.

‘Oh I thought you were sleeping.’ His voice was filled with amusement as I felt him tug his jeans down to his knees. ‘You have quite the reflex, ma petite fleur.’

I opened my mouth to protest but he used it as an opportunity to slide me against his buldge. He was huge and it scared the living daylights out of me. I made a strangled cry but he hushed me.

‘You wouldn’t want to wake Orion over there now would you? He’s had quite an exciting day today, don’t you think?’ My eyes widened. Orion was in my room and I was doing something like this right in front of him? I mentally slapped myself.

‘Don’t do that to yourself, love.’ He nuzzled onto my hair.

‘Stay out of my head!’

‘The door was open.’ I frowned, unable to come up with a comeback but slamming my mind link shut anyway.

‘Now, where were we? Oh right. This.’ Grinding against my core, he bounced me on his lap, causing me to gasp and grab onto his shoulders. ‘Doesn’t feel too good when it’s you, does it?’

‘Actually, it feels great. What about you.’ I feigned rebelliousness, but in all honesty, it did feel good and I need him to do it over and over. ‘Do it again.’

My statement seemed to shock him. Good. Shocked was good. But he quickly caught himself and kissed me again. This time, I kissed back. I didn’t know what I was doing, but it was better than nothing. He moaned into my mouth as I bit his lip. His hips had started to thurst upwards in a steady rythm and I matched it, making the mattress squeak as I grinded against him.

I figure that Orion was probably still sleeping, seeing that Xavier wasn’t being ripped to shreds by now. I wondered how Orion would react if he saw us like this. Would he be shocked or would he be furious, because he understood what was going on.

I pondered. Orion never saw another of his kind, so he may not know how reproduction came about. I would have gone into deeper thinking before I mentally slapped myself.

Orion was a mythical beast who hunted deers and boars alike. He’d probably seen them in action and attacked them while they were still at it.

‘Concentrate on me, baby.’ Xavier’s rythm went faster, too fast for my hips to catch up. I let out a strangled cry but he silenced me with his lips again. This time the kiss was possesive and aggressive, driving me insane.

I peered at him through half lidded eyes. I was so close. Sweat was rolling off my forehead and into my brows. I shut my eyes and waited for him to push me off the edge.

‘Look at me.’ He rasped.

‘What?’ I open my eyes just a fraction more before I climaxed. My face was frozen in place, eyes half open, mouth in a dinstinct ‘O’. Xavier watched me through the whole thing. As my hips moved faster against his to highten the pleasure and as I whimpered, too overwhelmed.

Xavier rained butterfly kisses all the way from my lips to my shoulder, before stopping at the crook of my neck.

‘What are you…’ I never got to finish my sentence. His fangs elongated in seconds and bit down in a frenzy.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head and another orgasm riped through body. I clung to him, needing to ride things out once again. I heard him grunt into my neck as he pulled me into a tight ball, hips grinding against me mercilessly. I felt a warm wet patch form as his member twitched and throbbed.  Oh Allura, did he just do what I think he just do?

I went limp against him, not caring that he was still sipping away at my blood like the little leech he had in him.

Did it feel good?’ His velvety voice invaded my thoughts. ‘Was it what you wanted?’

‘My, my. When were you recruited into the service sector?’ I threw back and he chuckled.  ‘You’re marking me, aren’t you.’

Xavier froze for a moment before slipping his fang out and licking the wound. I shivered. That act was like sex itself.

I will not let anyone have you.’ He growled in my mind and I sighed.

‘I hate to break it to you, but the creed is already in effect. Soon I will feel nothing for you, you will feel nothing for me and there’s nothing we can do about it.’

‘I know a way, I know you’re having second thoughts. There are ways to reverse this.’ his tone was actually pleading and I felt a little guilty. I knew that deep down, I regretted what I did. But the book clearly stated that the results were irreversible. A page that looked like it was torn out followed, but it seemed like it was simply a start of a new chapter.

Maybe.‘ I replied, unsure of my own words. Xavier’s face seemed to sag a little and I broke eye contact. The bastard could still make me feel guilty. ‘I um. Better wash up.’

Slipping off Xavier’s lap, I hopped off the bed. Orion finally lifted his head and snuggled onto me. He sniffed me loudly and gave me a confused look. Oh man.

Blushing, I pat him on the head and brisk walked towards the bathroom. I caught sight of my neck and raised an eyebrow. I was expecting two puncture wounds but in it’s place was a rose with little leaves, stems and thorns. It looked like a tattoo. A living tattoo.

It’s throny vines were spreading across my shoulder, twisting delicately. It stopped at the top half of my arm and mid back. It was beautiful, but I still didn’t know what it was.

‘Xavier.’ I called and he was beside me in seconds.

‘What’s up, love? Oh.’

‘Explain.’ I crossed my arms at my chest and tapped my foot.

‘It’s my mark, Asper. With this, any sane immortal out there will know not to touch you.’

He bent down to kiss the mark, sending shocks through my body.

Definately having second thoughts.


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