Dragon Nest Kali Update

So I know that I’m super late this time.

I didn’t take this long to get to level 50. I actually hit the level 3 days after writing my last DNSEA post but got too caught up in ladder and PvP to write an update. PROCRASTINATION.

Anyway, level 60 cap is up and I’ve been busy training my character. But it really gets boring, since my guild members are all so hardcore and hit the level cap within two days. So I’m pretty left behind to grind by myself. My armor isn’t too fantastic so my damage is no where near decent in the new map.

But alas, this post is supposed to be while and when I hit level 50. So here are the videos! (actually, I only have two. The second one was a compilation of everything I filmed. Derp.)


Fun Fact about the above video: 

Youtube muted my audio for copyright infringement and I was lost because I didn’t know how to embed videos from other sites for the longest time.

But I googled as hard as I could and WOAHLA an embedded video. Pat on the back, Cherie!

I’ll be doing another one soon. Am very excited for it. Now, if only I can get my hands on my friend so that I can film the scenes…


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