Book Review: Kissing Booth -Beth Reekles


Meet Rochelle “Elle” Evans: pretty, popular—and never been kissed. Meet Noah Flynn: badass, volatile—and a total player. When Elle decides to run a kissing booth at her school’s Spring Carnival, she locks lips with Noah and her life is turned upside down. Her head says to keep away, but her heart wants to draw closer. This romance seems far from a fairy tale. Is Elle headed for heartbreak or will she get her happily ever after?


The summary sounded interesting enough. I’ve always been a sucker for fluff and clichés. Kissing Booth, was one of those typical highschool bad boy-good girl romances that would make you grin into the book and squeal to yourself occasionally.

The story started out fine. Elle being bestfriends with Lee, and Noah being a little too overprotective for obvious reasons she was oblivious to.

I guess it was just an ‘okay’ book. It had it’s moments for me where I would read chapter after chapter and actually worry for their relationship while I was away from the book.

Set backs:

I must be too used to adult fiction, because I felt like half the book, characters were going around dropping hints and leaving it hanging.


‘Don’t you think Noah is a little too protective of you?’

“No, he’s just looking out for me.”


“He’s just being a jerk.”


“I am so pissed at what he’s doing!”

*Pulls hair in frustration*

As the pages flipped by, I started getting bored of Elle’s character. I felt she was rather ‘flat’ a character and quickly started becoming predictable. She only had a slight personality change towards the near end of the book, which I felt was cutting is a little too short.

I wasn’t too satisfied with the ending either. Sure, like most romance novels, the ending was a happy one. But this ending was also a little lukewarm for me.

I like endings that makes me feel all warm and gooey inside, or maybe have me feeling sorry I finished the book so quickly. But this book had me feeling like I had just been conned into reading a milder, no-character-death Nicolas Sparks novel.

As the pages on my right thinned, I was hoping something would happen to turn things around so the book would at least end on a slightly more cheerful note. It didn’t and I was left feeling a tad bit empty after the whole 400 or so pages.

If anything, I felt like they kissed each other a little too much. Sure, the book is called ‘Kissing Booth’, but they didn’t have to take it that far. I felt like they replaced ‘romance’ with kisses. Kisses should be symbolic of certain milestones the couple had gone through together. Making them make out so much just makes the action lose its meaning.

I think kisses should happen after a build up of emotions…? Most of the time I read about the sexual tension and sparks the characters have. But those were in fiction books, not teen-fiction books, which is probably the case.

But I reckon those make out scenes would be nice to re-read while you’re snuggling up with a hot chocolate, thinking of a special someone.

Good points:

I did, however, like Noah’s character a lot, or maybe in comparison to all the characters in the book.

If there was one chapter of the book I’d flip back to, it’d be when he showed his vulnerable side to Elle and us readers. He did use the same pattern of action and tone of voice a little too often, but when he finally broke out of that persona, woah.

The way he was portrayed was actually pretty relatable. My heart broke when he was so sad and lost. I remember cursing Elle outloud saying ‘WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?’, sob a little and proceed with the chapter.

Really. I don’t understand that girl.

Of course, I was happy when they finally got back together again. But it kind of went down hill from there. It dragged on for too long, and there were no signs of the plot twisting in any way. So I got bored. I did force myself to read till the end though.


The book wasn’t all that bad. I’d read it again, but only certain parts. It wasn’t much of a page turner -like I always hope all books would turn out to be-, but there were times I’d laugh out loud and times I had to put the book down because it was giving me a panic attack (I mean well).

Not a total let-down but it could have been better for a book that thick.



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