What a weekend.

Honestly, I never knew this was going to happen.

Drinking, really?

We went for a run before. Well, they did. I walked.

The weekend officially started for me when I was rather rudely awaken from my nap to go walking or jogging. Trust me. If I could, I would have fallen asleep walking.

We decided to go out for dinner and drinks since my sister never managed to drink with me on my birthday.




Even aunty came with us for beer. First time in 22 years!


We had a tower of beer (or my sister and I had a tower of beer) , vodka amd whiskey. Did we get tipsy?


Did I throw up?

Thank God.

Was I hung over the next morning?

No puke, just very hungry.

I kind of caught myself going, going gone when I couldn’t focus on my twitter timeline anymore. Everything was pretty much a blur and my head rolled and swivelled when I tried to call the bill.

Not fun, but my aunty said there was a smile on my face while I was sleeping this morning. Hasn’t happened in 11 years, so she says.

I guess I’ll consider that refreshing.

When we felt slightly better, we headed to the pool. I was too guilty after all that beer. Managed to do 10 laps. Pathetic, I know. But I haven’t exactly been very active since my operation.


The pool was really fun. We had matching hairstyles and everything. Went bait watching too. (It’s the girl version of babe watching) Saw this guy was the hottest bod ever.

Eight packs within a pack, nice back, nice ass, sexy V and chest. Don’t get me started on the broad shoulders and biceps. Even the guys were checking him out.

After the swim, we went to have lunch and we finally got pictures together again!




With all the pictures we take, we should have a sister fanclub or something.

We’re even going to get our nails done soon. A really fun weekend in a long while! 😀



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