Girl time, like finally.

If there was one thing I missed during my solo-flying days, it was the hang outs and girl time. I’m simply not cut out for a life of solace! I like laughing, talking and shopping, dressing up for boys (occasionally), painting nails with my sister and just recently, shoes.

Let’s face it. As much as many of my guy friends consider me ‘one of the guys’, I’m still a girl deep, deep, really deep down in my heart. Or at least deep enough to prove I don’t have a dick. I’m going to scream at anything that makes me particularly excited, overreact at anything at all and eat heck loads of chocolate, then cry because I feel all guilty over it.

At least those are what I find are huge disadvantages to girls, besides having everything that would possibly be crucial to us hurt like hell. Example:

– Having our hair pulled
– Menstrual cramps
– Losing virginity
– Giving birth
– Headache of raising a child
– That Prada bag is too expensive
– Heels hurt like a bitch after a few hours
– Osteoporosis

And the list goes on. And these are things guys will never understand! Hence girl time. Don’t get me wrong, most human beings who are closest to me are guys. Well, some aren’t straight but they just don’t have the same effect. The vagina is a magical thing.

Anyway, back to the actual post, I managed to get my hands on a female!!! No, not that way, you sick bastards.

She’s a really good friend of mine, despite only getting to know her the middle of last year. She’s greattt and her boyfriend is really nice too. I am totally shipping(not sure if it’s just a tumblr thing anymore) them. They’re my real life OTP (definately tumblr). Simply adorable.

We went out together because her boyfriend couldn’t make it. It was actually really fun. We walked everywhere in town together and she bought heels to wear with me. Oh gosh, the astrogen levels were over the top that day.

She’s just about my height, if not a teeny bit taller and never wore heels because she’d feel like a giant. But I wore my 3 inches, which probably motivated her to buy heels to wear as well. If you still have to ask, we got blisters on both our heels at the end of the day. Lol.

Before our feet threatened to commit suicide, we stopped at a random Starbucks outlet and sat down. This is what she ordered.



It’s called the Cotton Candy Frappé. I’m guessing it’s named that because of its colour. But it’s really a vanilla frappé with raspberry syrup. Tasted more like bubble gum too.

We decided to camwhore and I was so excited. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I HAVEN’T CAMWHORED WITH SOMEONE?

Now, now don’t feel sorry for me. I got a huge kick out of this one. Sometimes I wonder if I’m bi.

Look, look.









Hehehehehe. So happy with myself. 😛

I should really do these kinds of things more often, huh!

Evolving into what they call ‘A Girl’,


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