Support Gay Marriage!

As much as this video would seem like a joke to most people/guys, I think it couldn’t be more true.

Of course, there are men out there that are probably neater, cleaner, even dress better than me, and aren’t necessarily gay. But hey, what are the odds of me finding someone like that? *snorts*

I wish I knew how to argue otherwise, but it’s true. I’ve got gay friends. Everywhere. Hell, most of my closest guy friends are gay or bi and they are simply the best to have around.

They are the ones that tell me ‘Gurlll, you are too good for him.’, the ones who notice boys staring at you and the ones that will genuinely listen to you then tell you you’re officially spewing bullshit.

I guess to me, gay friends are one of the most pleasant wake up calls. The first one being chocolate. Nothing beats chocolate.

And if you can’t stand gays, then at least learn to tolerate them. For all you know, that gay guy is a really hot girl’s bestfriend. Boy, you’ll be missing out.




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