Photoshoots and Serious Business


Hello from my internship! Finally writing an actual post on my progress in school, though I’m not sure what progress I’m actually making. But wait! I’ve evolved. Into an…


Not fishing for compliments, but I’m trying really hard to like the photo above. (Still can’t bring myself to post it on Facebook or Instagram, and you know how much I love my social networking.) I really didn’t try to look nice. All my colleagues had make up on, nice hair and a dazzling smile. I had a bare face (unless you count chapstick), a sorry excuse of a corporate dress and acne scars. You don’t have to tell me I look good. You can say I look horrible in the above picture and I’d stand on your side and laugh with you.

And by God, I’ve gotten fat.
Welp, that’s what boxes of donuts, thai food, crackers and kueh can do to you,  when all you do is eat them and camp at your desk. No amount of green tea can save you, tried and tested. And don’t tell me that ‘the camera puts 10 pounds on you’ bullshiet. I’m not that fat yet, but I’ve put on weight and it’s visible, OKAY?! *borderline emotional meltdown*

There. Now that I’ve publicly bashed myself, you guys can’t laugh at me. Your move, hater.

Moving on.

Life has been busy and rather eventful.


I managed to get sick from haze this time round and stuck in a human jam.



Drank the weirdest blend of fruit juices and eaten one too many donuts.

But life has been pretty fun. I’ve made new friends and fit in nicely with different groups of people.


We have interesting lunch adventures and movie dates. If working life is like this, I may never want to go back to school, though I highly doubt so. (I’m aiming for overseas studies!)


I’m really thankful for my supervisors being very patient with me and tolerant of my queer-mindset. Though they sometimes laugh at my pronunciations.


Interning has helped me take my mind off lots of things; even made me more positive. I go online shopping, stress over emails and even what to eat for lunch. I’ve even started running and swimming because everyone there is so active. It’s a good kind of peer pressure!

Overall, I’m really happy I landed here. Even happier that I’m alone, so I can really be myself with everyone.




It’s great here, amongst wacky and weird people who don’t mind me. (:

Cheers to optimism!

P.S Use my strength to push on. If I can get out of my ditch, you can too! ♥


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