Must be the haze

A very late post.

I’ve never been bothered (much) about the haze. It was a yearly thing. Every June or so, I’d get breathless for a month because the air would be too dirty and much to bare for my poor asthmatic self.
I guess I wasn’t very bothered because I always somehow live through the days. Of course, I’ve been to the A&E more than a few times. It’s fun. You see a lot of wacky injuries and people there. Personally, I think people whom you meet at the A&E tell the best stories. Hurhur.

Back to topic, let’s just say the haze this year was (hopefully) the worst ever. Masks were sold out everywhere and the streets were significantly emptier.

PSI rose to 390, one of the worst in the history of Singapore and basically, everyone panicked. There were loads of fights online over the burning in Indonesia.  Indonesia said things they could have phrased better, and singaporeans weren’t exactly very forgiving.

Technically, I shouldn’t be bothered over these things, seeing that I spend a good 1/3 of my life at home, on my laptop. But this year was different. This year, this time of the year, I’m an Office Lady.

A dignified, proud, formal wearing, meeting going, high heel wearing office lady.


A lady who paints her nails.


And has a very busy schedule.

Oh yeah. I’ve been busy.

But more importantly, I’ve been out a lot. I don’t like being out of the house so much. I’m like a guinea pig, you know?

Rather be in her cage unless she needs food or something internet connection.

If that wasn’t enough, haze just had to choose this year to spring one on me. Not to mention, of all the times public transport had to fail me, it had to be when the PSI hit an all time high.

My train dropped me off at least 6 stops too early, claiming the train in front had broken down or they were facing teachnical issues. Being promised shuttle bus rides, I was met with this.



Now, I’ve never been a fan of crowds. I don’t like clubbing, fire drills, morning assembly and hell, not even family gatherings. I like watching people, talking to them in small groups at best, and studying them. But the heck load of strangers stranded at a too-small bus stop?

God no.

I decided to walk to the next train station (it’s not that far. It’s Singapore you’re talking about) to take a bus back home. It was horrible.


It’s not my camera. Things would be that blury with or without perfect eyesight or resolution. At least a third of the people exiting from my station had the same idea as me and were walking. It was chaotic, warm and I was pretty sure I was getting much lesser oxygen than I should have been getting.

Surprisingly, I made it with my lungs still intact. But the worst was far from over.


I am so thankful I don’t get anxiety from crowded places because this would have scared me shitless. As for the picture above, I thought the girl in the cream top/cardigan had nice legs. Don’t you think?

Anyway, there was simply no way I was walking home -or walking anywhere else for the matter- so I queued for my bus. I stood there for a good half hour before I got impatient and called my dad.

Who didn’t save me, by the way.

So instead, I waited for another 45minutes till I finally got on the bus. I didn’t even get a seat.
Sorry, I had to say it. It’s one of the only ways you can tell I’m Singaporean. I also complain a lot, and ramble and talk too much.


When I finally got home, I was worn out. It didn’t take long for my asthma to catch on and soon I was hyperventilating. Or gasping like a fish out of water. Whatever you may pick to make me look more pitiful BECAUSE I REALLY WAS, OKAY?

I ended up falling sick, falling down in the bathroom (because I fell asleep standing up), twisting my good leg, and out of bed because my brain kept thinking I was going to suffocation to death and jerkes me from my slumber every half an hour or so. It’s a very caring brain.

By the end of the week, I had experienced a series of’Bad luck Cherie’ senerios and was confined to my room. Or a 1meter radius from my bed. At least I had my laptop with me.

While I was down and almost out, the haze worsened and hit a PSI of 450 (I think). My entire office worked from home so I had no excuse not to work too. Even though my entire body was aching from falling everywhere (but in love. Ba-dum-tist) and I was running a marathon of a fever, I got up at 9am to reply emails.

The bad thing about being an office lady was that an inbox full of emails was a pretty terrifying sight.

As the haze raged on, people still queued for this hello kitty craze plush toy from MacDs’. Queues started as early as 3am in the mornings and would be sold out within the hour. Everywhere. Really hardcore stuff. I knew a friend who would talk to me about it. He actually queued from 2am once and had to go around Singapore looking for outlets that haven’t sold out yet.
He didn’t manage to get the kitties and resorted to ordering them online from China instead. [Insert appropriate Jackie Chan meme.]

People bought many value meals for the toy, and threw the food away, angering some ‘End World Hunger’ organisations, and sold them for as high as a few hundreds online. The whole thing was ridiculous in itself and gradually got old.

During the weekends, my family went out to have lunch together.

I think we’re rocking the masked look. One step closer to becoming ninjas!

The haze got better soon after and when it finally started pouring down on this hazy island, it ‘hailed’.

Little pebbles fell from the sky and once again, we panicked. Words like acid rain, cloud seeding and poison rain were thrown around and people started posting about it on Facebook. Some people argued while others shared one too many posts. It was pretty entertaining to watch.

So there you have it. The three H’s of last month.

Haze, Hail and Hello Kitty.

This is Cherie reporting not so live from the scene.


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