[CW] Three’s the Charm

Asper POV~

‘Testing one, two, Dranix to Wizards. This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill.’ 

‘What time is it?’ I mumbled through the mind link and realized I couldn’t open my eyes. ‘What is going on?’ I started to panic when I discovered my body wasn’t responding to me.

‘Woah there.’ I groaned at Marco’s laid back response. Someone could be mummifying me right this instant and I wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing. ‘Don’t be such a drama queen.’  I let out an outraged gasped and slammed the doors to my mind shut.

‘I think it would be better if we told her what’s happening, Marco. This isn’t the time to fool around.’ Dagon’s tone was authoritative and I sent a mental image of him in armor, with the imperial dragon’s flag waving in the background. ‘You too, Asper, this is very serious.’ What the? I’m so sure I have my walls up.

‘Dagon does that. For some reason, he’s got a mind prod far superior to other immortals. I call it the mind stab because he could tear your head up with just a-‘

‘Enough!’ Just as the words resounded in my head, what felt like a thousand needles attacked my head, piercing through my scalp and drilling through my skull towards my vulnerable grey matter. Inwardly, I screamed along with Marco. Marco, begging him to stop while I was just screaming my head off. After a few good minutes, Dagon’s attack creased, leaving me panting and with tears in my eyes.

‘Now, kids.’ Dagon started easily as if nothing happened. ‘I have rather… unpleasant news.’ 

After a heavy silence in the mind link, Dagon continued.

‘I have just found out that Asper rejected her mate.’ 

‘Oh come on. Not this again.’ I rolled my eyes. ‘What’s the big deal?’

‘Rejecting your mate could potentially kill you and the Prince, Asper.’ Dagon’s tone was disapproving, which pissed me off to no end. Was he going to turn into another Cobalt?

‘Hey, quit stressing her out.’ Marco butted in. ‘Look. Asper. It’s not that we’re trying to force you into doing what you don’t want. If breaking off from the Prince was so easy, I’d say go for it as well. He’s just mad because he stand a chance of having the same fate if his mate rejects him. ‘ Dagon tooted.

‘What do you mean same fate?’ I snapped. Marco sighed.

‘Being Royalty may mean stronger abilities, strength… well, everything. But it also means their bonds are stronger too. The last immortal that had rejected his mate was of  average hierarchical status and had quickly turned into an empty shell after the separation creed was completed.’

‘It’s his fault he rejected her.’ I interjected.

‘His mate was from Earth. They were literally worlds apart.’ Dagon ground out and I bit my tongue. So…that wasn’t a very smart move for myself.

‘The Gods had been cruel.’ we shared a moment of silence before Marco continued. ‘Anyway, look at what happened to that guy. He wasn’t even a duke or an imperial knight. He was just a regular guy and the separation creed hit him so hard. Imagine what would happen to royalty. You guys wouldn’t feel a thing, you’d just straight up die on impact. Again.’ 

I flinched at his last word.

‘How did you even find out about the separation creed in the first place, Asper?’ Dagon probed.

‘I managed to read up a little before my so-called mate threw me into the dungeons.’ I answered bitterly. ‘And can anyone please explain to me why I can’t move?’

‘It’s the effect of  the creed. It’s what happens when the creed’s magic forcefully tears apart bonds.’ Dagon sighed. ‘Doesn’t feel to good now, does it?’ 

‘You are a cruel man, you know that?’ I threw back at him. Immediately, I felt a pin poke threateningly at my temple. ‘Mercy.’ I squeaked. I felt Dagon roll his eyes.

‘Back to what we were talking about,’ Marco pulled us back to topic. ‘What do you intend to do now? Now that you’ve just set yourself up with an express pass to your death.’

‘I don’t know.’ I cried ‘The page was ripped out when I read it. I didn’t know I’d land myself in such a huge load of crap.’

‘I’ve an idea but you may or may be agreeable.’ Dagon spoke slowly and I instantly knew I wouldn’t like his plan one bit.

‘Go on…’ I spoke as slow as he had, holding my breath.

‘Spend time with him. Being close to your mate even as the creed is in place would minimize the pain of separation. I can’t guarantee that both your lives would be preserved but it’s worth a try.’ 

 ‘What are my chances?’ I whispered. Things were not looking good.

‘I’d say 30%. But it’s better than nothing.’ There was a pregnant silence between us. ‘C’mon, Marco. Where are you when we need someone to say something funny?’ 

‘What am I supposed to say?’ Marco sounded like he was close to tears. ‘Gee, sis. Go for it, at least now you only have a 70% chance of dying and leaving me,  a lone warlock, on Earth!’ 

Dagon gave an exasperated sigh while Marco sobbed.

‘Okay! Okay! I’ll try, alright?’ I paused for a reaction but got none ‘What would happen if I mated him?’ I had to throw the idea out there. The atmosphere was so bleak, I was possibly a hair away from slipping into depression.

‘Don’t get his hopes up, Asper.’ Dagon bit out. ‘It’ll only make things worst.’ 

I bit my lip, remembering the moments I had shared with Xavier just the day before. It was hot and passionate. We just clicked and knew exactly what to do with each other. Well of course, considering the fact that he was my mate. But the way I could get lost in his eyes and the way I felt just standing next to him… It was something that till now, I wasn’t sure I was able to give up. Or I didn’t have to give it up at all. I was stronger now, after all.

‘No, I’m serious. I’ll give him a chance.’ I assured. ‘ Three. I’ll have him three chances.’ I willed my eyes to open and this time I was able to open them a fraction. Encouraged, I attempted to stretch and rolled over. I winced as my bones and joints cracked and ached. Finally getting up, I looked around to find myself alone in my room. I frowned. Couldn’t say I wasn’t a tad bit disappointed.

‘Asper! You’re awake!’ I turned my head a little too quickly, causing it to crack painfully. My hand flew up to massage my neck, as I groaned. From the corner of my eye, Cobalt sprinted over to the edge of my bed and belly-flopped, resulting in me losing balance from my sitting position and whamming my head against a could-be-softer pillow. I whimpered.

‘Oh I’m so sorry!’ Cobalt grabbed my shoulders and yanked me up a little too fast, making the room spin even faster. I screwed my eyes shut and took a deep breath. He really wasn’t helping.

‘Amber’s coming over today after school. I’ll be doing your geography homework till you get better. Orion is out hunting. He’s frantic but he’ll be soon. You’re mom’s cooking chicken soup and-‘ I held a hand up to stop him.

‘Where’s Xavier?’ I croaked. Cobalt blinked.

‘Um… He’s in the next room. You want to… see him?’ Cobalt replied cautiously.

‘Please.’ I looked him straight in the eye and nodded. Cobalt’s expression was priceless. It was a mix of suspicious and joy but I couldn’t be sure.

‘I guess I could.’ Cobalt got up from the bed abruptly, shaking the bed and my world while he was at it. ‘C’mon.’ He held a hand out. I stared at it intently, willing my hand to take it. I moved it once, I could do it again. Right…?

I couldn’t.

Instead I stared at his hand to his face repeatedly for a good minute before he let out a heavy sigh.

‘What is it this time, Asper.’

‘Ican’tmove.’ I replied quickly.

‘What?’ Cobalt was an octave below a shout.

‘I can’t move my body.’ I grated out. ‘I’m too weak.’ I looked down, whispering the last sentence. Looking up at him through my lashes, I watched his expression soften. Cobalt moved to gather the thick blankets around me,covering my small frame from head to toe. Tucking his arms under my back and legs, he picked me up and cradled me towards his chest. Snuggling against him, I let my make shift ‘hood’ of a blanket fall over my face, shielding me from the morning sun.

I wished the walk too longer. It was literally next door. I enjoyed the few steady steps and rhythmic thumps as Cobalt walked, lulling me back to sleep. I heard Cobalt open the door and I peaked out from under my hood. What I saw turned my veins to ice.

There stood Bethany leaning over Xavier, giving him a lavish view of her breasts. Xavier on the other hand, were gazing at them. His eyes darkened with lust but snapped out of it when Cobalt cleared his throat.

‘I brought you blankets.’ Cobalt was trying to sound as carefree as possible. ‘Or are you good to go.’ He was doing a pretty good job, except he was crushing me in the process.

Xavier seemed to jump off his bed and stumbled over.

‘Is that…’ He whispered. I didn’t bother looking up at him.

‘I want to go see Orion.’ I projected to Cobalt who turned down to glare at me.

‘I thought you wanted to see him.’ Cobalt’s eyes narrowed.

‘I have.’ I shot him the coldest look I could possibly manage in my current state. ‘ Now take me back.’

I waited for him to turn us around but he broke eye contact and blocked me out instead. My eyes widened-I think- and I gaped. This guy was hot and cold! One minute he’s protective and the other he’s the best wingman to have!

‘I’ll take her from you.’ Xavier generously -insert eye roll- offered and Cobalt passed me over; like I was some object. ‘Beth, could you leave us.’

‘Sure, Hon!’ Her high pitched voice made my eye twitch with irritation. I was definitely not a morning person.

I heard the door close and listened for any more movement. My heartbeat sped up. We were alone.

‘Cobalt said you wanted to see me.’ Xavier started, his tone hopeful.

‘Don’t drop me.’ I turned away from his chest and changed the subject. Hopefully. His body went rigid and I brace myself to be kissing the ground or being knocked unconscious within the next five seconds. Instead, he took a deep breath and sat me down on his bed.

The bed that bitch most probably slept on. Beside him. While I was dying in my room with nobody-

‘You know, if you’re going to be so critical, I suggest you give your vemon an additional 10 chances or so. Dagon’s voice cut through my thoughts.

‘What the. I thought I blocked you guys out!

‘You can block Marco out, but I am a different story altogether. Dagon sniffed. ‘Just give him a chance, Asp.’

‘I was going to.’ I growled and I felt him shake his head.

‘Guys don’t get these things. You got to tell him you’re giving him a chance. Remember, to a guy, a fruit could be red, juicy, crunchy and start with the letter ‘a’, but if you don’t tell him it’s an apple, he’ll never know it’s an apple.’

Crap that actually made sense.

I know it did. I could feel his smirk from wherever he was. ‘Good luck.’ with that, the connection ended.

‘Asper? Love?’ Xavier’s velvety voice snapped me out of the mind link.’You’re spacing out again.’

‘I’m sorry, what?’ I blinked, trying to open my eyes a little wider but they stayed hooded and sleepy.

‘I was asking why you wanted to see me…’ Xavier looked around nervously. ‘But before you say anything I just wanted to apologize for my behavior towards you the past few days. I just don’t like seeming like a woman can boss me around. I’m not used to it. You should know well enough. I regret a lot of things, how I spoke to you and how rough I was with you. I don’t regret the marking though, never.’

I furrowed my brows and stared at him intently, partly to make him more squirmish because it made him look so cute, but also to digest the information. I hummed.

‘So you’re simply telling me you have a massive, royal ego and you’ll never regret marking me.’

‘And that I’m sorry.’ Xavier added quickly.

‘Of course. If there’s one piece of information I’d take to the grave, that would be it.’ I held a hand to my mouth to hide a giggle rather unsuccessfully, watching his cheeks colour. This Prince had a split personality and it was adorable.

‘So you aren’t mad?’ Xavier piped up and I noticed he was holding my left hand the whole time. Why that sneaky fox. That explains the tingles I’ve been feeling.

‘That’s all you want? My forgiveness?’ I sniffed and composed myself. Xavier tilted his head. By Allura, he had to stop being so damn adorable all the time.

‘I-I wouldn’t want to ask too much of you now. Since you’re probably still angry with me.’

‘So that’s all you really want from me? Just for me to forgive you and be friends. Is that it?’ I shot back, keeping my face as passive as possible.

‘No!’ Xavier grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him. Shots of electricity coursed through my body and I shivered. Both of us did. ‘You’re mine. No one can touch you but I. I want you to love me. Unconditionally, like I’ve loved you all these years.’ His arms wound tighter around my waist, forcing my legs to encircle around his waist. Our cores touched and I could feel him through his loose pants. The more I squirmed, the harder it seemed to get. I gulped. He was more demon than I thought.

Taking a deep breath, I placed two hands on his chest pushing hard enough to be able look up at him. His eyes were pitch black with lust as he struggled to hold himself back. I had to admit, I found it pretty hot.

‘Prove it to me, vemon.’ The words slipped from my lips before I could even stop myself. In a blink of an eye, his lips came crashing down on mine. Without his lips leaving mine, he laid me on my back and kiss me urgently. I was practically pressed into his bed as he skillfully shifted his weight around me. Enough to hold me down but not crush me.

His tongue licked and pushed at my lips, begging for entrance or a chance to prove himself to me. He growled when I playfully resisted and ran his member against my core roughly. I gasped at the intense pleasure and sparks that caught me off guard, allowing his tongue to slip past my defenses and explore my mouth.

My tongue fought his for dominance while his hands roamed my body freely, running up my inner thighs, shoulders and cupping my breasts.

Before I knew it, my arms were wrapped around his neck as I kissed him back, back arching towards his furious rubbing, with a leg hooked at his back for good measure.

I felt like a total slut.

‘You will never be. You’re my mate.’ Xavier growled through my bruised lips. I hummed, reveling in his magic signature. ‘Urgh. Mate, I don’t think I can hold it anymore.’

I was about ask ‘hold what?’ Then I felt it. A hot jet of sticky liquid exploded from his lower reigons and I immediately knew what it was. I started to kick and struggle but he held me down in an iron grip and continued his pulses of seed, effectively soaking my underwear and thighs.

When he was finally done, he sighed heavily and dropped his head at my neck.

‘I really don’t know what do to with you, mate.’ His voice rumbled from the crook of my neck while I lay there, eyes wide and speechless. If there was anyway to describe it, it would be that line from the song Mr Brightside, ‘it started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?’. But alright, it was partly my fault.

Suddenly I felt a sharp sting on the mark on my neck and flinch. He growled.

‘Our bond is getting stronger.’ His smug comment set me off and I furrowed my brows, trying to untangle myself from him but he held me tighter.

‘Angelo, you are being very gross right now.’ I bit out as I shoved harder. He repositioned himself and laughed my efforts off. Unable to control my temper, I sparked him on his neck causing him to jerk and loosen his hold on me.

‘Woah there, sweet cheeks. No need to get violent.’ He finally let go of my waist and rubbed his neck, strategically keeping our legs intertwined.

As I struggled against his ridiculously strong legs, I brushed against a blob of his… spunk. It was growing cold fast and the thought alone was so disgusting to me, I let out a whimper. I just woke up from an energy lapse and this was proving too much for me.

‘I want to change.’ My sentence came out chopped and jerky but I didn’t care. Psychologically, I felt like the room was stinking up, thanks to him.

‘Why?’ Xavier curled his arms around my waist once more. ‘I like my scent on you.’ This time he shifted his legs against mine, resulting in more of his horrible muck to taint me.

I couldn’t take it. This was one of the only times I’d let myself be a total girl. I screamed and pushed an energy surge through him, flinging him against the bedpost. The surge was just enough to kill a full grown man so I guess it’d hurt abit. Hell, I hope it did.

I scrambled off the bed. Being that close to Xavier had given me quite the storage of magic which I was very thankful for.

As I reached the door, I turned to see Xavier with a hand on his stomach and the other covering his face. He looked so carefree and innocent, I almost stopped to stare. My eyes wandered downwards, tailing the steadily thickening line of hair that disappeared into a pile of soft linen. I was almost disappointed, before I mentally slapped myself for trying to peek at his… man parts.

When did he even slip his pants off? A short snippet of what happened just five minutes ago flashed through my mind and I blushed. He must have caught it because he laughed harder.

I ducked out the door and ran straight into another one.

‘What the- Asper. Why are you running and why do you look like-‘ Cobalt paused. ‘What is that smell?’

I gave him a deadpan look. I was already getting used to the sexual harassment in this house.

‘Oh man did you and Xavier. Your hair. The smell. It’s still fresh, isn’t it? Oh my Oden, EW. XAVIER COOTIES.’ I left him to his hysterics and penguin walked over to the washroom.

‘That was a good start.’

‘Shut up, Dagon.’


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