Top 10 Games in My Life

Welcome to the Top 10 Games in My Life.

While I was making this list, I realized that I have very few favorite games and all the other games I’m played we just downright horrible. I’ve always been very picky with my games. They had to look pretty, colorful or cool, if not I wouldn’t download them. I guess this habit was cultivated from having very limited com space while I was growing up. Always having to worry if I could or should have deleted my sister’s music to get rid of a few MB and make way for my game. I’ve also been quite a fan of high graphic and action games, but I’ve never been good at them (everyone moved too damn fast!) so I never really played them.

I never liked shooting or FPS games. I just flat out sucked at them. I either got sniped, lagged or shot down head on, which was pretty pathetic if you think about it. I tried telling myself I was this horrible because I was a girl. Then a girl went and made it into top 50 and I gave up entirely. The closest I got to liking an FPS was the Halo series, only because there was some sort of plot going on. I thought I was pretty decent. Then I got my ass handed to me in PvP.

Mostly, I enjoy rhythmic games and MMPORG. I’m all for the story line and I like playing the hero. I’m a quest junkie and utterly hate grinding, unless I get to go with a party of friends. As for the rhythmic games, I always thought I was made for music but never got the chance to learn anything (Because you’ll probably get sick of it, Cherie! Unquote. Well thanks because now, I’m not good at anything.). Instead, I made up for it by playing rhythm game after rhythm game, be it online or at the arcade. I even had those really old school dance mats. I was fittest then.

Without further ado, let’s start the list!

Super Mario


Super Mario is one of those games that grew up with me. It started off black and white and look at it now. It’s on Wii and is freakin’ 3D. Super Mario is #10 for me because I guess I kind of out grew it a little. Don’t get me wrong, I still go back to my favorite 2D-rolling game to save my princess, but since rage games such as Cat Mario were released, I got really pissed off at even the smallest things while playing the original game. Example, if I marginally missed a step, died and had to restart from my checkpoint, I’d rage quit.

So I guess rage games kind of ruined it for me. On the other hand, I still go to the arcade to play Mario Kart with my friends so I guess the game isn’t too far gone for me.

Maple Story


Wow. Where do I even start? I started playing Maple a really long time ago. I played Maple when being level 50 was a big deal and everyone lagged up Perion, selling and buying. I remember how everyone would hide in the cabin on their way to Orbis in fear of getting attacked by a Barlog, and 500k mesos was well. Everything.

Now, having less than 100m mesos is poverty and reaching level 100 is chicken shit. Not to mention, they’ve released too many new jobs too quickly for an average gamer to even hit a decent level of a 140 WTF?. One reason why Maple Story isn’t at the bottom of the list, is because of it’s story line, too adorable avatars and pretty skill executions. Other than that, the game is surviving plainly on the new jobs they release and cash shop updates. They have PvP as well, but it’s much too chaotic and it doesn’t take a chemical engineer to know that PvP on a 2d-rolling gameplay with flashy skills would make any player lag as fuck.

But overall, Maple Story is one of my favorite games. Up till now, I still have it on my laptop and I patch it time to time. I play it with my cousins, having it serve as some kind of morbid bonding agent, and with my long time friends to go on boss raids. I also derive satisfaction from scrolling my equipment to give my character higher stats and attacks. Not to mention, I’d managed to take advantage of the Maple Story market, selling well-scrolling equipment on auctions and making some quick cash. Who said gamers were always broke ass bitches?



Behold, the epitome of vain gaming. A game that shamelessly tides on it’s cash shop because let’s face it, your character is all that you’ll be staring at for the rest of your AuditionSEA gaming life. If you were to stare at someone else’s character long enough, you’d feel this itch to buy what they have. AuditionSEA is a free to play game, but you pay to look nice. I’ve pumped tons of money into this game. If I were to count everything to the last cent, I would have spent at least a thousand SGD in this virtual land. I am ashamed. I really am. Unlike other games I’ve played, there is no legit way of farming for the items you want, entirely because a third of AuditionSEA’s cash shop is in ‘@Cash’, or the game’s scratch card credits. You could farm ‘dens’, which is the game’s earn-able game-cash, but the clothes you could buy for your avatar was flat out ugly and you end up looking like everyone else.

Besides personal reasons, I quit the game because the community started growing backwards. Before this apocalyptic change, AuditionSEA was a peaceful game. Everyone knew everyone and we didn’t laugh at each other for missing or getting pathetic scores. We were a nice little community of people, who were mature and laughed at the cash systems.

Then the younger generation came. Young punks, rich kids and all the horrible things that comes out of pandora’s box. This people splurged on mega-phones, caps raging and F-bombing everywhere. They picked fights, grew alliances and made enemies. Many of the beta players I knew left the game for new dancing games and a nicer community, while I stayed because I had a pretty decent ‘Fam’ (Guild. Let’s just call it a guild.) to play with. As peaceful as we were, other guilds still picked fights with us and tried to get us angry. They did get on our nerves a couple times but our guild had a strict ‘No Enemy’ policy so nothing to big happen.

As time went by, many people gave up on the game. The big players shaved their heads and went to work and national service, while the rest just got plain sick and tired of spoilt brats wasting their parent’s money on virtual fights. As if spending tons of money on a virtual game wasn’t enough. *slaps self* Even my guild masters sold their accounts for another game, leaving us guildies leaderless. We disbanded soon after.

And that’s the story of a huge waste of time and money.

AuditionSEA has really good graphics, music, gaming infrastructure and had been a huge part of my life, which is the only reason why it’s in the list of favorites. Other than that… meh.

Granado Espada

images (1)

Granado Espada. Probably the first 3D game I’ve ever played. It’s a really old game to start with, but for an old game, the graphics had been very well done up. Granado Espada got me hooked because of their ‘bot’ method of training. What I mean is, I could start a set of characters from scratch, create a healer within the party, press spacebar and come back to a while later to level 20 characters, depending on how long I leave the game running.

Granado Espada also had an interesting gaming structure. I could control 5(?) characters at once, creating a very strong team of players to boss raid by yourself. No doubt raiding of maps could get a little confusing, but I managed and I had a heck load of fun.

The reason why I don’t make videos of write about Granado Espada here, is because I uninstalled it for a period of time (I was having exams, plus my dad said he’d change the desktop) and when I tried to redownload it, DUM DUM DUM. I couldn’t. No words can describe how dejected I was. I moped and moped, watch Youtube videos about the game, and moped some more. My life had never been the same again.

And by never been the same again, I mean the next game.

Restaurant City

images (2)

This is a facebook game. I know. But it’s really, really, one of my favorite games. I dare say, it’s the best game Playfish had ever come up with. Not even Pet Society could measure up. Actually, I hacked Pet Society and got bored soon after, but that’s an entirely different story. Restaurant City allowed me to decorate my restaurant, which was a great plus. I love making things look pretty. Side-effects of being a vain gamer. I also liked how I didn’t have to constantly go back into the game (like how many cafe games practically demand of) instead, all I had to do was make sure my waiters and cooks had enough rest to last a certain number of hours. Yes, it is essentially the same thing, but it’s refreshing, isn’t it?


Tragically, may I repeat, TRAGICALLY, Playfish removed the game. I don’t know what they were thinking! It doesn’t make sense! People were still posting ‘Give me potatoes!’ statuses and ‘Help Needed to Expand’ requests. The fan base was very strong at the time they took everything down, and nobody knows why. Till now, there hasn’t been a game quite like Restaurant City, if there were, I’d be glued to it the entire day. But there isn’t. There hasn’t been. And if anyone, ANYONE AT ALL, knows something about it or a game that’s come out that’s like it, PLEASE TELL ME.

I’m still going through !@#$ withdraws.

Dragon Nest SEA


Seeing to how often (or not) I write about Dragon Nest, people would expect this MMPORG to be amongst the top 3 on my list. Well, I have both good and biased reasons for this. Racist? Maybe.

Let’s start off with when I started playing Dragon Nest. I am actually a beta player, forced invited to play by a GM friend of mine. I started out is Westwood, before my guild relocated to Springwood. I’ve played through every level cap there is, never missing one. By that, I mean hitting the level cap and still having spare time to brush up on PvP while waiting for the level cap to rise again. Dragon Nest is a really good MMPORG game, though not as good as Guild Wars and Diablo, I favor it for it’s voice acting and sassy NPCs. Favorite NPC? Argenta, of course.

The PvP-ing in Dragon Nest is hands down my absolute favorite as off 2013 for PC games. It has many modes of PvP for players to play against each other, from guild wars to capture the flag to the classic 1v1. They even have this ridiculous mode called ghoul mode, where we basically run around a map trying to infect other players to turn them into ghouls. It’s like a chibi-ed L4D. Horrible to play, but extremely entertaining to watch from a ghoul’s POV.

A few downsides of Dragon Nest is that like any weapon and armor related game, Dragon Nest banks strongly on constantly building your character to have the best stats to yield the highest damage, which wouldn’t be so bad if everyone didn’t sell everything so horrifyingly expensive. On a more racist note, Dragon Nest SEA is filled to the brim with pinoys or Filipinos. Not that I have anything against their ethnicity, it’s just that GOD DAMN IT, SPEAK ENGLISH. There, I said it. Can you imagine how frustrating it is when you try to communicate with someone online and he speaks to you in his mother tongue? What is he expecting you to do? Google translate? Who does he think he is? The French (no offence to anyone)? Hell, I wouldn’t even let them do that to me where I work. Screw you.

Another con of Dragon Nest is that if you don’t have anyone to play with, be it nests or PvP, you don’t really get to have fun. Most nests or raids are within guilds, while public parties demand the best of the best for their teams. As for PvP, people just want to play with their friends. Simple as that. Rarely do you get an open room for 1v1 if it isn’t ladder matches, and the person is probably some pro with a really intimidating rank. If you really wanted to play with other people, you’d head on to the mission rooms, where you’d get back-stabbed and raped round after round of gameplay when you play on the losing team. Hardly are these random teams evenly matched.

But I still play Dragon Nest, because I have great pals who help me along. I’m really blur at times and they laugh at me, but at least they don’t leave me there to die!




Jubeat is a rhythmic arcade game. It’s one of the few games in the arcade I play among ParaPara, DDR, Bishi Bashi and Mario Kart. I like the game. I don’t always win, probably never, but I like it. I still play it. I got pretty hooked on it mainly because playing it looked really cool from a far and the music was loud. Made me forget I was on Earth for a while.

Jubeat is also online and you get to play with people from around the world. The first few times I played it, I broke a few nails. Not that I bothered back then, I’ll have to be more careful now. To be honest, I’ve never found anything bad about Jubeat. Gameplay is straightforward. Either you play well and get a good grade or you miss a lot and fail. Either way, you have fun spamming buttons and listening to good music, so why not?

Do you know that a Jubeat machine is Eight thousand dollars?

DJ Max Trilogy



Another rhythmic game, I bought DJ Max Trilogy this year, which is probably why it’s so high up on my list. It has all the songs from all the PSP games plus it can be played offline, which is pretty awesome because my fiber optic sucks. In Network, you can go online but since it’s essentially a pay-to-play game, the online game play is pretty dead. Not that I’m complaining. I’m just interested in maxing my combos.

DJ Max Trilogy, just like all the other DJ Max games before, have MVs playing in the background for you to watch as you play? Can you even do that? Well, I can and I’m sure a lot of people do that too. Most of these MVs don’t make any sense while some cracks me up or both. Sometimes, I wonder if it is so just because they want you laugh and break combo or something.

If there’s one thing that can be improved on DJ Max Trilogy, it’d be the networking. Come on, at least give us an official forum.


images (3)


Notice the trend?

Not very developed on it’s avatars, O2Jam is very similar to DJ Max Trilogy. But why does it rank one notch higher in my books?


Yes, DJ Max Trilogy has an option for 7k (7 keys) but it has the ‘fever’ button too. O2Jam on the other hand, has 7Keys, no fever and avatars. See what I mean by my baised opinion? That’s a vain gamer for you.

If I’ve ever said I wasn’t good at anything, I’ll let you count that as part lie. I think I’m pretty good at this game. The music is JPop, my favorite non-english genre, and the beats are more upbeat and fast.

Unfortunately, O2Jam closed it’s servers quite a while ago, which led me to buy DJ Max Trilogy. It left without saying goodbye! D: But I coped by downloading an emulator and all the songs into an offline folder called O2Mania. It was fairly easy to manage, and small enough to fit into a 2bg thumbdrive, making it very convenient to carry around.

O2Jam, you are dearly missed.




What were you expecting. MStar or HS5? Please, give me some credit.

I’d be damned if Pokemon wasn’t in my top 10 games. Nothing says old school like Pokemon. I’ve followed Pokemon since the day I knew how to watch the telly and even bought their trading cards. I’ve played all the versions and replayed Emerald a few times. And my gosh, have to read the fanfiction on Pokemon? My God, talk about bestiality.

I shan’t talk much about this, since I’ve already dedicated an entire post to it. But look at that photo above. Look. At. It. It screams Yaoi. *Chuckles*

Roll the honorable mentions!

  • Neopets
  • Kirby
  • Dragonica
  • PangyaSEA

Wow. That took long. But it was fun to write 😀

Shall go search up what other people’s ‘Top 10’s’ are.




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