Cheap-o things I plan on doing during my holidays


I’m writing this is August and my holiday is still a whole month away. I know. But I can’t help but feel so LAZY. The plan was to finish my internship and go back to Jewel to part-time again. But 4 months down the road, here I am feeling so tired of everything. It’s not the same depressive ‘tired’ I’ve been before, it’s the ‘Oh my God. I just want to rot into my bed. The bed and I must become one’ kind of tired.

There really isn’t anything wrong with me staying home, in fact, I might actually get on with finishing the books I never had the time to read during my internship and watch all the movies I’d been downloading. But you don’t expect me to not spend any money over a course of 71 days right? I need some form of income, right?


I have so many reasons excuses not to. The dishwasher would ruin my face because it makes the pores open and let dirt in. My nails would break and I’d go through another air-headed meltdown. My back will hurt. It’s hot in there. I don’t think my pay is justifiable for what I do. Blah blah blah, insert bimbotic rant. Oh God, I’ve morphed into a bimbo. A depressed bimbo? Naw, that’s an oxymoron. I shan’t comment any further.

So what am I going to do? Work and hate it? Or rot at home and go broke.

Enter the start of this post, Cheap-o things I plan on doing during my holidays.

Life is all about compromise. In my case, it’s not possible for me to spend nothing at all over the holidays. Friends would want to hang out and I’d probably spend a hundred bucks or so on my gaming. Not to mention I’m trying to get my cosplay costume together, but that’s another headache altogether. I refuse to think about it. I decided that the only way to ride my financial dry spell out was to go broke at a slower rate. This means not buying Altea boxes in Dragon Nest (unless absolutely necessary. For example, ‘if I donn’t get that pair of wings from the box, I’d DIE’ kind of necessary) and start doing simple nails (I’m going from a classic french manicure this month to save on cost) so I won’t feel an extreme compulsive need to do infills for them in September.

The little things would count as well while I’m hanging with friends, such as not drinking so much commercially branded coffee and staying away from toy stores. That would include not buying drinks if I were to go out to bars at night with friends. Since I first went to a club, it’s like I owe everyone a club date. Hnnng…

Let’s start with things closer to home.
Like what I can do at home, basically.


  • Wake up in the afternoons (yes, sleeping is an activity for me.)
  • Go for morning jogs
  • Watch Movies and Sitcoms
  • Read books I haven’t finished or gotten to read
  • Do random challenges on the internet (e.g 2 girls 1 cup, boku no pico, cinnamon challenge, etc)
  • Attempt to fast
  • Queue more posts on my WordPress
  • Irritate people in the house
  • Make another Dragon Nest video
  • Make a Maple Story video
  • Paint my toenails
  • Help cook lunch/dinner
  • Attempt to get to my room from the ground floor because THE FLOOR IS LAVA
  • Attempt to laugh myself to tears
  • Sew something
  • Download more movies
  • Do 30 day challenges
  • Convince Aunty that the Taiwan boy likes me and I like him back so he’s coming over to Singapore again to marry me


  • Take a looped bus service from Punggol to the Airport and back
  • Visit friends where they work
  • Crash friends’ houses to steal and watch movies
  • Visit the library
  • Sit at a cafe and sew


  • Watch a movie
  • Eat a buffet
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Swimming/Adventure Cove/Wild Wild Wet

Looks like I’ll be staying at home a lot. Pretty settled. If I don’t have any event jobs coming my way, I’d probably be relaxing at home.

Hopefully my complexion would get better.

Can’t wait for the holiday!



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