Food. Like finally.

Howdy, it’s been a long while that this category has been dead, I apologise. Thing is, I haven’t been eating anything too facinating these past few months. Instead, I’ve drawn up an eating schedule for myself to follow.

The first week of every month I have coined ‘detox week’, where I eat like a normal human being, cut out fried food and coffee, only drinking water and unsweetened tea. The fried food part is really easy. It’s the part where I have to eat like an average teenage girl that gets me.

Another separate week of the month I call ‘Cereal Week’, where I eat nothing but cereal for 5 working days. This means I’ve given myself an excuse to eat Honey stars, granola and muesli without anyone telling me I’ve gone utterly insane. YAY ME. Or maybe not.

This month, I’ve had the strangest cravings. I want to have chocolate with everything and eat bread immediately after lunch. It’s like I’m pregnant, minus the morning sickness.



At the end of the month, I went out with my department to have sushi. We ended up at Itacho Sushi, where they sold this awesome grilled salmon sushi at just 40cents per piece. Too bad it was limited to two  pieces per person.


Along the way, my sister connected with her inner baker and baked batches and batches of molten lava cake. Oh and the chocolate cravings I was telling you about? I had that plate for breakfast(with the ice cream). I didn’t even care about the horrible stomach pains I had later in the day. I NEED MY CHOCOLATE.


Let’s just say nothing beats home cooked food. I love waking up to brunches like these. It’s the only meal by far that my stomach doesn’t crave bread after.


And of course, after all that chocolate and careless eating, I was bound to feel guilty. Blueberries were cheap in the store and I managed to chance upon the sweetest plums ever. In the picture above, I have in the bowl, vanilla Greek yoghurt, banana, golden kiwi, plums and blueburries. It was the best thing I’ve ever had for breakfast in a while, provided I woke up for breakfast at all.





I met my mother with my sister as well and we went to have Jap food. This would be a meal I would never forget, simply because I’d come from a sushi buffet just a couple hours before. I swear, the sight of sushi was enough to have me hurling so I never really took part in the dinner itself. Instead, I sat at the table sipping tea, hoping the tea would help with my digestion.


Finally, the baked good of the month(s). This is a strawberry cobler. I don’t really know if I did it right because it ended up tasting like a strawberry cupcake.

Oh well.

Till next time!


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