Whistle while you work

It’s time for another update of what I’ve been doing at work(internship)!


We’ve been snacking a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean it. In a span of five days, we bought three pints of ice cream, a box of sorbet, three bags of chips, CHEESE DIP FOR THE CHIPS, tuna, chocolate and tea (because we felt guilty after everything).



I helped out in a few events held at an ITE and at MBS. The one at MBS was the most tiring. Everything food there was too dang expensive and I had to be on my feet all the time, trying to promote my project. I’m so glad it’s over but I’m really glad I participated (:



Earlier in July, I ushered for an MOU and managed to meet a few local celebrities (?) I don’t know, but either way, I had to take pictures with them. Both of them are so tall!!! One was a basketballer, 2 meters and still growing, while the other was a striker for our country’s football team. Very dashing. I blush.

Now that all the exciting things are sort of over, I’ll have to concentrate on my main project. Presentation is coming up in two weeks and I haven’t even started preparing my slides. LOL.

I’ll make sure I get on to it soon.
Love you all!


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