The Random and Miscellaneous

Welcome to another one of my posts that screams ‘I don’t know where to put this picture on my blog and it’ll be such a waste to simply delete it’.


Here’s picture number one. This is Tian Hao. I call him werewolf because he calls me Bella, simply because he thinks I’m expressionless just like Kristen Stewart in Twilight. 

When I went back to school to return some equipment, we went out of lunch. A sushi buffet, actually. We ate equal amounts until he became a competitive jerk-off and started eating one plate more than me just so that he could say he ate more in the buffet. I for one, am very competitive as well. Plus I had a pretty bottomless stomach so I might as well take advantage of it.

What happened next was pretty epic.

He started stealling sushi off my sushi plate (the sushi came in pairs) and claiming he was now winning by half a plate of sushi, which infuriated me more. I mean, who steals sushi in a sushi buffet?! It’s like stealing a balloon and free balloon day.

We started picking up plate after plate, effectively traumatising the aunties beside us and on looking staff. Suddenly,I don’t know how he did it but he stole yet another sushi from me.

Trying to steal a piece of sushi off his plate, I spilled water all other the table while he spilled sauce trying to get away. Now that I think about it, I feel a little bad for the clean up staff.

In the end, we decided to just tie with each other and stop our nonsense. All this after 25 plates of sushi. Each or combined? You be the judge of that.

It didn’t end there, though I really wished it did. When the restaurant gave us our complementary ice cream(not because we won anything for being such gluttons), he grabbed mine AND LICKED IT. 


He thought I wouldn’t eat it and he would win because technically, he would have eaten more but oh if he thought I was going down so easy, he’d have to think twice.

I finished the ice cream and we left the mall. I was half expecting him to pull a plate out of his jacket but I could’ve been paranoid.

After resisting the urge to hurl on our bus ride back to school, we agreed that our spontaneous competition ended in a tie.

For real this time.


Isn’t it funny how I managed to get my first photograph with santa in the middle of the year? I know, right!
I saw him on the train of all places. He told me it was so hot out, no wonder the ice bergs were melting. Gosh I love the guy already.




I also went out with my friend again! While taking photos, I found this interesting(if not I’m just really slow) angle to take photos, making it look like those hair or facial commercials. Oh look! Outfit of the day!


At work, my supervisor and I wore the same heels to work. It’s from different shops so it looks a little different but over all, it was pretty much the same. xD

And yeahhh that’s about it for this episode of ‘What the hell do I do with these pictures’.

Look through my phone in again in a while!


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