Here’s a post for the closest people to me in my family as well as photos of them.
😀 Now you can stalk us all the better.




This is my sister, if everyone doesn’t already know. We look alike, yeap. Pictures were taken after we went swimming. I also learnt that my sister simply dries off after swims and goes home to shower. I feel uncomfortable thinking about it.


This is my dad. People says he’s really fierce and scary looking but I beg to differ. He almost never shouts at me, probably because we don’t exactly talk much to each other. It’s just me whining to him endlessly about why he’s trying to marry me off to Taiwan Boy.


This is my gangggg. Or at least the closest of the family. I care about them the most and they do to me, I think. It’s not always a given, you know, especially when you live in under our roof.



This is my God Brother so I guess he counts (?) He’s been my brother from another mother for 7 years and counting. He doesn’t always get it, but I’m thankful he doesn’t sometimes. He pampers me the most too. :>

And I so thankful for them all, though my blood relations don’t always give me a reason to love them, what can I do? They’re stuck with me and I’m stuck with them so we might as well ride it out.

Together (:



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