I’d like to say that with standards like that, you’re going to wind up alone.

DISCLAIMER: Firstly, I’d like to apologize if anyone is offended by this post. I’ve had a few bottles of cider and I may or may not be thinking straight. JUST KIDDING. The cider is just an excuse. OR IS IT? But anyway, if this angers you, then please comment. I’m really confused by how this whole ‘materialism’ and social status thing works in society. Let’s keep an open mind about this and allow me to learn. 


Everything started when my mom told me she would never approve of me dating someone who doesn’t have a ‘decent’ educational background. By decent she means a degree and an above average financial income. She quickly moved on to telling me that he had to be filial, have good posture and drive a nice car. A whole hour and international buffet later, I brushed it off as her simply caring about my well-being, not because she wants boasting rights that her daughter had married into a rich family. What? It could go both ways.

A few weeks later, a friend of mine told me I can’t like guys who look typical because then ‘I don’t know what I’ll have to fix first, you mindset or your eyes’. Ouch, that hurt. I only thought he was cute but he dived into this entire lecture that guys like this (punctuate with pictures of men with chiseled jawlines and 6/8packs) were the ideal and that a girl like myself should settle for no less. I’m still not sure if I should have felt complimented or insulted.

The following months were littered with random people coming into my life, whining about things like girl carrying fake Gucci bags and shoes of which brands I haven’t even heard of. But I didn’t believe it was anything else but people growing into the real world; growing conscious of their appearances and social standing. I DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE MATERIALISM IS REAL. 

My gosh, who am I kidding.

Call me sheltered but honestly, I thought materialism was a myth. Materialism doesn’t make sense to me. Simple example, (high-pitched voice) “Look at me. My bracelet is from Pandora, my shoes? Only Jimmy Choos! My french tips were done by an actual French manicurist and my bag has my name on it! Hold up, my boyfriend is calling. He is sooooo rich and totally hot. Oh my God.”


This really is the first time I’ve met someone who was this materialistic. Okay, maybe I’d have missed a few, but THIS IS THE LAST STRAW and I’m sorry she had to be the one to pull my trigger. I will now proceed to carelessly shoot my mouth off.

They’re real! I guess trying to get her number for my friend was a total mistake because the questions she asked pissed me off so bad. I have things I can’t tolerate too, okay? I used to meeting these people occasionally, like ‘every Chinese New Year’ kind of occasionally but recently, I’ve been rubbing shoulders with them way too often and it’s ticking me off. I think I’m growing up; growing into the real world. And it sucks balls. 

I was expecting questions like, ‘How does he look like?’, ‘How tall is he?’, ‘Where does he stay?’ or ‘What does he study?’. Those are the normal questions, right? Or is it just me.

But asking straight away if he owns a car? Um whatttt? AND WHAT IS IT ABOUT CARS?! A car is not a Gucci bag or a pair of designer shoes. It’s the cost of a few designer outfits and if you’re truly car-brand conscious, a fully furnished 1-room flat apartment. 

You see what I’m so bitter over? I mean, I get it if you’re 27 and looking to settle down. A car, family car, van, caravan, lorry, bicycle, whatever floats your boat. But looking so young? Giving you the benefit of doubt, I’d say the you’re someone who needs to feel secure all the time and… and… well that’s about it. Come up with better excuses yourself.

I can understand things like ‘He’s too short for me’, ‘He smokes’, ‘He clubs’ or ‘He has tattoos’ but a car? Really? Sorry girl, but I expected better.

Think about it. How old a guy would you date? Someone 6-7 years older than you, max?  That would make your ideal 26 years old at most, considering you’re as old as me. Now we factor in the cost of a BMW in Singapore. A nice, sporty looking one would empty your pocket of 200k? What about our COE? Another 100k, if you’re lucky. Really lucky.

And how would that guy possibly afford his own car? Money from his father? Family car? And after all that calculating, what makes you think someone who just so manages to hit such standards want to date you? Okay, that sounded a little harsh, let me rephrase that. Who are you? Are you a supermodel? Is your family rich? If so, what business does your family do? Would a marriage bring more income to the family business? For those who say that having to be good looking is a must to get places, IN YOUR FACE. Sometimes your family has more to do than just a pair of double Ds’ and socks shoved down your tighty-whities.

Then again, true, a pretty face would get you places, but not that far. But so what if you’ve sat in a BMW a couple times and a beetle a few more than a couple? In the end, they’re all cars;Automobiles. The ones who should be fussing over brands of cars, leather seats, headlights, wheels, engine, horsepower, sun roof, beaches, tanning, sun lotion -wait, what?- SHOULD BE THE BOYS. So let them have that one job girls, we’re already flying planes, playing their games, wearing their clothes and fixing their boats.

And so what if your boyfriend’s car can go ‘VROOM VROOM’ on the road? THIS IS SINGAPORE. YOU ‘VROOM’ WHAT. EVERY FEW 100 METERS YOU HIT A BLOODY TRAFFIC LIGHT. And don’t get me started on the ERP, Gods. The only excuse you get to ask about his car is if you’re car crazy like the female lead from Tokyo Drift or Fast and Furious(They aren’t much but boobs and booty, BUT STILL). I will expected you to know all the parts of the cars, from the skeleton to the body and to past the test, you must build a Ferrari from scratch in your garage.

Let’s just say she doesn’t mind that he drives his family’s BMW or something. Why would you possibly need him to drive? Do you know how much parking is in Singapore? Do you read the news about the rising cost of ERP? IS THAT BOWL OF RAMEN AT MILLENIA WALK REALLY WORTH A SGD$9 ROAD TAX? Yeah, let that sink in for a bit. Besides, I personally think taking public transportation is pretty adorable. I mean, you get to take long romantic bus rides, share the same playlist through earpieces, talk to each other, hold each other’s hands, etc. Just cut the PDA down and we’re cool.

Point Two:

Being good-looking.

Girl, if you turn a model down, there really isn’t anything to boast about. In the end, he’s just a guy who has abs and biceps, that happens to look really good in front of a camera. So next time when you turn a model down and want to tell people about it, you telling them you turned a good-looking guy down, then give us his number because, hey, he’s free game now, right? And you know why? Because once you tell someone you turned a X Brand Model down for a date, YOU, young lady, ARE BOASTING. You’re setting yourself on a higher pedestal than all of us average-date/dateless women, who REALLY don’t need the demoralization and that’s just mean, not to mention rather ugly of you. So take that. Hah. /datelesssoreloser

But seriously, it makes us feel really awful and upset so don’t do that.

And the list goes on. 

I have friends who blows all their money on branded goods within their first week and mooches off their friends for the rest of the month. I have friends would wouldn’t sit in a Benz or lower. Ew. Materialism is worst than being superficial, if you think about it. It’s not only about how you look anymore, it’s about the money and assets that goes along with it. It’s like Miss Superficial and General Greed had an affair and ‘Materialism’ was their love child. /shudder 

When my friends tell me to find a guy who’s rich, drives a flashy car, is tall, good-looking and has a nice personality, you know who I think of? Zac Efron or Brad Pitt. Are they going to date me? Not in a million years. And if there really is such a man on Earth that fits such a standard, he’s probably dating/married or gay to someone else. Someone who probably loved him when he was nothing. Either that or he’s dating someone who’s he’s equal. Are you rich, good looking and run a multi-million dollar business? Didn’t think so.

And guys, why chase after girls you can’t afford literally? They’re pretty things, without a doubt, but is it really worth it?

You break your back trying to earn millions, stressing yourselves out and getting depressed just to screw these girls? Let me help you factor in this unknown I like to call ‘NOT. WORTH. IT.’. Face it. You marry the girl. Trophy wife. You then spend the rest of your life trying to constantly maintain her lifestyle. Food, jewelry, bag, shoes, scarves, facials, nails and what not. And when you find that you may not be able to support her anymore, what happens? You stress out? Question yourself if she’ll stay with you? Well yeah, if you’re lucky. But chances are, your hot wife has already been cheating on you using your money, mind you, and never really loved you. Sorry to have to break it to you like this.

Honestly, what’s wrong with living a simple life? When I grow up and people ask if my husband drives, I’ll say no. Public transport because it saves the environment Flipping applying what I learn in school RIGHT THERE. My husband could be some admin guy earning earning average salary, and I’d be cool with that. My wedding ring would probably tarnish and he’ll have to renew his vows to me (yay) so that I can change my ring (double yay). We’d live in a 3-room flat with maybe one kid/child/brat/squirt. Budget would be tight. I’d only ever have one set of jewelry, a few pairs of shoes and a wardrobe of clothes but I wouldn’t mind one bit. People would probably look down on us. We wouldn’t be close to having all the 5 Cs’ but hey, my husband would always be able to provide me with something no hot hunk of man and as cliche as it sounds, that thing is ‘happiness’.



As long as I’m happy, anything goes.

Life’s short, live it.



One thought on “Materialism

  1. Amen, sister. I’m glad you survived the mass brain-washing of materialism. I’ve seen them too 0_o some of them are nice people. But even if they’re nice, they can be REALLY annoying all the same. And I couldn’t have wrote this post better myself. Good job, Cherie.

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