Ready, Get Set, SPLURGE.

So I’ve been feeling a little down these past few days and decided I needed a good cheer up. This is one of the things I do when my semester is going to end and I’m preparing to go back to part-time work.

I splurge.

Somehow for the past year or so, I’ve gotten into this bad habit . School would wear me out so much that I’d get so tired and depressed, I need to spend my stress away. Last semester, I signed two packages immediately after my mains were over, costing me a whooping SGD1.2k and forcing me to work my butt off during my long holiday. Well, this month was a little different. This month, I splurged-just not as much-.

Splurging came early this time round. I actually bought my loots at the beginning of the month but was far too guilty to write anything because I felt like such an undisciplined brat who didn’t know how to manage her money. I caved. I get it.

This post has also been queued, because I couldn’t wait to write about my shopping spree either.

I suck. I know.



I started out big, buying a white gold chain and rose gold with blue topaz(my birth-stone) pendant. The chain and pendant were sold separately so you can imagine the hole it burned in my pocket. Why all of the sudden? I’ve never been the type to go crazy over jewelry, I still am not. It’s just that I’ve always wanted my own pieces of gold to wear. It made me feel more… ladylike? More like a woman. A lady should always have her own jewelry. At least that’s what I feel, and I finally have it! So pleased with myself.


Random Outfit of the day picture.

Fun fact, this was the outfit I was going to wear to when I was supposed to meet the mysterious Taiwan Boy my dad hoped I would like (in other words, like enough to marry in time for a September wedding). He couldn’t come to Singapore because of his university exams. Not fated. More good news for me, I guess. I’m no where near ready.


I did my nails too. Decided to go for a white on teal french tip. My manicurist then didn’t exactly do a good job. The tips are already starting to chip so I might need to go back there again soon.

When I have the time. Because you know, I’m an office lady and all that jazz.



What else is in your bag, Cherie? Or should I say, shopping bag. The above picture was taken in a Bose flagship store at Millenia Walk. It was then that I decided I needed a pair of headphones. The headphones and earpieces people bought for me just weren’t doing it for me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that people buy me things I like or have interest in, it’s just that I have certain preferences towards my gadgets and would rather get them myself.

Here’s an unlisted video of the unboxing of my Marshalls Headphones. I’ve been eyeing this pair for a while now and am elated that I can finally get my hands on it.

I attempted to video the unboxing like those Japanese popping cooking videos, where there is no one talking and all you hear is the unwrapping and opening of wrappers and tapping of cardboard on a table. I get some weird sort of satisfaction of all that. I also noticed that the video kind of cuts off at the end. Originally, this video was meant to be uploaded onto Instagram as  an Instavideo but I accidentally deleted it and Instagram doesn’t allow me to re-upload the video because ‘video format is not supported’.

What is this nonsense?


Alrighty, better get going.

Part-time job, here I come again!



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