The Folder of Cute Guys

I was looking through my folders trying to clear up my laptop (it’s starting to lag ): ) when I found “The Folder Of Cute Guys” I’d like to think that every girl has a folder like this (?) You know, when you come across a random Tumblr boy or idol that you are attracted to. It’s normal, right. RIGHT?


I didn’t have many pictures in there, probably because there are only so many guys I’m attracted to. I regret to say that most of my self-proclaimed boyfriends are fictional. They aren’t even HD. In fact, most are just black and white sketches. But I’ll take them just as they are. 😛

Without further ado, here are the pictures I managed to dig up.


 Fictional, as usual.


Haru from Free! How can anyone get enough of that hair flip? His hair is unreal. Who the hell has hair so soft after coming out of a chlorine pool?

Um… I like his eyes…? I never really understood what people meant by the term ‘beautiful eyes’ but this guy looks like he has natural eyeliner and well… I’ll settle for that.


His smile, obviously, but that’s about it.tumblr_mr1za27lbR1so39yao1_500

This guy looks like a douchebag. I don’t even know what he’s doing in my folder. Sigh. Good to be young, huh.tumblr_mri8z2tejH1so39yao1_250

I like his hair and well… yeah.tumblr_mri65qpHni1qd4j27o1_500

TOMOEEEE. My fandom for him is probably enough for an entire post because I’ve been obsessed with this manga since it was first published and his romance IS FINALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE.tumblr_mrn3gcmvWN1sfvbtpo1_500

Nice eyes, check. Black hair, check. I’ll take him.tumblr_mrnc6gShhw1s4lxoao1_500

I think I just like this picture as a whole. I mean, he’s really good looking, very well dressed but entirely too skinny. Not my cup of tea, but the picture is just… really, really nice. Like you could use it as a glossy book cover if you cropped it right.tumblr_mrpbemVHR91scubqjo1_500

This look is called  The Smolder. Can you see the arch in that brow? Oh yeah, he’s trying to set your panties on fire. Never really worked on me (maybe I’m asexual… Mmm. Nah.), but I do like the colour of his eyes.

What even. He looks like Justin Beiber, doesn’t he? Or is he? I don’t know anymore. tumblr_mrrca8vOXq1so39yao1_500

Harry Styles look alike. Or is he Harry Styles? Oh my God, I don’t know.

My life is a lie.

What is air?

MY PARENTS DON’T LOVE ME.tumblr_mrss0tR2MD1rsn94bo1_500

Eh heeh :3 Always the sucker for skinny manga boys with black hair.


Patrick Schwarzenegger. I think. It took me forever to remember how to spell ‘Schwarzenegger’ and I reckon that’s why I will always remember this boy’s name.


I’m pretty sure this cam from some Yaoi manga.

This one too. Definitely the one at the bottom. But from my experience, you can’t really tell. Yaoi is unpredictable like that. Just check out this series called ‘Lover Doll’, though it wouldn’t be much of a surprise since I’ve already spoiled the sex for you. But if you have already read it, please tell me you didn’t expect what happened. tumblr_m38c6pVKYq1r26n8zo1_500

See what I mean by ‘Skinny manga boys with black hair’? I like them so much, I could create a whole new tag for them on my WordPress.

In fact, I just did.tumblr_mc5onbgoON1r573kno1_500

Evidently, I only saved this picture because I liked the guy’s hair. What else could I have liked?


I’m not much of a K-pop junkie to know that he’s a K-pop idol. I don’t know his name, but I’m loving the black and white theme and his hair. OH MY GAWD HIS HAIR. And wow, look at that perfect complexion. tumblr_mk74b8fZSK1s4nnjho1_500

Hehe. That smile. Adorable. tumblr_mmawt1zwMR1ri960io1_500

Look at that. All dark and dangerous looking. He’s probably just a sketch, not belong to any anime or manga, but I could be wrong. He really looks like the kind that would ride a motorbike, don’t you think? I mean, he’s got the pants for it…

Oh yeah and #Skinnymangaboyswithblackhair tumblr_mmk1a4iKGw1rgf69jo1_400GUYS AND GLASSES! 😀

There is one more guy that I have crowned the King of my fictional heart. But he deserves his own post, he really does. A really, really long post.

Tell me what your type is and maybe show me a picture 😛

Love you guys!



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