Noctis Lucis Caelum, My Love

This obsession has been going on for a pretty long time. In fact, I’ve been waiting FOREVER for a


Like coming SOON, you know?! I mean, Oh my God, I cannot stand watching the trailers over and over again.

I found a video with all the trailers inside so…




It’s even better in HD, I swear. And it doesn’t help that his gameplay looks wicked as well.

He’s everything I ever wanted in a guy. Like seriously, dream guy right here. I know, I know. Animated and from Final Fantasy? Haha, punny. But JUST LOOK AT HIM.

5244_original    noctis_lucis_caelum_by_kot1ka-d2k5uq0 noctis_lucis_caelum_by_pluvis-d4qgy3f ???????????????????  Noctis-Lucis-Caelum-noctis-lucis-caelum-28281827-1280-720 Noctis-noctis-lucis-caelum-20570310-600-655 Noctis-render    Noctis.Lucis.Caelum.full.2225tumblr_mdp448eqCN1ruoqiuo1_500

How do I get over the black hair, height and I don’t know, HAIR IN GENERAL? HE HAS THE MOST AWESOME HAIR IN THE WORLD. And do you see how he looks like as a kid? His kids are going to be so adorable.



HE’S SO ADORABLE. ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

Anddddddd he has not just one sword, he has MANY SWORRDS.


I cannot express how much awesome he has. I was watching the trailer at an IT Fair recently and I was totally SUCKED IN. It was playing on repeat and I just stood there and melted/spazzed/hyperventilated. I got so lost in everything that the sales person came up to me and handed me a brochure. (;-_-)ノ

I realized that I’d momentarily forgotten about the release of FF 15 because Square Enix announced the game early and there was a lot of waiting to do. In fact, there isn’t a release date or even a release year to the game but I asked the booth guy when the game was releasing and he said ‘soon’. SOON. It’s not a lot to bank on, but I’ve been waiting too damn long, it’s got to be somewhere near, right?!

So I went back to my booth and basically stalked him on every platform I knew. Google, Instagram, Zedge, Tumblr and the list goes on. I pretty much fangirled and swooned over him on my bus ride home while I was furiously saving his photos and gifs into my phone. He is now my home and lock screen on my phone, and if I could set his voice as my default ringtone, I WOULD. 

I also tweeted an embarrassing string of Noctis-centered tweets ranging between how perfect he was and if anyone could draw him with no clothes on. Pretty Please, with a cherry on top.

A few things I realized was that people was pairing him with this girl called Stella Nox Fleuret. From what I deduce from all the trailers and such, she’s Noctis’s childhood friend or at least his long time friend. Personally, I don’t find her very pretty, maybe a little plain beside other FF female characters. Maybe I just don’t like her hairstyle. Or maybe because she’s against Noctis? Probably that. In the trailer, it is seen that they have to fight each other, do not want to but still end up drawing swords at each other.

I kind of don’t want any sparks between them. Sure, it was hinted that Noct and Stella shared something (I really hope it’s just a good friendship) but I’m not a fan of their pairing. If they were to be paired together, Stella would probably betray him in some way and even if she didn’t, I’d still cry because I JUST DON’T SHIP THEM, OKAY? Besides, so far, Stella seems to be the only female actually interacting with Noctis so I don’t really think it’s fair to simply pair him up like that. /isveryprotective ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

Okay, the real reason why I’m so protective over him is because I’m protecting my ship.

I’m a Nokurai. Or a fan of the Noctis X Lightning fandom. Why not? They’re so fine together.

Presenting Lightning:

final-fantasy-xiii-1Why Lightning is so awesome for Noctis?

They complement each other.

They aren’t exactly the same, but they are ultimately oozing awesomeness. The perfect Final Fantasy Power Couple.

While Noctis has a range of swords and weapons, Lightning has different forms.

Final-Fantasy-XIII-Lightning-Returns-Extended-Trailer_1    lightning-final-fantasy-xiii-2-10953-1280x800Final-Fantasy-XIII-Lightning-Returns-Lightning

She also has the whole weapon swag going on. Fast and sleek.

tumblr_m0v07ovBm51rrdxgwo1_500tumblr_lz1ascvKOm1qbvovho1_500  tumblr_mdttwpOS0x1qb4320o1_500tumblr_mnzfavZBnl1qh4eyxo1_500tumblr_mogaib9Zl21suuea5o1_500tumblr_mrepv9kV9B1r0shjjo1_500

Not to mention, Lightning is also really pretty. It may be the pink hair, or that her animators had spent so much time making her hair look so soft and lush all the time.


And oh wow, her eyes are so gorgeous.


It’s also how she always so calm and collected that makes me like her so much. It’s like nothing is bigger than she is and there’s nothing she can’t solve or take down.

tumblr_mcy4d10XMc1qb4320o1_500tumblr_mdpoqvUE2u1r6mc3xo1_500  tumblr_mrwah0d0h51r8r1k2o1_500

Looking for gifs and pictures of her was really exciting for me. It means that once FF 15 releases, there will be so many more gifs with Noctis inside! ✿♥‿♥✿

They are so fine together! ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ

tumblr_inline_msp5p4D3xA1qz4rgp tumblr_inline_msp5r5o2IW1qz4rgp tumblr_m0qlkemY2m1qbghoko1_500 tumblr_msaqi13F7f1s8q1iio1_500 tumblr_msr416jUa21rcpy8ro1_500 tumblr_msr416jUa21rcpy8ro2_500 tumblr_msvxbfnaCK1rl1inqo1_500 unknownimouz15-d6e55ze XIII_Noctis_AnD_Lightning_by_ryoyami

1 2 3 4 FFXIII__Lightning_and_Noctis_by_enelya615 l_i_g_h_t_i_s__for_swe3t_lil_angel_by_unknownimouz15-d6hqjx1 l_i_g_h_t_i_s__hot___n___cool_by_unknownimouz15-d5dtjd0 l_i_g_h_t_i_s_by_unknownimouz15-d59mp5d l_i_g_h_t_i_s_electrfying_by_unknownimouz15-d5dy6pl l_i_g_h_t_i_s_fight_by_unknownimouz15-d5iby37 l_i_g_h_t_i_s_her_hero_and_his_heroine_by_unknownimouz15-d5gqksp l_i_g_h_t_i_s_somewhere_i__ll_see_you_by_unknownimouz15-d5gth79 lightning_and_noctis_by_lelouchzero70-d3jt9pr Noctis_And_Lightning_by_trimals noctis_x_lightning_by_arindazo-d5f4e02 Noctis-Lightning tumblr_inline_ms4bs1IaUO1qz4rgp


Better go, let’s all have fun waiting for the game to release!



One thought on “Noctis Lucis Caelum, My Love

  1. kyaa! I can feel ya! 😉 and YES, I’M ALSO A BIG FAN OF NOCTIS AND ….LIGHTNING. and they’re my FOREVER OTP too. And I agree about all that you said about them. *Sooo much FEEEEEELS* ❤

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