Don’t Cry for Me, Dragon Nest SEA

My apologies for not posting anything at all related to what I’m doing in Dragon Nest. To be honest, I haven’t been doing anything and if anything at all, lost interest in the game. This normally happens, so not to fear, I’m simply waiting for the next level cap to come out. I’ll make a note to introduce my new gear to you soon. I’ve procrastinated far too long. But it’s actually pretty late/early in the morning so I’m too tired to do all the screenshot-ing and introducing right now.

I’m kind of stoned, to be honest. Lol.

What was I doing again? Oh right, PICTURES. YAY.


tumblr_m3tbu499Qq1r47qt4o1_500 tumblr_mhybzuOxPN1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mi7ryjerga1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mitry77p7f1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mj6p3qmi5j1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mj7d6n14lB1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mjbuueodxi1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mjn25jPxFa1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mjrkeq7QA81r24otho1_500 tumblr_mkafn8PDJy1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mluvw2W03d1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mmxz8tdUq71r24otho1_500 tumblr_mn92j1UTzF1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mofmfmKLco1r24otho1_500 tumblr_moj28emMbQ1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mokuol6wEr1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mpght1UMeP1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mpp3gvLd0H1s3mipio1_500 tumblr_mq06iiFGGH1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mq6qn2yhwU1r24otho1_500 tumblr_mq8ilwG8wX1r24otho1_500 tumblr_msqd9il6or1r24otho1_500 tumblr_m2ya8uesIq1rrz6ido1_500


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