The Cat Obsession of August

It’s a little late to be writing about this but I’ll do it anyway since I probably will never tire of cats.

They are just too much like me.

Me at school:

At Home: 

Out with Friends: 

When I see someone cute: 



While I was at work, I was called ‘Easy to scare bear’ because even at the slightest attempt to scare me, I react like:


It’s a bad habit, really. It started with tickles (Who doesn’t scream from tickles? If you aren’t ticklish, you aren’t human and that’s final.) and people eventually started to experiment. They still are. Last they discovered, I react horrifically (to me) or ridiculously entertaining (to them) when shut in a room with graphic Yaoi playing on full-blast surround sound. I had to scream continuously just to drown out the grunts/moans/whines/begging/whale sounds of man-on-man rape.

That’s right, they’d launched me straight into a rape scene. I didn’t even get Vanilla. Angry sex would have been slightly better. Actually, anything but man-on-man rape, okay?



When compared to being cat-like, I don’t get the ‘cute and cuddly’ aspects. Instead,

I get the weird and retarded: 

The  Epic Failures: 


General bad rep of being well… an asshole: 


And being really useless everywhere I go: 

But I can be smart too, okay. 


In the month of August, I’d been obsessed with two cat videos.






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