Update on Termbreak

You guys remember the list right?

Well, I just finished my holiday, so let’s see how I fared, shall we?

*Drum roll to the bank account, please!*

I can’t do it. I’ve been bullshit this entire holiday.

All I know is that I’ve checked my bank statement for the month and my account has gone down by half



I have recently discovered that I INDEED have a social life and this mythical thing called ‘Friends’ who will once in a while -if not very often- ask me out of lunch or dinner. These lunch or dinners would cost me a good $20 per trip and God knows how I must have my dessert after. It’s like a given. You can’t have Cherie without her dessert. No money, no honey; No Cinnamon Buns, no Cherie. Except I don’t sleep with you and if you don’t give me my sweets, I murder you or simply spit in your coffee.


Oh my God, coffee. Did I really expect myself to  stay away from from this glorious thing called ‘coffee‘?


Coffee is magic. It brings people together. People don’t say ‘Can I buy you a salad and we can get to know each other?’, they say ‘Let me buy you a coffee.’ Simple as that. Lesser words too.

So yes, I blew lots of cash on coffee, especially when I needed time alone to read by myself. Cafes aren’t cheap and I wasn’t working so you can imagine how it never worked out.

Next point.

It doesn’t help that I’d also practically sold my soul to this baby over here:

I know, it’s just a figurine. Then again, IT’S A FRIGGIN FIGURINE.

Holy shit. Do you see how beautiful it is? I’m so tempted to buy one, but it’s fracking $88 last I checked on Ebay and it’s been raising in value days before.

Any-heck, it all started one boring day when I had nothing else better to do with my life.

I thought I could be satisfied playing air-jubeat on my table top BUT I WAS WRONG.


You know how Youtube goes, you watch one video and it recommends you 10 more. I clicked and clicked, and before I knew it, I’d managed to get ‘Sakura Sunrise’ to an S Rank, ‘Evans’ to a B Rank and ‘True Blue’ to an A Rank. All in 2 weeks on the actual machine.

The highlight of my entire holiday was going up a rank from Lotus to Beetle.


A freaking beetle, can you imagine that? 

Ranks in Copious were no much cuter.

Even worst, I Ebay-ed the entire machine and found out it would cost me at least $10,000 to buy and install the machine in my house. And you know what I thought? I thought ‘Hmmm… I should put it on my bucket list.’


For this game, I’d managed to spend a good hundred bucks and I haven’t even factored in transport cost.

In fact, I haven’t given so much of a damn about money, I’m thinking of learning ‘Sakura Sunrise’ on DDR.


I’m Youtube-ing the charts and practicing in my room. I actually work up a sweat when I do it and…and…

Not to fear, I have since stopped, only going to the arcade when I get a chance to. I found out all Timezones have no updated Jubeat machines. All of them are stuck at Copious while the entire online Jubeat community is on Saucer.

I’ve also been having ridiculous cravings.




Sweet or salted, I don’t care. I just needed to EAT it and I cannot stress how many times my plans to have popcorn had been foiled.

It’s either I’m craving for it and

  1. The mall doesn’t have a decent popcorn place.
  2. I have no money for popcorn at the moment.
  3. I have money for popcorn, the popcorn place is right in front of me but I am too full or do not have a craving for it.
  4. I microwave my problems popcorn but it turns out that brand of microwave popcorn sucks.
  5. I want either sweet or salted but there IS ONLY COFFEE FLAVOUR.

I ended up with a large bag of Garrets Chicago mix for lunch one day AND I LOVED IT.


Craving finally fulfilled, I can fracking die in peace right now.

On the more productive side of things, I’ve been learning a K-pop dance to try and cross something off my bucket list. Want to make a guess which song?

If anyone out there knows, the lyrics to this song hurts me so bad, but I love the song anyway because it’s a flipping beautiful song and speaks the truth and gives me HOPE okay?! And how do they flick their hair like what? What sorcery is this?

Maybe if I actually finish learning the song, find a place to dance it and work up the courage to do so, I’ll post it. But for now, procrastination has gotten the better of me.

So let’s sum it all up. My holiday has essentially come up to me:

1) Drinking coffee.

2) Gaming too much.

3) Popcorn.

4) Making lists



I’ve done other small things too, most of which are on the list. Let me cancel it out for you.


  • Wake up in the afternoons (yes, sleeping is an activity for me.)
  • Go for morning jogs (HAHA. WHO WAS I KIDDING.)
  • Watch Movies and Sitcoms
  • Read books I haven’t finished or gotten to read
  • Do random challenges on the internet (e.g 2 girls 1 cup, boku no pico, cinnamon challenge, etc)
  • Attempt to fast (When I’m bored, I eat.)
  • Queue more posts on my WordPress
  • Irritate people in the house  (Dad still doesn’t want to talk to me. Lol.)
  • Make another Dragon Nest video (I suck at PvP now)
  • Make a Maple Story video
  • Paint my toenails (Broke them all)
  • Help cook lunch/dinner (Wasn’t allowed to because I ate everything as soon as it came off the pan. Um, brownie points?)
  • Attempt to get to my room from the ground floor because THE FLOOR IS LAVA
  • Attempt to laugh myself to tears (Laughed till I puked too. That should count for something.)
  • Sew something
  • Download more movies
  • Do 30 day challenges
  • Convince Aunty that the Taiwan boy likes me and I like him back so he’s coming over to Singapore again to marry me (Dick didn’t even accept my friend request.)


  • Take a looped bus service from Punggol to the Airport and back
  • Visit friends where they work
  • Crash friends’ houses to steal and watch movies
  • Visit the library
  • Sit at a cafe and sew (I didn’t sew this holiday :/)


  • Watch a movie
  • Eat a buffet (And swore off sushi)
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Swimming/Adventure Cove/Wild Wild Wet

So I guess hey, I did do a lot of things this holiday though I was a broke bitch.

Good on you, Cherie!


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