Amazing Running Man, A.R.M!

Hello! So I’m a little guilty for not going to church for so long and with all the cursing and swearing, my soul is just that much closer to burning in hell.

I should probably go to church or to cell group, but something about the place always intimidates me easily intimidated Cherie. At least the cell groups do. I never really connected or mixed well with them because let’s face it, I’m a full blown jerk/douche bag/jerk/bitch/asshole and at the rate I swear, I’d make them look like angels any day. I always though I was the softer and nicer one in my group of friends (Scratch that, I am.) but when I went back for church events, wow.

It’s not a surprise though. I say the shortest graces before meals if not none at all and I F-bomb all the time though I try not to do so when I write. Oh and I probably have the dirtiest mind and sluttiest imagination out there. It’s one of those classic ‘Boy cracks dirty joke but Cherie is the one laughing the loudest’ scenarios. I’ll give you a minute to think about it.

But hey, I have to atone for my sins somehow, right?

So what did Cherie do? 

I volunteered to become the photographer for an upcoming event in my school called Amazing Running Man or A.R.M for short. I’ve always wanted to be one (a photographer) since my Year 1 days. It means I didn’t have to run around and could go into the shade anytime I wanted. I’m bad at socializing (because I’m too damn awkward for my own good) and as a photographer, the only things I had to do was motion for people to move closer and count to three.

Of course I didn’t do it solely because I had to and if I didn’t, I’d burn in hell. I wanted to take part in events for once and actually do something productive this holiday besides eating, sleeping, drinking coffee and playing Jubeat. The event was also a joy to photograph, even though some people were really stiff and didn’t want to smile for me. But I managed to make friends with them, lulling them into a false sense of security with chips and cold drinks.




We started with briefing them with who their group members would be, who their group leaders were and where the stations were at.



This is the turn out! Many people to take pictures of :>

IMG_1204 IMG_1219

The first station (or the station closest to me) was really simple, but proved to be very tiring. The participants had to run to and fro a short distance carrying water to a cup, first with plastic bags baring tiny holes and running back to the station master when they finally have two full cups of water. Don’t worry, the cups didn’t have any holes to speak of. We aren’t that horrible.


The next station involved three foam cups filled 3/4 with water and a ping-pong ball. The aim of the game was to blow the ball at an angle (TWSS) so that it is somehow launched off the surface of the water and into the cup in front of it. All the teams kept chanting ‘USE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS’ to their members, making me hesitate in attempting the station myself.


I watched every team play this station, taking pictures left,right and center yet I still couldn’t figure out what ‘Use the laws of Physics‘ meant. I’ve never been good at that science (or any science for the matter) so you can bet my non-existent dick I didn’t try this station out. “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”



Anyway, it was a hot day out. It felt a little like:

And we were all like:


So I took cover under shelter. #Perksofbeingpartofmaincom





This station was also pretty tiring (for the boys at least) because they had a time limit of 8 minutes to get as many rubber bands around bottle necks from hooks that were attached to their waists (wow that was long) without using their hands. So basically, leg and hip strength.





It was really funny to watch the boys do it. They were so concentrated! I mean, just look at the above picture, he kept saying ‘This close!’ but he never got even one rubber band around the bottle neck in 8 minutes. He did try very hard though.





I had to take pictures of this guy because he not only managed make this photo and game look really cool and glam, but he happened to be really awesome at it. Look at how many he has around the bottle neck already!


Since this game was shaded, I decided to give it a shot. I think girls have an affinity with this game because there were highscores of 30 rubber bands in 8 minutes, followed by 27 and 25, all by girls. I managed 10 rubber bands in 3 minutes because I’m unfit and 8 minutes is too much for me.


The most colorful game but also to worst to play during the weather. We were dying. We as in the group playing and I. All I wanted was to take the pictures and get the hell out of there, but I felt so bad for the participants that I decided to stay a little longer and brave the scorching heat of Singapore with them.

The game was called ‘Mine fields’. Basically you try to map your way with a single combination of colored tiles that will take you all the way to the top where you win. The catch was that it was trail and error for everyone. No one could share answers with each other, so it took a heck lot longer.




They had to use umbrellas, shirts, shadows and whatever else they could use to shield themselves from the sun. So pitiful. ):


I tried to make the pain more bearable by distracting them with a little bit of photo-taking. Cute, right?


I couldn’t stay with them any longer because my camera couldn’t take it and was heating up. I had to run to shelter along with a few others. While I ran, I could feel the heat radiating off the granite pathway through my flats. I guess that explains why the guy above was running the way he was. It really hurt, okay.


Yay! Finally a picture of myself. LOL.

IMG_1299 IMG_1301

Station masters and main comm!

When all teams finished the Amazing(ly hot) Race, it was onward to the Running Man part of the event.

IMG_1329 IMG_1330

Explain, explain.


Wild dirty joke appears! They were explaining to everyone where they could tuck their ‘flags’ (little slips of colored fabric according to their teams) and my friend said ‘Anywhere but the front where it hangs between your legs!’ and the crowd burst out laughing. Goodness, they haven’t seen dirty jokes yet. If I told them mine, they’d tie me to a chair and put me through an exorcism.

And they were off!

IMG_1336 IMG_1337 IMG_1338 IMG_1339 IMG_1340

This team’s battle plan was to cluster together so that no one could breach their defenses. Good tactic, but we were playing running man not fucking ‘Let’s Conquer China’ so the main comms had to step in to break up the group, threatening to pull their flags.

IMG_1341 IMG_1342 IMG_1343  IMG_1345IMG_1346

When we finally had them dispersed, more fun ensured.

IMG_1344IMG_1355 IMG_1356

At the end of the game, points were tallied, the winning group was announced and my duty for the day was finally over. What was left was the bonding between schools after the activity.


I particularly love this picture for the lecturer I’d snapped a picture of in the background looking like some poorly dressed high-end runway model. You strut it, girl!


The main comms stayed back so we could all have dinner together opposite school. After which we went to a nearby playground to play charades and some other childhood game of ours that involved stepping on each other’s foot within three steps.

Who knew three steps could get so…suggestive? I like…
It doesn’t end there.

AAAAAAAAND That’s about it, yeap! It was a really, really tiring day. I woke up the next day feeling sore all over. Didn’t even notice how much running and stair climbing I’d done in the day!

Alrighty then,






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