NOVEMBER in General

Hello again and it is time for…

NOVEMBER in General

This post is being posted on my birthday so just like most (because I do sometimes post things on the day itself) posts, is queued. I’m probably out there somewhere having fun, don’t mind me.

No wait, mind me because…


I’m gonna be have dimsum and lots of awesome food. Gonna take loads of pictures. I’m writing this sentence on the 12th of November. This is how excited I am.

Anyway, I’ll be updating this post over the month like how I did my last post so my tweets, gif and achievements will be very up to date, no worries!

Most intellectual tweet:
Best Chain-Tweet of the Month:
wpid-Screenshot_2013-11-12-20-41-38-1.png wpid-Screenshot_2013-11-12-20-41-48-1.png wpid-Screenshot_2013-11-12-20-42-01-1.png wpid-Screenshot_2013-11-12-20-41-54-1.png wpid-Screenshot_2013-11-12-20-42-11-1.png wpid-Screenshot_2013-11-12-20-42-21-1.png

Food-Related Tweet of the Month:


Most Ridiculous Tweet of the Month:


^HE has no boobs.

Most Socially Awkward Tweet:


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Brightest Idea of the Month:
Let build a huge solar battery in Australia right under that hole in the ozone layer and suck up all that solar energy. Store it, and sell it off. Save the Earth and make that money!

Biggest Achievement this Month:


Facility management is the practice of coordinating people, workplace and work of organisation, integrating the principles of business, architecture and engineering sciences.


Tumblr Gif of the Month:

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Most Delicious Looking Tumblr Picture: 

Instagram Photo of the Month:
Caption: Oh Jack, I want you to paint me like on of your French girls.
Weirdest Whatsapp Photo Received:

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Biggest Obsession of November:


Silever Haired Prince

I wrote this on the bus one morning after I had a dream of a silver haired boy. Hope you guys like it. (:

Silver haired prince all dressed in black. Tall and lengthy, you who doesn’t need fitting shirts and muscle tees to show me what you’ve got. The coat you wear looks hot enough to warm a house so why is there a heavy wool cap on your soft snowy hair and why are your hands bare?
Silver haired prince your face is but a shadow to me, though I can’t help imagining you with stunning blue eyes; those I can get lost in. Your lips, so full and kissable. Oh my, are you smiling at me now? My Prince, please be wise…

Silver haired prince, please don’t start over. Your powerful strides are distracting me from my pending escape from your clutches because right now I cannot take my eyes off that expensive looking scarf that flaps laboriously at your strong hips; a reminder of what you can promise me away from the prying eyes of the masses.

Oh Silver haired prince, forgive me for my abrupt departure-my hasty retreat- for I have carelessly stumbled into your pressence. Please do not call out to me as I will not turn. I cannot, simply because we are too different.

But as I make scarce with the memory of your broad shoulders, strong legs, icy blue eyes and towering figure, I leave the sight of my raven hair, cherry red lips and hooded hazel eyes as equal trade. That is all I have to offer you.

Do not remember me by the war you have seen raging and flashing stark behind my tired eyes nor the scars on my wrists slashed in purposeful columns. Do not take into account how my hands shake as I drink my tea and make nothing of how my eyes dart around in a room full of strange people. Question not, my prince, it is better you not know.

Because I love you so much so that I will protect you with all my heart. From myself.

Hospital Hopping

Another post and another promise broken over writing about my study progress. Honestly, I’d love to show you guys what I’ve been up to school-related, but things haven’t been in my favor.

Unfortunate yet rather amusing to me, my family has been going through a series of hospitalisations. Nothing too serious I reckon, but hectic and tiresome nonetheless.
Earlier last week, my sister was hospitalised for slipdisc and was bed ridden for a few days. The whole family took turns to take care of her in the hospital, buying her food and snacks. I was only around for a couple days because I had school.

Good news, she was at least sitting up, though not for long, on her 5th day and was able to start kicking her husband again by the 7th.
We, as sisters, also managed to have our own fun with her class A (though I argue it to be a ‘B’) ward, taking pictures here and there. The above is captioned ‘Oh Jack, I want you to paint me like one of your French girls.’, as posted on my instagram as well.
The next member of the family to don hospital garb was darling Reina, who had some sort of virus, causing her to vomit her food everytime she coughed.

It was horrible, mainly because I almost never get to carry her (dammit, grandparents!), and these few days everytime I do, she’s a little lighter. ):
Here’s a picture of one of her more peaceful moments.

Turns out, Reina is terrified of nurses (she hasn’t seen the ones from Silent Hill yet!) and cries hysterically till she’s horse everytime she sees one. I wouldn’t blame her though, when you’re young, nurses are bad, bad things. Back then nurses only appeared for awkward health checks, shots, life shattering weigh ins and to make an attempt to drain you dry of your blood.

In short, I’ll never be a nurse because little children would hate me and I don’t need a worse reputation.
Back with my sister, she was finally mobile (on wheelchair) to roam around for dinner. We, if not just my brother in law, discovered that there isn’t one unhealthy thing in hospital food courts (duh). Much to his horror and dismay.

He did, however, manage to find one stall that sold fried chicken and grilled meat so you can imagine the elation he felt.
So you can imagine how happily he ate.
And ate.
And ate.
So much and so fast.
That he didn’t even notice me taking pictures of him and sending them across to my sister.
My sister just got home a few days ago and if anything, she’s coping. As for baby Reina, I haven’t heard from her yet, but you know how these things go. It’s better to hear nothing than something that would break your heart.

Back to my more stressful world, I’m please to announce, if anyone cares at all, that my flu is gone and I can get ready for my flu shot! I’d also have managed to (somehow) forget my Major Project final presentation date and if not for my supervisor managing to get his hands on me first and asking me if I’d finished my slides.

I haven’t, but at least now I can.

I’ve also been stressing out over a couple of tests and my major project report, though all are coming along just fine, I’m still a little jumpy because hey. I’m threading on thin ice here.

So yes, the next post will definitely be an update on my school work. It’s been a hellish start of the month school wise, though it’s a little too late to say that now. Alright, I need to go figure out this blasted calculation question.

Cheers to good genetics and no white hairs,

Maple Story Vloging?

So two days after I’d written about Jubeat and mentioned the handwork I put into my studies (as well as semi-promise a post on my school work), I am writing about another long time game that I play, which is MapleStory. Well done, Cherie. Pat on the back, Cherie.

Settle down now, I haven’t been playing Maplestory, in fact, I doubt I’d go back to playing it anytime soon (if not at all), but I do keep tabs and run rain checks on the game. For example,

  • What’s the new patch about?
  • Any new hairstyles?
  • New cash items?
  • New job classes?

Recently (or maybe not), the level cap has gone up to 250 and the famous MrYaNdAo is no more the top mapler. Instead, it’s this guy called ‘PerfectLogic’. Aye, the guy who came up with the ultimate level rushing and expensive guide infamously known as, ‘The PerfectNight Guide’. Here’s a video of him proving that his method works on his Xenon.

After watching this I felt pretty demoralized because I’ve been on Maple Story for a good 6 years, and do I have a level 200?

Mainly because I have no determination whatsoever.

Okay, so it may have been the lack of cash. Or that my equipment kept exploding on me when I tried scrolling them. Evidently, I am very easily deterred.

Any-who, my god-brother showed me his videos on a long (and not so lonely) bus ride and ever since, I have been so amused by him, I can’t stop rewatching his videos.

You’d think that someone who spends so much time on a game would have no life whatsoever but guess what? This guy actually managed to make pretty decent videos and me laugh out loud on the the bus. He talks about scamming, how to be successful in maple without using money as well as help calculate ridiculous time frames to illustrate how long it would take for everyone to reach level 250. His latest Q&A was hilarious too.

He’s also pretty damn awesome because he’s a/the high(est) ranking player who actually has time to make and edit videos just to talk to us internet people. Here are a few videos of his Vlogs:

Many people thinks he’s a hacker but you have to give him some credit. Just because he can ‘down’ chaos Zakum in 19 seconds (I know, sounds ridiculous even when I say it, right?) doesn’t mean he’s automatically a hacker. Don’t forget, he has multiple level 200 accounts. Out of all that time he’s spent on Maplestory, he’s bound to have a good amount of cash saved up in there, right? Let’s not forget, his other accounts aren’t too shabby either, and he spends a hell load on @Cash in game.

Don’t even start with calling him lifeless, he does other things like attempt to socialize with us internet people through YouTube. And the above point supports my stand in what way again…?

Let’s not forget how he’s so calm about everything. So chill. Like ‘Lol alright, you think I’m a hacker, whatever.’ then goes back to being extremely zen. Nothing like those irritating megaphone-wars squirts.


Alright, I’m off to rewatch a few of his videos and for the record, I just finished my C-COM Major Project report!

Cherie (:


I’ve been on Jubeat a little too much these days. I’m stressed out and when I am, I need my Jubeat breaks.

Ah Jubeat, whatever would I do without you?

Alas, you are the only game that I can listening only to and have you drown out all my thoughts.

Cheh. Anywho, this week has been particularly rough since I’ve attempted (or actually have)to quit him. Tapping frantically away on a machine has proven to be rather effective, so I’d opted for it. So far, my rank still teeters at the ranking of a lotus and a beetle, but that doesn’t matter, it’s the therapy that counts.

On the other hand, I’ve taken quite a liking to watching my fingers move over the machine as I play. It makes me feel like I’m actually good at something.

So without further ado, here are to videos (that I’ve been keeping in my phone for far too long):

A few things I noticed: 

  • In a video, I play with two fingers seemingly stuck together and it looks really weird. At least that’s what I think. I figured that that was why I couldn’t press certain buttons fast enough so I tried to spread them out during the other songs but I got a little nervous and they stuck back together again.
  • I tap a little too fast and out of sync. Maybe that’s why my score is never past an A.
  • I dance behind the machine too much.
  • I like to molest the keys.

Alrighty, it’s late and I have tests to study for. Hopefully the next post I write will be about how hard I’ve been studying and not how much effort I put into watching myself game and trying to improve my gaming.