Tumblr Likes and My Life

Recently, I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided that the ‘liked posts’ on my Tumblr really shows what I’m thinking about and relates to my everyday life alot. So much that I can actually make a story out of it. I’d let you imagine it but I’ve already done it for you.

So Cherie wakes up one morning and all she wants is a stack of pancakes:

As she walks to the bathroom, she stubs her toe against a corner and basically dies:


Once downstairs, there are no pancakes frying in the pan. Just peanut butter sandwiches so Cherie spends time putting on make up she doesn’t have:

On the bus, she recalls a dream she had about Justin Beiber threatening to break her neck because she called him a sissy:

Her mind wonders to how she would dress her future boyfriend up:

Then she realizes she doesn’t have a boyfriend:

So she pulls out her phone and writes sappy poems like:

But you know, what the hell. Why have MAN when you can have MEN?

Then there’s these weird thoughts that come into her head like:

And it kind of grosses her out because the person sitting opposite her on the bus is kind of hobo-looking:

Later in school, all she can think about is going off and living in a far off and beautiful place like:

But she’s stuck in school relearning modules she’d had to sit through 8 months before together with a class of rowdy students who doesn’t know the meaning of respect and plays Candy Crush in lectures with their phones turned on loud. She’s slap them herself but she can’t risk expulsion so she’s like:

Lunch time. She wants to get something to eat but she’s still cold warring with her dad so she’s not sure if he’d cut off her allowance or if he’d forgotten she’d started school and hasn’t given her pocket money. Whatever it is, Cherie’s a broke bitch and all she can think of is:

While waiting for her bus home she finds a piece of scrap paper and folds bookmarks even though she has a Kindle so she doesn’t exactly have a use for it.

Back home, she wonders:

Useless piece of shit is it:

Gets on Dragon Nest and kind of gets owned like:

Demoralized, Cherie retires to her Kindle:

And she reads it till…

And with that, her day is pretty much done. What is left is to simply


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